We are always looking for something new and exciting to eat. There are so many awesome places that we, have never had the chance to go too. Recently we had a chance to try out Zoes Kitchen. A cute little Mediterrean Restaurant in Lexington SC.

As you walk into this place you feel the like it's a family restaurant. Everything is so fresh and clean. The menu board shows everything, they have to offer, nice and clear.  Everything is clearly marked so you can see what they are, if you want gluten-free, vegetarian it's all marked to see.



We had a hard time deciding so we went and we decided on the family menu. There was so many combinations you can choose from. We had chicken and steak kabobs.  The humus with pita bread, and I choose the sides as potato salad and pasta salad. Choosing was really hard,but the right choices for what I liked.



They have such a great selection and even have shrimp kabobs, there are a lot of different things to choose . Grilled chicken sandwiches, pita sandwiches and pizza. soups and so much more. You will be so surprised  at the wonderful assortment of food.  And the best part is they have some stuff to take home tubs of their chicken/egg/tuna salad, slaw, humus, pimento cheese, potato and pasta salad.



When we got it to go everything was packed so nice and neat.  Greek salad with everything to make it so perfect, even the feta cheese yummy.  Got it home and plated it up for everyone and sat down to eat. The whole meal was so good, things you never ate before tasted so good. Before now I have never ate humus and now I love it.




Everything is family portion and there was even some left overs.  The potato salad was made just right and from red potatoes. The pasta salad was even more delicous than the potato, just the right of ingredients. Everything goes together so well. Eaten things you never have before, this was a great pleasure.


Why not get something really tasty, and healthier for your family and friends. Head on over to Zoes Kitchen, and taste some of the most delicious food ever.

About Zoe

Born in the Mediterranean and raised in the South, Zoës Kitchen is a natural extension of Zoë Cassimus' lifetime of cooking for family and entertaining friends. Our menu is inspired by Zoë's family recipes and her simple, fresh-from-the-garden sensibility. At Zoës, ingredients are delivered fresh through the back door daily. Our team hand-washes, cuts and prepares each item from scratch in our kitchen because as Zoë says, “if it wasn’t food 100 years ago, it’s not food today.” Nothing is fried and there are no microwaves! What you’ll find at Zoës Kitchen is Mediterranean-inspired food, where grilling is the predominate method of cooking along with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh herbs, olive oil and lean proteins; all while keeping our guests’ dietary concerns in mind– with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Zoë means “life” in Greek and this is embraced in every aspect of Zoës Kitchen. We embrace the Mediterranean way of life – that a fulfilled, happy life is one shared with family, good friends, great food and that eating wholesome, fresh ingredients is key. Zoës delivers goodness by giving our guests more time to celebrate life by offering simple, convenient and tasty recipes that can be enjoyed throughout life’s many occasions. Live Zoës and live life to the fullest with flavors of the Mediterranean shared among friends and family!



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If you decide to go and try this here's  a promo code (“goodness”) to receive free Hummus & Pita. Hummus is one of our nutrient-dense Mediterranean-inspired signature dishes that makes a great snack or starter! Below in this email, we’ve included simple instructions for your audience to redeem the mobile app code.

Instructions to redeem Free Hummus & Pita:

1. Download the Zoës Kitchen app

2. Go to the menu at the top and select “GOODIES”

3. Select “MY GOODIES”

4. Select “PROMO CODE”

5. Enter “goodness” (all lower case) and press “ENTER”

6. You will have 14 days to redeem this offer from the day you enter “goodness” into the app. December 31st is the last day to enter the code into the app.

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