71VWhpsY44L__SL1500_   Usually when all the kids are playing with their nerf guns or bows and arrows the girls get a little upset that they want to play with girl guns not boys.  Well, with the girls you get that a lot. Their are so many toys the girls have played that I had to get them a girl set so they can play. Well, the Zing Air Huntress Firetek Bow-Light Up Power Bow w/ 3 Light Up Arrows-Pink. This is definitely what the girls want to see. When I had heard about this bow I wasn't sure how it lights up. This toy is very cool. The boys want their own now. The bow features Light Up the Day or Night w/ the Firetek Bow-With Blazing Light Up Power. Zonic Blaze Whistling Arrows w/ Loop & Launch Technology that Flyz up to 145FT. Hook the Arrows in the Fast Load Loops, then Ready, Aim, Fire!. LED Activated Power Grip and FireGlow LED Bow. 23 inches long-Ages 8+. Thing I air huntress firetek bow is a definite must have on this holidays toy list. The zing air firetek bow is definitely on my son Zachary's Christmas list. He played with the huntress and thought it was so cool. They keep picking up the bow and playing with it. This is definitely one of those toys I am going to have to buy a couple of. If not they are going to fighting over who gets the cooler toy. For more information click here. k2-_9d6f78cb-0571-46ae-91f0-55743d4aa226_v1

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