Water is boring to me. I really don't drink much water because it really has no taste to me. So when I had heard about the zing anything I  wanted to try it. I like to add lemon into my water and at least it's not boring and has some taste to it. The zing anything help with that. You unscrew the bottom cup of the bottle put half a lemon or whatever you want to use. turn bottle upside-down and twist citrus half into the press. Screw bottom cup back on. Fill with water (or other beverage of choice). Shake and let flavors infuse. This make it so much easier for me. I either get  the lemon squeezers out and the squeeze it into a cup. Then put it in the cup. So now I have to clean the squeezers and a cup. With this you only have to clean one cup. This is a great idea especially when you are on the to you can just carry a cut lemon and extra water and you can zing anything on the go.
The bottle has a finger loop for easy carrying. Imported bottles with America-Made BPA/EA-free Tritan plastics from Eastman. They are easy to clean, removable citrus press
reusable. The bottle is carbonated water friendly.  28oz bottle (32oz Citrus Biggie)

Food Safety Tips
All mixtures should be refrigerated if being kept for more than 12 hours. Refrigerated mixtures have a shelf-life of approximately three days.Always clean out the Zinger properly before starting a new mixture. For more information click here.cz_mini_3step


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