Holiday Gift Guide 2020

.When coming home after a stressful day, I want to see something uplifting in my home. For me, I am a visual person who appreciates beauty in even the smallest things. But when presented with a bouquet of flowers, my goodness, all of my senses are heightened in the most alluring way! Have you ever heard of the branch, Enchanted Express Flowers? They are based in California, but they ship all over the nation.


This is an adorable story about a family of Finnish Lapphunds (more affectionately called Lappies). The family of dogs find out that some of Santa’s reindeer are missing—all of them (except Donner and Rudolph) have disappeared into the Northern Lights.  Santa sends Donner to ask the family of Finnish Lapphunds to help find the missing reindeer. Santa also wants them to learn how to pull Santa’s sleigh in case they would need to stand in for the missing reindeer to help Santa deliver his Christmas gifts.

The Book Is More Than Just A Story

I won’t give it away and spoil how the story continues or ends. However, I will say this book is full of surprises and learning opportunities. To start off, the author introduces the reader to the breed of Finnish Lapphunds and provides some interesting, educational details to teach the reader about this special breed. The author even provides pictures of the real-life Lappies that the book’s characters are based on—and I must say they are all absolutely adorable.

For me the winner was the Dainty Zodiac Necklace, it was perfect and I love it. I can wear it all the time and get so many people asking me what it is, I am a Taurus so this is what I got, I love the actual necklace is so cute with the little details around the whole necklace. of course, I think it’s super cute how it shows off your zodiac sign!

You can wear it alone or together with other necklaces, I wear it with my other necklaces and they all look great together. Nothing like something so simple to make, you feel great. Like I said I love simple things and this is perfect for me.  Your zodiac necklace is the way to show off what your sign is.

If you ever meet me, you’ll know that I have one of the biggest sweet tooth ever. For me, cookies are one of my serious weaknesses. However, I do try be conscious of my snacking as not to eat too poorly. With Maya’s Cookies, I don’t feel as guilty, because her cookies are vegan gourmet. With every bite, I can definitely taste the love put into each cookie.

So Crisp Yet Mouth Watering

Besides being such a wonderful bakery, Maya’s Cookies sponsor community engagement to help the underprivileged with her philanthropic work. What I love about Maya’s cookies is that she does not over do any of the flavors. Her cookies are the classics, that you are familiar with and that you have grown up loving to snack on. Some of them being the marble fudge and the chocolate chip s’mores cookies.

The beauty of drinking wine, is not just for its luxurious drinking etiquette and its ability to get a little tipsy, but drinking wine that is also vegan, and vegan friendly. Vegan wines does just that. It is a winery that does not implement any animal products. That includes from fertilizing the grapes, to fine tuning the wine making.

Vegan wines is a wine club for people who are environmentally friendly and who are keen about knowing what exactly it is they drink when they drink their wine. Because of Vegan Wines, it is now easier to select wine that is animal friendly. When you support this company, you go directly to the source of the wine, so there are no ifs or buts about purely Vegan wine.

What do you get someone that has it all, my brother in law loves things that he can use. So this year I wanted to get him something that I know he doesn’t have. Thats where the OPKIX ONE comes in. I know he’s going to love this.

What is the OPKIX  video camera which allows you to shoot, edit, and share with ease?  This is something he definitely doesn’t have and would be perfect for him. Conveniently record POV footage without missing a moment. With versatile mounts included for your favorite eyewear or hat, plus 4 universal sticky mounts, the compact OPKIX One blends in so fun can stand out.

When people think of pain relieving, they automatically think of physical pain. Yes! That does take a forefront, but what is significant is mental pain as well. Taking care of your psyche is a crucial aspect of staying well balanced and healthy. CBD has been a long time favorite for those suffering from ailments. I have turned to it to help me consciously and physically when I am just feeling unwell for whatever reason. Evopure has come up with capsules that I can take when I am needing the extra comfort.

For a Better Well Being

Evopure is a company that uses CBD to help people have a healthy and balanced well being. They aim to change the misconception that CBD is dangerous and has drug addicting chemicals. All which is untrue. Evopure focuses on educating the market that CBD can be beneficial when consumed in good quality and appropriate quantity. The psyche of people is underwhelmed when they take a product that does not work, so choosing Evopure is a good start when trying CBD for the first time

The holidays will be here before we know it, some have already started and finished. I have yet to and I have older nieces and nephews as well as some younger ones. For me, I want to get them something they will use, not something that will sit and collect dust.

The older ones are easy to throw some money in an envelope and they are happy, the smaller ones are a challenge this year I wanted to get the younger one, something he would be able to use. They are way too young in our opinions for a cell phone. Thats where the Cosmo Smartwatch comes in, its great for girls and boys, their own watch that we can keep tabs on them with.

They come in blue and pink. and are small enough for them. Why this watch, not only can they voice calls and video calls. You have the ability to have a watch that has everything to make sure that your kid never goes missing. It has a kid’s GPS tracker installed in it, which works across the USA.

Learning Through A Toy

Babies are learning about their environment from the moment of birth.  We all know that there are a ton of toys out there to choose from, but some are not as educational as others.  If you’re looking for something to simply make your baby laugh, this post isn’t for you.  Well, I guess you could use it for that, but they’ll learn anyway!  Yoee Baby toys are all about teaching little ones about the many different textures and what each one will do when they touch or squeeze it.  It’s all safe to put into their mouths too.  I was lucky enough that they sent me the Yoee Baby Fox – a multi-purpose newborn baby development toy.  It’s more than just cute, it’s the perfect toy to give any baby.


To play, a person asks the player a trivia question from one of 5 categories (“The World,” “Sport and Leisure,” “Popular Culture,” “Science and Nature,” and “Humanities”).  The player can choose to pass or say they know the answer and place a bet.

When he/she says they know the answer, the other players can say, “Poppycock!” if they don’t believe the player knows the answer or, “Persuaded!” if they believe the player does know the answer.

When the others all shout, “Persuaded!” the player gets to move. However, if one or more yelled, “Poppycock!” the player must then reveal their answer. If the player is correct, that person moves according to their bet and the other Poppycocker players move backwards the same number of spaces. Persuaded players don’t move. If the player was incorrect, that player moves backwards. Those that yelled, “Poppycock!” move forward and “Persuaded” stay put. The first one to get to the “Finish” tooth wins the game.

Are you like me and always losing the keys, I can never find them in my purse. Until now I have a simple Keyfinder that hooks on my purse and, leave my keys where I can find them. I love being able to find them with no issues. It fits perfectly to your bag and you just put the keys on it. when you’re ready to leave the keys are in your reach.

They have one mission and that is to provide us ladies with safety and fashion while making it convenient to find our keys, they also have a wide variety of other safety things. So what is it, it’s a bag accessory that is for the outside of your bag, any bag you have? This will prevent your keys from falling to the bottom of your bag.

This will make finding your keys easier and faster, making it safer for you, there are times when it’s dark and I had to search for my keys, not anymore they are where I can find them.  We should all have our keys in hand when coming or going. If you are distracted looking for your keys that bad guy might just have the opportunity to grab your purse or worse.

.It’s pretty amazing when you can create something from nothing.  It makes it even better when it’s impressive enough to show others!  I’m not very talented when it comes to crafting and if I’m being honest, I’m actually more craft-challenged than anything.  Sometimes you get lucky and come across something that makes the process easy!  That’s where Crafty Croc Art Supplies comes in.   They have quite a collection of supplies from markers and pens to calendars and canvases.  You just have to make up your mind on what you’d like to choose.  Good luck!  They recently sent me their Watercolor Brush Pen set and I have to tell you the great news…I’m an artist!

Water bottles are a staple in most households these days. I feel like I, myself, can never have too many water bottles. However, not all water bottles are the same. It’s important to have a good quality water bottle, especially if you drink from one almost every single day. One water bottle company that I’ve recently been introduced to is Greens Steel and I have to say I’m super impressed with what I’ve seen. Read on to find out more about them!

Greens Steel Bottle For Kids

I had the opportunity to try the Greens Steel Kids Stainless Steel Bottle – the Rainbow Edition. And, I have to say, it’s absolutely lovely in appearance, functional in use, superb in design, and high in quality!! First off, it’s made with quality, food-grade, stainless steel and it’s free of BPA. If you are unfamiliar with BPA, which stands for bisphenol A, I highly recommend you read up on it here at the Greens Steel website.

There are so many different masks out there, I was able to get my hands on some really cool ones and love them all SA Fishing Co is one that we have had the best time using, not only are they easy to use they are different in not having elastic to go around your ears, they are actually ones you wear, they go from your neck to your face, something that makes it easier to breathe. They are a bit tighter than some but Ray likes them.

They have amazing prices and they are affordable, they have many to choose from, so there’s something for you as there are some for kids. Great selection of different masks. If you’re interested in getting some SA Fishing Co face shields of your own, check them out here


While children are growing up, they crave attention as well as plenty of interaction. They want to see, taste, touch, and experience the world fully hands on. For me, I sometimes feel guilty when I can not give my babies all the attention they deserve. However, what makes me feel better, is knowing that I have educational and meaningful toys at their disposal. Toys that can enlighten them in the mean time while I get chores done. For me, the best toys are manufactured by Hape. I can not say enough good things about the value of their toys and the enhanced quality of life they bring.

Great For Babies and Pre-Schoolers

Hape designs toys for children, specifically babies to pre-school aged. Their focus promotes imagination and creativity. When children get lost in their fun imaginative play, they build upon their social skills with others. They learn things about themselves. For instance, sharing, caring and having a great time conversing. For me, I love watching my children come to realization on problem solving and conceptual thinking. When I see them stack blocks or piece puzzles together to solve riddles, it brings me just as much excitement as it does for them. Because of solving and thinking, children also get to fine tune their motor skills when playing with Hape toys. Best of all, just getting them physically active instead of sitting for long periods watching television is a win-win in my book.

Are you one of those people that love gingerbread?  I actually wasn’t, until recently.  I mean, I like the taste of it, but sometimes the ginger is too much for me.  Since the holidays are coming up, fast, I wanted to look for a unique gingerbread treat as a gift.  Boy did I find one!  This company called Love, Mom has amazing mixes that come in a cute, decorated jar that you won’t even have to wrap.  They recently sent me their The Sugar & Spice Mom mix and I am obsessed with it.  It’s a nice sized jar with lots of yummy bits and pieces for that special loved one.  You would probably know the mix as “puppy chow”, but this is better!

Windshield 1

Have you ever driven in a rainstorm and the windshield, with the dirt and rain, made it difficult to see? It can definitely be a scary and dangerous situation, especially if you’re going at freeway speeds and if there’s tons of traffic. That’s why it’s always a great idea to make sure your windshield wipers are in good shape. Another thing that is important and helpful is to make sure you have the windshield wiper fluid reservoir filled with quality wiper fluid. And, that’s where Chipex is here to help you! Chipex is a company that produces a variety of car-care kits and products, ranging from car-cleaning products to touch-up paint. They enable car owners to care for their car in an affordable, efficient, and effective manner!

.Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the holidays are coming!  I’m certainly not ready for them, but whether I like it or not, they’ll be here before we know it.  I have 2 precious granddaughters, so when Feltman Brothers sent me this beautiful Short Sleeve Holiday Pearl Flower Holiday Dress for the youngest one, I couldn’t wait to give it to her!  She is almost 3 years old and she wears a 2T, possibly 3T.  Luckily, I asked for the smaller one because it was actually a little big on her.  Of course, that didn’t matter to her.  She immediately began to twirl around after putting it on.  It was so sweet and I guess I can assume that she loved it.

Whenever I take our dog Bella for walks she’s always pulling and I’ve been afraid that the collar is choking her. I started looking online for something different that I can use to make walking a little easier but there are so many different harnesses out there I wasn’t sure which one would be best. That’s where TransPaw helped me figure it out.

My Bella is a pug and a bit of a chunky girl; the harness fit just right. (This is perfect for my other dogs as well, who are also a small.) She was able to walk without any choking at all and I loved how easy it was to put on her. (So much easier to put on than other ones we have used before!) I also loved the way it looked.

Jewelry With A Story

I’ve always worn a special necklace with my granddaughter’s pictures on it, but recently, it broke.  I was heartbroken!  Obviously, that piece of jewelry tells a story.  So even if you didn’t know me, you would know that it meant something special to me.  There are a ton of jewelry stores in this big world, but Isabelle Grace is all about telling your story.  They offer hand stamped jewelry at amazingly affordable prices.  They recently sent me a beautiful, dainty bracelet that says “good vibes” along with silver beads.  I really like it!  I like that it isn’t tight on my wrist and it’s sturdy so I don’t have to always be afraid of breaking it.  It’s very feminine, which is another thing I love.

Do you love trying new things when your cooking, my sister is the chef, and she’s always trying new and exciting recipes on us? Recently I found some great sauces and such, that she can use when she cooks something different. Bazodee has sauces, curry, and more.

Tasty Tamarind

Try our Tasty Tamarind sauce as a dipping sauce for fried Indian dishes or as a glaze for meats on the grill or in the oven. Can also be used as a side with any curry dish.

Witty Little Sugar Scrubs

I’ve heard about sugar scrubs for quite a while now, but I had only tried a few.  I have terribly dry skin, so I was excited to use them.  Now, if you’re looking for a sugar scrub that has an amazing scent and will make your skin soft, please check out Pretty Witty Pop.  They have a variety of sugar scrubs to choose from, but that’s not all.  The jars of scrub have cute, witty sayings on them too.  They recently sent me their Peach For Your Dreams – Peach Gelato and Be Who You’re Mint To Be – Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.  Let me just tell you, if you want something that will make you desire the taste, even though you know it’s only for your skin, these are the scents for you!

Swaddling At Another Level

Since this darn pandemic, we’re all getting to be experts on masks, am I right?  Well, I don’t know about you, but I want my mask to be really soft and comfortable.  This company has taken swaddling to another level!  Do you know how you use a swaddle on your baby?  Well, Swaddle Designs takes the same material they use for their swaddles and make cozy masks.  You can even get matching ones for Mom and baby/kid.  Every child loves matching their parents.  At least, I know my granddaughter loves it.  I can’t wait to give them the matching face masks I received (they both loved them)!  I got the 3-Layer Cotton Chambray Kids Face Mask in Watercolor Floral and the exact same one to match Mommy.  They’re so pretty and so very soft!

OTC Topical Pain Relief Medications That Make Great Stocking Stuffers

Do you know someone that is suffering from mild to moderate pain? Do you want to help them in the safest way possible? One way to do that is by using topical pain relief medications. ‘Topical First’ is now recognized by the medical community as the first-line of treatment to safely treat pain. The CDC, ACP, and AAFP each support the use of topical nonsteriodial anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) a first-line therapy to treat acute, non-low back pain from musculoskeletal injuries in outpatient settings.

One of my favorite tried and true brands is Salonpas. I have used Salonpas for back pain, wrist pain, and shoulder pain. Salonpas offers OTC topical pain relief medication products ranging from sprays to creams to patches.

Holiday Bowl Covers & Ceramic Mugs - Gifts for Everyday Use

.Now that it is October, you know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. This is the perfect time to start thinking making your Christmas lists, start shopping, and wrapping up those presents so that you will be ready for the holidays! If you are like me, you like to give gifts that are useful for everyday use and gifts that are cheerful. I have two gifts that both fit this category: Decorative Bowl Covers and Ceramic Mugs.

Family Head To Head Racing

We all love bonding with our kids, or in my case, my grandkids.  There’s nothing better than reading with them or even creating a fun craft.  However, it’s just as much fun challenging them to a crazy game of track racing!  As a matter of fact, this kit I’m going to tell you about comes with everything you will need, so get ready to write up their Christmas list with this on it.  I recently received a wonderful Carrera Go!!! Disney Pixar Cars Speed Challenge Race Track.  Whew, that’s a mouthful.  My granddaughter is 8 years old and she absolutely loves this.  She kinda freaked out when she opened it.  I’ve already played with it (obviously).  As far as fun goes, this track is amazing, in addition, it has 16 plus feet of track and it even has a loop!

Yummy in my time. Can you say enjoying yourself with a cocktail but not getting drunk at all. Something you can share with your friends or take for yourself so you can drive home safely after a get together? I always love to be social and I definitely hate feeling left out. So my solution is to take a wonderful bottle of Curious.

Just Be Curious About It

Curious? Let me just say there are a variety to choose from. Each one is booze free and is a delectable cocktail! I am the type that hates to consume too much manufactured stuff, and with Curious by Elixir, the booze free drink is handcrafted with organic ingredients and no extra sugar! That’s a win win for my husband and I. We really enjoyed the Curious Elixir number three.


Every day I look into the mirror and I really notice that my skin is not as youthful as it once was. I think, oh its just dry and needs some lotion, but even with lotion, the drags and droops are still there. I’ve realized that I have abandoned my skin and now more than ever I need to treat my skin with some tender loving care. Especially since I am hitting forties some time in the near future. Thank goodness for Absolute having some pretty amazing sheet masks for my face.

Absolute does not hinder quality when it comes to create something fresh to put on my face. I am really happy that they offer a good selection, as I am the type who likes to try a variety so I can know which kinds I am happy with most. Well there are two categories I am very fond of!

The Rejuven plant  mask by Absolute is a biodegradable cotton three mask that is saturated with the best type of liquid for my skin. I can not believe how rich and satisfying it is to put the plant mask on. It contains plenty of herbs and natural ingredients. Some of them are fruit extract, some are citrus peel extract, others are glycerin, and the best type, just plain water.

Grow With GrowBento

.I remember when I was little carrying my lunchbox into school.  I thought I was pretty cool.  Although, that was the only time I used one.  Now I have my own granddaughters and my youngest one is almost 3 years old.  She goes to daycare, but when she visits friends or babysitters, she always wants to have her own food.  That’s why I was really excited that Miniware sent me the GrowBento Lunch Set.  This kit includes a small stainless steel box along with 2 leak-proof silicone pods and it’s something they can grow with.  It’s the perfect size for a toddler or child to bring whatever snacks or lunch their little heart’s desire!

With everything going on in the world you want to make sure, your protected, there are so many things we can use to keep ourselves well. DetraPel has some awesome stuff , that can protect you as well as your clothing, so your not coming home with anything you don’t want.

Fabric & Clothing Protector creates an invisible barrier that helps protect apparel from damage caused by liquid stains. Simply spray this treatment on any fabric and watch it magically repel liquids and help protect your favorite clothing from absorbing stains.

Outdoor Gear Protector creates an invisible barrier that keeps your items dry and helps protect your belongings from damage caused by water, dirt, weathering, spills and more. Simply spray this treatment on any semi-porous to porous materials and watch it magically repel liquids and help protect valuable fabric materials from absorbing stains

DetraPel Hand Sanitizer is a powerful, alcohol-free formulation designed to kill 99.9%* of common germs all while leaving skin smooth and moisturized. This FDA-compliant hand sanitizer kills germs quickly without the skin irritation associated with alcohol-based sanitizers

A Visual Grocery List?

I’m sure if you’ve ever shopped for food you know what a grocery list is.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to get a little confused and check things off that you didn’t mean to, or even forget to write something you really needed.  So now you’re at the store with a handwritten, wrinkled note.  So, what is a Mom to do?  Well, if you use a visual grocery list, it’s much more fun and easy!  Elwyn has made the first-ever visual grocery list and they recently sent one to me.  You too can have your very own because they’re available on Amazon or you can click on the link above or below.

Growing up, I used to play board games that required so many pieces to install. The instructions were too long to read, and quite frankly they took too much time to learn. Sometimes they were just outright confusing that we made up our own rules to play them. However, in today’s era, the digital world has overcome the traditional gaming nuances of the past. A fun set of games called Blinks was invented by Move38, and it gives with it a whole level of new experiences.


What is a Blinks? Well it is a game that encompasses the experiences of tabletop gaming. In a box there are six blinks. The blinks use a flickering light motion to relay information. There is flickering fun as well as brain cranking puzzles to be solved and had fun with. Each blink is so smart and unique, because it knows how to play its own game and can teach it to other blinks nearby. By using on the blink, they light up and show you colors. You can attached and separate blinks as needed to direct a command or break a command.

The Sweetest Piggy Book Ever

My granddaughter is turning 3 years old and she still loves her hard, board books.  She’s always loved them.  As a matter of fact, she is going to “squeal” with delight when she reads about this piggy and Christmas.  Well, let me clarify when her parents or myself read it to her.  She’s smart, but c’mon!  So the book is called Pocket Piggies Christmas! and you and your little ones are going to absolutely love it!  It’s a rhyming book, which I can’t get enough of, and the pictures are so sweet.  Richard Austin has made this beautiful little book by featuring the Teacup Pigs Of Pennywell Farm.  Who doesn’t love little piggies?  They’re so cute and cuddly and when I close my eyes I can imagine hearing their little squeals.

A company that makes products that are not only useful but also with a heart of gold is a company worth investing in. Hippy Feet is a company that makes socks, but with a purpose. They aim to take young adults who are homeless and put them back on track. By giving them a part time job, they would be able to instill crucial job skills for them. The goal is to get them housing and a permanent full time job else where.

Hippy Feet needs our support more than ever. With Covid impacting sales due to no face to face interactions there is a need more than ever to show the world what a great company Hippy Feet is. Also, doing warm months, sales for warm cozy socks also go down.

A Historic Journey In A Book

Every company starts out as a small business and hopefully moves up into a huge one!  I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the historic company, Coca-Cola, right?  Of course, you have!  Well, Larry Jorgensen was able to put their glorious rise into the words of a beautifully written book called The Coca-Cola Trail.  If you’re interested in history at all, you’ll most likely love it.  My favorite thing about this book is the ancient photos.  They date way back in the day and they will make you remember a simpler time.  If you have any questions about the rise of Coca-Cola, this book will explain it all.

.I’ll be honest, I’m not one to prepare my clothes at night for the next day. Sometimes I wish I were. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a rush in the morning and couldn’t find clothing to wear because everything I found would have wrinkles from being in the drawer or from not being taken out of the dryer fast enough. And, when one is in a rush, who has time to whip out the ironing board and iron?  Not me. So, then my options are very limited. And, this is where Tom And Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle comes to the rescue!!

The Story Behind the Bottle

You’re probably asking, “What is Iron in a Bottle? And, who are Tom and Sheri?” Well, Iron in a Bottle is an innovative product that will save you frustration, time, and effort! It’s a spray bottle with a formulated product that gets the wrinkles out of your clothing without the iron and ironing board. So, the next time your clothing is all wrinkled and you’re in a rush, you can whip out your Tom and Sheri’s Iron in a Bottle and get your clothing ready in the blink of an eye (well, maybe not that fast, but close enough).

No Tildes On Tuesday (by Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D., and illustrated by Daan Yahya) is the first book in the same storyline that I talk about below.  Isabella is a little girl that has to move to a new place.  This is the beginning of everything, even before she starts school.  She is a bi-racial little girl and that is something she wants people to understand!  I love that this book teaches how important it is to see the whole person, not just a certain “race” you think you see.  There’s so much more to this so please go and get this book!  Your family will be so happy that you did.

When someone takes the time to send you a personal gift in the mail, it becomes even more special, as gift giving becomes more rare. For me, I will always gift give as I love seeing smiles on peoples face and making them feel loved and cherished. A fun website that I believe is worth checking out is Send A Friend.

Special Gesture

Send A Friend is a fun idea where you get to choose a special animal plushy and send it via snail mail to a friend. They are wrapped in blue tissue paper and put inside a blue box with a card from the sender. I really love that I can add that special touch when I want to send some love across the miles to my family members.


kala 1

I am the type of mom that likes to get her kids to have some kind of exposure to a little bit of the good things. For one, the musical world. With so many options of instruments to play with, which one is a good fit? I’ve always been fascinated with the ukulele. It just has the old charm of the waters and waves, with an uplifting tune. So I decided to get the Kala ukulele for my family and have my kids learn to start playing one.

Running into so many people at work, at school, or just out and about at grocery stores can be an overwhelming experience with thoughts of covid running though your mind. I have to be careful to sanitize my hands after using the gas pumps, or touch public door handles. Sometimes its hard to remember to sanitize your hands if you are on a hurry and don’t have a compact sanitizing spray in your bag. I like the Hands 2 Go version.

I’m kind of new to crossbody bags because I’ve always been a “big purse” kind of gal.  I used to take everything and the kitchen sink with me everywhere I went.  Especially when my kids were little!  However, as I got older, I wanted to downsize and simplify.  The bags I looked at didn’t really hold everything I wanted though, so I continued with my big bags.  That was until I found the Harper Crossbody Bag.  Not only is it stylish, but it also holds literally everything I need!  Oh, and before I forget to mention, mine came in Halloween colors (orange and black).  How amazing is that?  However, if you’re not into those colors, they have 26 fashion/24 team colors to choose from!  This girl happens to love that holiday, so to have a bag that represents that makes me so happy.  I’ve been showing it off to everyone that will look at it, and even those that don’t want to!

5 Smartish Gifts That Your Teens Will Love4

Teenagers love having the latest and newest technology gadgets, especially phones. So why not give them accessories to jazz up their phones. Accessories that are easy on your wallet, built to last, and can be personalized! If you are looking for a place to shop that can provide all of the above, Smartish is the place to shop for these accessories. Smarthish is an 11-year old independent company who designs, manufactures and sells phone cases and stuff just clever enough to solve unexpected needs. Read on to find out the top 5 gift ideas that will make the best gifts!

I can’t believe there are cocktails inside a coffee k pod now-a-days. Just imagine, having a long hard day at work and it being a cold and frosty day. All you want to do when you get home is put your feet up, sit next to the cozy fireplace and drink a hot brewed 74 proof of vodka and coffee. Did you know that Cask and Kettle even existed? Have you ever tried their tasty drink? They are absolutely powerful, rich and delectable.

Hard Coffee with Cider

Cask and Kettle is a company that provides hard coffee and cider from your Keurig. You get a hot cocktail prepared perfectly every time. The purpose is to add convenience and minimal waiting time for the perfect cup. Cask and Kettle designs a hot cocktail from a single serving cup using your Keurig brewing system. One cup of hot water per single serve cup makes a smooth, wonderful scented drink fast and easy. Each cocktail is about one ounce. It consist of distilled spirts and the coffee, and tea. You can try a myriad of flavors. There is the Irish coffee. It has a blend of whisky and dark roasted beans.

There is also the spiked dry cider. It has cinnamon, green apple, and alcohol. It has a light tarty flavor and a hint of vodka and cinnamon. My favorite is the Mexican coffee. This one is rich and bold. You can definitely image yourself in the desert among the cacti and mesquite trees. This one has an agave, tequila, coffee, and Mexican chocolate combination. Then there is the simple yet elegant hot blonde coffee. This one has yummy hints of vanilla. I love the gentleness of this one. Lastly, there is the mint patty coffee. This one has hints of mint and caramel. It leaves a fresh aftertaste in your mouth.

Are you heading to any baby showers soon or will be attending virtual baby showers? Are you still searching for the right gift to give? The LectroFan Alpha is the perfect baby shower gift for new moms. It’s small, easy to use, and portable which makes it easy for parents to take anywhere they go.

LectroFan Alpha Top Features

The LectroFan Alpha plays seven soothing sounds to mask noises to help your baby relax, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. The seven soothing sounds are:

  1. Small Fan

There’s nothing better than a company that chooses to educate the younger generation!  As a matter of fact, the one I’m talking about is Axol & Friends.  They use their platform to teach others about endangered species and how to take good care of this one world we have.  This is especially important to teach the little ones.  They’re the future and depending on what they’ve learned is going to depend on what this big beautiful Earth looks like later.  So, to say it’s important is kind of an understatement.  Axol & Friends recently sent me a gorgeous backpack that is not only beautiful, but it’s vegan-made and holds everything!  It’s called the World Changer Adventure Backpack.  Everyone that sees this is going to want it.

The Corona virus came into our lives late December 2019, but has really made its full blown impact in March 2020. We’ve heard all about it. In fact, it’s the most talked about virus in the world and it has hit every nook and cranny of our lives. From being declared a national pandemic disaster, the world took it very serious. Rules of social distancing and proper sanitation practices came even more into play. Six Feet Away is a great company that embodies fashion and staying safe in a fun and creative way.

I and my family have had the opportunity to use Upfront’s shampoos and conditioners for awhile now and we really enjoy them. When I use Upfront, I don’t have to worry about any secret chemicals because this is a company that likes to be “upfront” about what they use to create their products. And, according to the company’s website, they do not use sulphates, parabens, nor synthetic fragrances in their products. And, they “pride (themselves) on sourcing the best possible ingredients” (taken from product website). Plus, no animal testing is performed in the making of their products. Read on to learn about a selection of their line of shampoos and conditioners.

Do you love the smell of holidays in the air?  Do you also love the scent of balsam fir?  I love lighting those kinds of candles to get my entire house smelling like Christmas!  Even way before the holidays ever start.  I’ve used tons of different candles, as I’m sure we all have.  However, I’m not kidding when I say I’ve never used ones that smell as amazing as these do.  Chandler Candle Co. offers the most wonderful scents you can choose from.  They sent me their Balsam Fir 3 Wick CandleBalsam Fir Original, and 4oz. Hand Sanitizer Gel (Lavender/Lime) and I’m telling you they’re addictive!  I was happy with the candles, but when I saw the hand sanitizer, well, we all know how much we need that right now.  I love it and I carry it with me everywhere I go.  It’s not as drying as others I’ve tried.

little learning hands

.I’ve talked about this subscription box company before, but this particular one teaches you about Germany and it would make a wonderful gift for the holidays!  It has so many fun activities stuffed into one box that your kids won’t know what to do first.  Little Learning Hands is all about teaching your children other cultures.  I think that’s a beautiful thing and we need more of that, especially right now.  This box brings us together and shows us our similarities and differences, but in a way that doesn’t divide us.  As I said…it’s a beautiful thing!

.What is Marcellamoda? It’s a company based in New York that has their own line of apparel, accessories and shoes. And, now they also make a line of masks. According to their website, “We’re passionate about creating timeless, sustainable designs. It’s a special kind of uniqueness we aspire to. We refer to it as ‘Minimalism with an Edge.'” I recently received 2 masks from Marcellamoda and they are simple, beautiful, and functional. And, I agree, they have their own “edge” to them (especially when you compare them to many of the masks on the market today). As mentioned above, I said these masks are simple. The ones I received are one color—but the color is beautiful and bold. In terms of how they function, in my opinion (and please note that I’m not a medical expert), they do a great job. The masks I received from Marcellamoda have the following:

  • a nose wire,
  • fabric that is breathable,
  • a washable filter,
  • ear loops that are adjustable,
  • a filter pocket that opens on both sides, and
  • great fit under the chin, around the face, and over the nose.

O is for Oshun, A 4D Interactive Book That Celebrates Diversity

Have you ever experienced a 4D interactive book? It is truly something that not only kids will love, but also adults. By using augmented reality (AR), it brings the characters to life right before you eyes! As the reader, you experience their movements, hear the voices, and get a true vision of who the character is. That’s why O is for Oshun, an ABC book of folklore characters from around the world, written by Kya Johnson and illustrated by Danh Tran, should be a must have gift for your children.

O is for Oshun

To experience augmented reality with O is for Oshun, you will need to download the RainbowMe Kids app from your app store for both Apple and Android users. Once you have the app downloaded, open the book to experience characters from around the from countries like Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, etc. by pointing your phone or tablet at the character on each page. Then you watch as each character comes to life.

Green Kid

Green Kid Crafts is a subscription-box company that provides boxes filled with science and craft projects for kids that are of the ages of 2 to 10 years. They have a really cool variety of themes. Some examples are “Amazing Animals,””Soaring into Flight,” and the “Volcanoes” box. According to their website, “Green Kid Crafts boxes are developed by teachers, crafty moms and STEAM experts (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) to support key developmental skills for kids ages 2-10+.” So, quite a bit of planning goes into these boxes to help create a truly enriching experience.

A Company That Cares & Truly Shows It

Another great thing about Green Kid Crafts is that they are truly “green”—they care about the environment and strive for sustainability. The company uses recycled materials in their boxes. They provide you with almost all the materials you’ll need so you don’t have to buy a pack of 100 of something you only need 1 of. And, Green Kid Crafts partners with OneTreePlanted so they can have one tree planted for every box purchased. Go here to see other ways they are a green company.

The Scent Of Relaxation

The sense of smell is a powerful one, to say the least.  It can bring back long-forgotten memories, stir up feelings of hunger, or even relaxation.  We all know that lavender is a good one for that.  This is why I am in love with this new diffuser that I received.  Organic Aromas sent me this absolutely beautiful Radiance Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser, along with a gorgeous box of the Sampler Pack of Essential Oils!  I had never tried a diffuser before this, mainly because I didn’t know where to start my journey.  However, the kit they sent to me literally gave me everything I needed.  I plug it in and away I go on my own journey.  You know, to those happy, far away places only a special scent can send me on.  I may come back, but for now, I’m gone!

Someone who can capture the love in your heart for your fur baby and replicate it in art in the most sincerest and purest way, thru portraits! Positively Dog Street is a wonderful custom artist that can paint your animal in a fun and gleeful way. Their personality and soul captured in amazing watercolor portraits.

Positively Dog Street

If I ever wanted to create a loving artwork of my dog or cat I would choose Positively Dog Street. They aim to bring your pet’s best self to life with vibrant colors and detail. What they know is that your pet is not just your fur baby, but is also your best friend.

For me, when I think about my pet, I enjoy imagining them. I love thinking about my pet’s fur, color, paws, eyes, mouth, etc and that’s why I love taking lots of pictures of them. Commemorating my pet means a lot to me. But more fun than a developed photo, is actually having a customized watercolor portrait. A water color portrait brings the beauty of your pet out in a different more magical way. A whimsical way!

I love my kids! So when it comes to helping the neurons get fired in their minds and get the wheels turning, I will do it. I will get them whatever cool toys are out on the market that will engage and enlighten them. I rather cool toys that make them think than always using their iPads to play games all day. A very cool play activity toy I don’t mind my kids playing with for hours is the Clixo.

Many have heard of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! I can even remember the name from my childhood (before Internet). Well, did you know they have their own line of books? They do—quite a few of them, actually.  And, they’re super fun books to read and look at! I recently received one of their newest books, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Mind Blown! All True & New, and, again, it’s another fun book that’s sure to provide hours of fun reading and gawking at pictures that bring about much awe and amusement!

How fun it is it to drink a steeped coffee that you can literally take anywhere with you? Places like camping trips, on the road and at the office. With a prepackage pouch that makes having coffee very conveniently, why wouldn’t I drink it? I love my Steeped Coffee, because besides being an avid coffee drinker I also am keen on time, and this helps me go go go!

It is so easy to drink. You submerge it in a cup and pour hot water over it. You can enjoy about eight ounces per filter pouch. Normally I do thirty seconds, but sometimes if I do longer when I have the extra time. It’s up to you depending on your taste preference. After, you can dispose of the filter or let it sit in your cup. 

We are always in need of pillowcases and when I found these I knew it was perfect, I was able to put RR on them so we knew they were mine. These are made in the USA and are made of organic cotton, making them so soft and cool to the touch. Giving you a luxurious night’s sleep.

We love them, haven’t had this good of a night’s sleep in forever, we would wake up sweating and feeling hot, now we feel cooler and our heads aren’t getting hot. Making this better for us to sleep and feel cooler, we all try and find the coldest spot to lay or head, with these there’s always a spot that’s the whole pillow.

They are available in a classic white or beautiful natural color and they come in a standard queen or king size and sold individually. Not to worry they are machine washable and dryable and won’t get ruined

Now that I am older, I have to wear glasses all the time. Not just glasses bifocal ones and if you have them, you know how hard it can be to read something without having to move your head a certain way to see something.

This is where reading glasses come in, they make it so much easier for me to see and do what I need to do. I love that I was able to pick out the pair I wanted to use and had them sent with no issues, and they work perfectly when I need to be on the computer and doing work. They have a large selection of glasses to choose from and designers too. is the place to go for all your glasses needs.

These are 150 plus strength and are perfect for me to see what I am doing, I wear them only to read and see the computer The frame is something I would wear and the color is perfect. They aren’t too big and fit my face good.


Eat Me Cookies is a company that does personalized cookie cakes. They are comical and fun to send and receive. You can create your own message or use a premed one off the website. They don’t however condone bullying, so that is not an option. They are twelve inches in size and a decent thickness to them, so you know you are eating a fun delectable cookie.

Vaccuumed Sealed Upon Arrival

They are designed to be shipped, and arrive to you vacuum sealed for freshness. When I received my Eat Me Cookie, I was impressed by the careful thought in packaging for keeping it as perfectly preserved as it could be. It was a nice tray so it made for a lovely presentation when you opened it up. The option for this cookie is being able to eat it as is or even warming it up for ten to fifteen seconds. 

My prerogative is that my kids have an open mind when it comes to learning and experiencing other cultures. I love it when they get to see how other societies live and celebrate life. However since we don’t have tons of money to travel and expose ourselves, one of the alternative and fun things we an do is get a monthly subscription to Womple.

Who is Womple? Womple is a fun monthly subscription for children in elementary school and younger. Once a month they receive a Womple box in the mail filled with cool adventures. There is a book with a fun story about a new and different country. This month we have Japan, next month will be Greece.

Zoning out when you have a hard time being around others and feeling lonely and depressed is no way to live life. Sometimes we go seek addicting drugs that aren’t so good for us to help cope with our trials and tribulations. But trying something more non psychoactive or non addicting that actually is healthy for you is something worth trying. CBD through Hemp Ville is a resource for those of us needing a pain killer.

Hempville is a company with goals to use natural remedies, such as hemp for their ailments. These ailments include epilepsy, siezures, anxiety, mood, chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, insomnia, skin problems, Crohn’s, IBD, cancer, and degenerative diseases. Imagine using CBD and getting the desired outcome you were hoping for. So Hempville works closely with the farmers who grow the hemp so they can control the CBD products produced. With using CBD, it is possible to have a healthier lifestyle, because you do not need to seek other addicting treatments.

Cookies On A Mission

Have you ever just wanted to eat cookies guilt-free?  Well, now you can!  Not only do these yummy treats taste amazing, but they also have honest ingredients.  These are gluten-free and good for you.  Oh, and that’s not all.  When you purchase a cookie from them, they will feed the hungry.  What else can you ask for?  A company on a mission!  So, what wonderful company does this?  Recently, Nunbelievable sent me a huge box of delicious, very large-sized cookies and they’re so yummy!  I love company’s that give back to our big, needy world and they certainly do.  So, if you’re looking to give a gift that keeps on giving, look no further.

Wine Country Table is a beautiful book featuring various wineries throughout California. When many of us hear about California’s wineries, we tend to think of only Napa Valley. However, California has wineries all over—in the northern part, the southern part, and in the areas in between. This book provides you with a tour of many of them. And, what makes this tour special is that it provides a down-to-earth view of the wineries, giving the reader an unusual, fascinating perspective into the history and present-day lives of the winery and of the people who run and operate them.

Yummy Keto Bites And Cookies

So, I didn’t explain that ChipMonk sent me the Red Velvet Cookie Bites, but they also sent some with the amazing flavor of Cinnabun.  I was also able to try their Chocolate ChipMonk Cookie and White Chocolate Macadamia.  The cookies are soft-baked, chewy, and flavorful in addition to having 6 yummy flavors to choose from.  If you’re looking for a low carb treat, this is it!  So how do they get that sugary, full flavor?  Well, they use almond flour and sweeten it with Monk Fruit.  Oh, and not only do they have a 100% money-back guarantee, but they also have 1 to 4g of net carbs, in addition to 1g of sugar (or less!).

Germs can be dangerous, but add in this crazy pandemic and we all know what can happen.  We hear all of the numbers on the news so what can we do about it?  Well, as they say, we can wear masks, possibly gloves, and of course, social distance.  However, how do you sterilize your car now that you’ve come out of the grocery store and laid those germs all over the inside?  I have something amazing for you!  Oracle Lighting has this awesome Mini Sterilization Lamp that happens to be a portable disinfection device.  After charging it, you simply put it into your car, turn it on, close the door and it does the rest.  It even turns itself off!  Oh, and did I mention that you can also use it in your home too?  Yep, this little baby will disinfect your small rooms too.

Do you have little ones? Have you ever had a hard time getting your child to listen to you? Sometimes asking your child politely not to do something doesn’t trigger any action from them. Even more so, asking your child in a more sturdy tone, perhaps some what irritated tone to do something, doesn’t work either. If you have noticed, most children if not all work well with stimulation from a physical and rewarding stand point. This invention, called the Goodtimer, is a wonderful resource parents can use to help tame their child better.

Clean Doesn't Equal Chemicals

When my kids were little, for some reason, I didn’t think my house was clean unless it smelled like bleach or some other harsh chemical.  I honestly thought that was the only way to protect my family from germs.  I’ve certainly learned a lot since then, thankfully, and I now know that clean doesn’t have to equal chemicals!  As a matter of fact, Good Green Cleaner has a variety of cleaners that do a great job, all while being safe.  I love this company because they are all about reducing their carbon footprint.  We all know this big blue marble needs that!  They sent a box of amazing cleaners for me to use and I have to tell you, they worked great.  No more bleach for me.

Have you ever thought about how nature smells?  I don’t mean in a bad way, I mean the actual scent of it.  Imagine the salty ocean and the beautiful breeze.  What fragrance would come from that for you?  Well, Isle de Nature has captured this inside of the various products that they offer.  As a matter of fact, they sent me a sample of their Pagua Bay Fragrance Scent Coin.  Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a scent coin, because I certainly hadn’t.  However, it’s a genius idea!  It’s a small, ceramic tile that they dip into oils and you use it to spread the aroma around your home.  I’ve been using mine in my car, actually.  I’m loving the scent!

I didn’t realize that I haven’t been treating my lips that well. With all the daily chores to be done, caring for my lips has been minimal. If at best, I do a quick lick on the lips and pray that’s enough. But why would I do that when there are plenty of decent lip balms out there? I can choose one, but if the quality is very cheaply and poorly made, it is not effective at all. That would be the equivalent of me just randomly licking my lips when I remember to. However, it’s time to get serious about lip balm, and that’s where the brand Serious comes into play.

Serious Lip Balm was started by Khara and Megan who wanted to offer soft lips to people. They also created other salve and balm for soft skin needs. The different from them and other lip balms is the glide. I have used many kinds of chap stick, lip gloss,  and salve in the past, and I can definitely tell when there was little thought and effort put into it. I could also tell when an extra amount of thought and science went into my lip balm, because the glide is different. There is also a lingering after taste, a texture, a moisture content, a look content and feel content. For me Serious really checked the box for all the above, because they seriously work!

Keep Those Eyebrows Trim

Since this pandemic started, we are all missing our haircuts and other appointments, am I right?  I don’t know about you, but my eyebrows seem to grow and start looking like a muppet from Sesame Street.  I’ve tried other types of hair removal but I have course hair, even on my face!  That’s why I’m loving the Pachot Eyebrow Hair Remover.  Not only does it maintain your eyebrows, but you can use it to trim other areas of the face as well.  It’s great for sensitive skin because it has a special head that removes the hair.  You will love this!  The thing I love is that there is no pain at all and the peach fuzz goes “bye-bye”!

Bold, Flavorful Snacks That Add Fuel To Your Body

Do you love to snack? I know I do. I also like bold flavors. So where can you find some bold, flavorful snacks? Southern Recipe Small Batch has some amazing pork rinds and cracklins that are packed with some amazing flavor combinations that are perfect for the holidays! Some of those include: Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper, Korean Kimchi BBQ, Pasilla Chili Cheese, and Cranberry Jalapeno!

I always think about how I can make my house cuter. What always makes me ponder the most is the white walls all over my home. I really would like to beautify them some how. But I am not so much a designer so I need all the help I can get. Then I heard about the cutest sheets. Pasted Paper, has sheets that will literally design your walls and do all the hard work for you. I always wanted wall paper that was very easy to use and apply on my walls.

Sheets the are Pre-Pasted for Convenience

Years ago, my family had to use huge rolls of wall paper that took so much precision and preplanning to apply on the walls. And sometimes after all the effort, it still didn’t look right.

With Pasted Paper, it is basically fool proof. To use Paster Paper, you would only need to submerge it in water and position it on your wall. By submerging it, you would activate the adhesiveness of the back. It is easy to apply on the wall and reposition in case you apply it a little crooked.

I love when a man takes a great bath and scrubs those harsh wear and tears of the day away. My spouse likes bars of soaps as much as he does liquid soaps, so when I advised him to try Fresh Pine soap for men, he was ecstatic about it. I love that he has an open mind and will give anything a try at least once. For him, he was not disappointed using their soaps.

Fresh Pine is the maker of organic soaps to help a man feel healthier, cleaner, and boost his morale. Did you know that the products we apply on our bodies affects our outlook and health? It truly does. So being a more health conscious person, I try and steer my family to healthier brands. Fresh Pine soaps are actually created by men for men. My husband is proud to be a user and enjoys that the product is also eco-friendly. 

Yay! Finally a fun art toy that my daughter tediously loves putting together. Aquabeads are so much fun, because they are creative and a lot of critical thinking with dexterity comes into play. Since there is a lot of down time these days, my little girl loves to build, craft, stretch, pull, and piece together. When I gave her this fun gift box full of imagination, she was so excited!

Safe for the Kids

Aquabeads are made of polyvinyl alcohol. It’s non toxic and is actually the same coating that pills are made of. What I love about them is once you place the beads side by side and spray with a spritz of water, that they actually fuse with each other! The kit is very generous. It comes with a tablet, a flap, a tray, a mini water bottle squirter, and various colors of aquabeads. What’s great about the kit is that it knows what are the most popular colors so it gives more of them. For instance, there are one-hundred blues and only ten light yellows

I have to admit that I don’t love cooking. When I do have to cook (which is everyday), I prefer it take as little time as possible. But, it also has to taste good. Oh, and one more thing: I prefer to not eat a lot of meat. Is that too much to ask from a recipe? No, not with a new cookbook called Good Food Gratitude, by Hollan Hawaii, “a wife, mother, vegan chef, former restaurant owner, self-help junkie and now cookbook author” (taken from her website).

With the holiday here already, and we are all doing last minute shopping, what would you be getting the lady in your life? Every woman loves jewelry and purses, well at least in this house.   Thats where oNecklace comes in they have some beautiful pieces, and there’s bound to be something for that special lady in your life.  When it comes to jewelry, I like the simple things, when I was looking for something different, the infinity necklace stood out to me, its something I would have never thought about getting, but this was the perfect one not only is it simple it’s just what I wanted.

Simple, sleek, and modern, our Infinity jewelry represents unlimited possibilities and good vibes- both a trendy style and a timeless symbol, you can’t go wrong with one of our pieces of finest quality infinity jewelry!

Give your necklace a personal twist with our Double Heart Infinity Necklace. We changed the regular rounded edges of the infinity pendant and made them the shape of a heart. Personalized it even more with the addition of the two names of your choice fitted along the lines of the two hearts.

We have been putting together a bar, and finding things here and there . Recently I was looking for something special and different for a added something for the bar. Groovy Groomsman Gifts was the perfect place to look, and the best part is I was able to personailze it for my brother in law.

Your family and friends will enjoy sipping thier favorite whisky out of this Decanter set, this is a one of a kind decanter and glasses made to sip a whisky next to a fire, after a long day of working. Perfect for a groomsman gift , or just because gift .

My son is a great gamer and he’s taught me a few of his tricks.  However, he never told me about a grip you can apply to your controller to take my gaming to the next level!  Now that he sees how much I’m enjoying the games on my Nintendo Switch, he’s jealous.  Lizard Skins sent me this DSP Controller Grip For Switch Joy-Con – in Polar Blue and I’m going a little crazy over it.  The texture of it feels like something I can’t even describe.  It’s soft and incredible!  I loved gaming before, but now it’s more fun because my hands don’t slip from that sweaty, nervousness.  Oh, and did I mention that it looks beautiful too?  As you can see in the pictures, my controllers are the bomb!  My son has rubbed off on me a little too much (haha).

It’s almost gift giving season. So that means it time to start thinking about what gifts you what to give. Sometimes simple is best. Gifts that are practical and can be used over and over are sometimes more appreciated. That’s why gifts like whipped body butter and lip balms are some of the best gifts to give. Add that they are all natural, makes it even better! Auntee B Natural has a great selection of all natural body care products that makes gift giving easy.

.Are you a speaker or do you know someone that does a lot of public presentations? If so, then I have a vegan lip balm made by an award-winning cosmetic chemist and beauty product award judge for Allure magazine since 2017. FanLoveBeauty Stage Balm is 100% natural, vegan, and very moisturizing. This lip balm is infused with superfoods (mango, avocado and flaxseed oil) that are known to nourish your lips. FanLoveBeauty Stage Balm is a great item to put in a stocking as a gift.

When I think of women, I think of cosmetics and beauty. Yes age is just a number, but for aging women, we need a little support too. Most women say natural beauty is the best, but I know secretly they enjoy a little makeup here and there. Satrell provides that little pick me up women so desire.

Beautiful Of course

I desire Satrell, because trying their products, definitely has me hooked! My favorite aspect of this lovely company, is their amazing nail polish collection as well as their luscious lip glosses. I can’t stress enough, how many compliments I got from my friends at work on my nail color, and my pouty lips. Satrell was born from a girl who wanted to move forward with fashion and beauty. I am so glad she did, because her products are definitely my new favorite.

Who doesn’t love affordable vegan and organic skincare products? Skincare products that can add hydration to your skin. Skincare products that help tightens your skin, smooths the texture of your skin, and gives your skin a glow. Thanks to Cosmedica for making skincare products that does each of these things and much more! Cosmedica are the pioneers in getting a hyaluronic acid serum product on the market and have sold more than 1 million bottles. That’s why their products will make great gifts for family and friends.

Ayurveda is herbal medicine based in India. Ayurveda goal is to balance the elements in the body and treating the root of the problem. Vedic Botanicals offers a variety of Ayurvedic body care products that can help you to heal and glow from within. My top three favorite products include their Defense Balm, Glow Facial Serum, and their Recovery Aide.

I enjoy drinking a delicious home brew. Especially from someone who is passionate about making them and creating the best flavors. Being a grown up means appreciating the finer flavors and relaxing with something truly delectable at the end of a hard day. Moonlight Meadery is recognized for being New England’s best mead maker. With them I know I can get the quality mead I was hoping for.

Uses Organic Honey when Brewing

Moonlight Meadery uses certified organic honey when they brew. If you have not tasted a glass of their bottles, you are missing out on a drink with aromas of honey, and freshly pressed cider. Thank goodness they do not add sulfites, sorbets, or other processed flavors. I like how their drinks do not have a foul aftertaste. One of my favorite flavors is their Little Apples. This one is a light crisp cider. It comes in a sixteen ounce can and has about six and a half percent of alcohol.

Pakt Coffee

Are you planning a camping trip anytime soon?  Maybe just a day trip someplace fun or just an exciting road trip.  No matter where you decide to go, you have to still be able to make and drink your coffee, am I right?  I mean, how else will you be able to wake up and be productive?  Instead of using an instant coffee in a packet or something, Pakt has a great alternative for you.  They’ve made a socially responsible coffee maker that you can actually take anywhere (that has water and electricity)!  It even comes in plastic-free packaging as to not hurt our beautiful oceans.  If that’s not responsible, I don’t know what is.  The Pakt Coffee Kit is absolutely one of the most genius ideas I’ve ever seen! 

I’ve played volleyball since I was 18 years old.  Well, I’m 52 now, so I don’t play too much anymore, but I love it!  I have played sand, mud, and indoor volleyball.  By the way, the mud was my favorite because we got so darn messy.  I haven’t come across any new forms of it, until now.  Crossnet has a beautiful new game that’s a cross between four-square and volleyball.  Did you ever play either in school?  My kids did, but I didn’t know much about the four-square game.  This game is so easy and fun to play.  One of the best things about Crossnet is that they send you everything you need to start playing!  You get the net, poles, and yes, you also get a volleyball, and even the air pump.  Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.

Never again will I have a boring party where we just sit around and gawk at each other. I don’t want to attend a party and be bored out of my mind or left out while others mingle amongst each other. I actually want to be entertained. Eating doesn’t necessarily count, because I go to parties to be sociable. What makes a party go from zero to extreme sociableness is Power Hour Tower.

Power Hour Tower is like Jenga but its better! It’s definitely for twenty one years old and up as it can get pretty raunchy playing it. You can also get drunk as well. The whole motive is everyone takes turn pulling blocks from the tower (except the top three rows) completing a game or task on each of the blocks. There are forty eight blocks and its a lot of fun! You would basically keep playing the game until the tower collapses or someone totally freaks out and can’t play anymore.

zennboxx two

Ah resting and centering my chakra is absolutely necessary. We all know that bad energy although invisible to the naked eye is actually taxing on the body. Are you a believer of the energy of the moon and crystals? To me they are real and that’s why I support Zennboxx. They promote healing, therapy, and provide an uplifting feeling for your psyche. I definitely need that! This year has been quite the challenge for all of us.

A Blend for Healing

Zennboxx offers a crystal bath therapy. All the crystals in their collection are a blend of organic, healing sea salts. They are mixed in with therapeutic-grade essential oils which offer a very heavenly scent. The ideal time to use Zennboxx crystals is during a full moon. That is when it is most optimal for your body to absorb minerals.  Did you also know that during a new moon, is when your body is cleansed and new energy is brought back to you?

I am guilty for not being the best avid teeth brusher and mouth gargling person. My habits have caused me many cavities, tooth decay, swollen gums, and lots of expenses on dental work. It is rather shameful, so knowing how to have great brushing techniques at a young age is key. Making teeth brushing and great dental hygiene a habit morning and night is key. However, even with the bad habits I’ve incurred over my lifetime, it’s not too late to make a change. That change is using Periogen.

Complete Oral Health

Periogen is a company that provides tooth brushes, mouth wash and toothpaste. All their products are not the typical over the shelf products you can get from grocery stores. Their products are formulated to be better at preventing and reducing dental tartar buildup. No one wants to have gum disease and if they do have gum disease, they want it to be healed sooner rather than later.

Pre-teen girls (and boys) are sometimes hard to buy for, am I right?  They’re too young for teenage things but too old for little girl/boy toys.  What is a parent or grandparent to do?  Well, since the holidays are almost here, I have a great craft that teaches your 8-year-old and above all kinds of good stuff!  GoldieBlox sent me the cutest Light Up Unicorn Pillow craft that I’ve ever seen.  It comes with literally everything you need to make it, even it’s own sewing kit.  You will actually need nothing, except maybe scissors.  Actually, all of the patterns are pre-cut, so there you go.  My granddaughter is 8 years old, so this is perfect for her.  Give your little (not so little) loved one this awesome gift for Christmas this year!

Make Brushing Their Teeth Fun

Is it a chore to get your kids to brush their teeth?  Are you hoping that they’re brushing for the amount of time they’re supposed to, but not sure?  I know how busy being a parent can be, so it’s hard to make sure children do what is important.  However, since taking care of their teeth is paramount to a healthy body, I’ve found something to make your lives a little easier.  Colgate has come up with an ingenious product!  The Magik AR Toothbrush and App is a kit that will make kids so happy.  This cool setup will help kids brush for the allotted time while having fun!  The app will keep track of the time and they can even play games.  They’ll unlock certain parts of the game depending on how well and long they brush.  You’re very welcome!

Boredom Busters For Kids

It seems like bonding with our kids is getting harder these days, mainly because of the many screens they’re staring at.  Trying to pull them away is like pulling teeth.  However, bonding with them is so important.  Especially with how crazy our world is right now.  They need to feel safe and having fun can let us all forget about our problems for a little while.  Not to mention, busting the boredom that comes along with staying home all of the time.  These amazingly fun games will have all of your family laughing.  PlayMonster sent me Yeti in my SpaghettiStacktopus, and Colorforms Silly Faces Game.  These games are hilarious and so much fun.  My granddaughters were having the time of their lives all while we were connecting on a beautiful level.  I love it that kids don’t know when we’re being a little sneaky.

The best thing about working out is when you can have more control over your footing and not slip and fall due to poor socks. I want to wear socks where my heels are covered but the area where I put pressure exposed. That is my toes! I want my toes free to stretch and press without being constricted. It’s hard to find great socks that work for what I need when I work out. Luckily I have found Tucketts. They are a wonderful company who have designed some pretty awesome socks. Socks that actually are opened toe!

The Gift Of Waste Reduction

How many times have you been at a family picnic and discarded those single-use, plastic utensils?  I know I’m certainly guilty of it, but I’ve learned since then.  There are so many ways to change your waste output but do it carefully.  GoSun is a company that is committed to saving our big blue marble.  Waste reduction is so very important for each and every one of us.  Since it impacts everyone, this would make a great, inspiring gift!  GoSun sent me their Flatware Travel Cutlery Set.  This little set is the perfect size to fit into any bag, car, fanny pack, or whatever else you carry.  You can take it with you on the go and use it anytime!

Buy A Bracelet, They Plant A Tree

There are so many good companies in the world today.  I believe this pandemic is shining a light on them.  One such company is 1 Tree Mission, mainly because they are committed to making our world better than it was before.  As a matter of fact, they really do plant a tree for every single bracelet sold.  How amazing is that?  This would be a gift that never stops giving.  Imagine how happy your loved one would be to open a beautiful bracelet.  Only then to find out they’re also helping our planet.  I believe that would put a smile on anyone’s face!  This company is all about saving our world in a huge way, and I hope you’ll join me in helping them.  I have to tell you that one of my favorite bracelets is Joshua Tree Bracelet.  I had to give you the link to it because the colors are spectacular!  Although, they’re all gorgeous in their own ways.

Always take care of your mind body and soul first. Use products that make you feel good about yourself without compromising your integrity. Adults need to start taking care of themselves as they say eighteen years old is the end of puberty and decay process slowly begins. What can help with feeling achy and tired is using Penn’s Choice. I like them, because they are a wonderful family of hemp farmers who create very valuable CBD goods to take the edge off of all those annoying pain issues.

Hemp Locally Grown in Pennsylvania

Penn’s Choice is hemp grown in Pennsylvania with farmers that offer the full spectrum and top shelf CBD products. Their prices are decent and the goal is to bring comfort and healing to others. I enjoy their products, because I know that they use simple and pure ingredients. Going natural for me is the best policy, because I don’t care for too much processed goods. Penn’s Choice is grown locally with a lot of effort in caring for their crops and is fully seed to sale.

In today’s world all kids want a cell phone including the younger ones, my little nephew asked for one and of course, we said no to an iPhone, he’s to young for that kind of a phone.

So of course I went online to find something that’s kid-friendly and would be perfect for him to use, to call his friends and family. The GABB Wireless phone for kids is just that, perfect. For only 19.99 he will have unlimited talk and text, and that’s all he really needs, another thing is this phone has zero internet access, another great thing he is way to young to be on the internet anyways,

This phone also comes with a GPS tracking, this way they know where he is at all times, knowing where your child is at all times gives a peice of mind, he will definatley be happy with this phone, and he can use his finger to lock it, thats another great thing he has control of his phone in a sence.

Accessories for All Ages - Gift Guide
Do you know anyone that is experiencing hot flashes? If so, then the Cool Me Scarf would make the perfect gift! These attractive scarves discreetly conceal a pack that uses simple science to take the hot out of hot flashes. It is a beautiful gift of caring. And the scarves were “cool enough” to be selected for gift bags at the Oscars!! The Cool Me Scarf is made from 100% Lyocell. Lyocell is a silky smooth fabric that is breathable, moisture wicking, and hypoallergenic to keep your skin dry and cool. Lyocell is eco friendly, made from wood viscose harvested from sustainably managed forests.
Pork Rinds As A Holiday Snack

Are you a pork rind aficionado?  I’d like to say I am, but come on, I’d be lying.  However, I do love eating pork rinds!  At least I have that going for me.  This holiday, reach for a new, unique snack.  Instead of using all of the old “staples” such as chex mix, chips, and dips, etc., try something packed with protein.  Oh, you didn’t know that pork rinds have a lot of protein?  Well, not all brands can say that.  Recently, Southern Recipe Small Batch sent me two bags of their amazing pork rinds.  I loved the Apple Cinnamon and Cranberry Jalapeno.  These were flavors that I had never heard of.  Not only had I not heard of them, but I certainly had never tasted them.  Those two are only the tip of the iceberg as far as what they have to offer.  You’ll find all kinds of different flavors on their website.

Gift Ideas That Will Inspire Self-Care for the Women In Your Life

If you are looking for clean, non-toxic body care products, Fern Soapery has just what you need. Fern Soapery create vibrant, eco-conscious body care products that are nourishing for all skin types. Their product line includes Bar SoapsMoisturizing Body ScrubsWhipped ButterLip ButterGift Sets, and other essential items. Their products do not contain any parabens, pthalates, SLS, and no synthetic fragrance.

Kindness Through Clothing

Well, it’s finally beginning to look a little like Christmas, right?  I guess it depends on where you live.  However, it is definitely getting colder.  Why am I talking about the weather?  Well, this post is about how you warm up.  It’s also about what clothing you use to warm up.  Have you ever worn a cardigan that shines kindness?  I’ll explain as I go, but my answer now is yes.  That’s only because Common Assembly sent me a gorgeous cardigan called the Shadow Ribbed Cardi in blue/grey.  It looks like something that someone took painstaking time on and it’s oh so soft!  Imagine receiving this as a beautiful holiday gift.

Special Publications For The Holidays

I’m so excited to tell you about these special publications that I received.  I mean, what do you get for the person that has almost everything?  Well, everyone loves a good book, am I right?  Even if they don’t like to read, I have some great ones that they don’t have to.  Some that have sounds, some just pictures.  One thing is for sure…everyone will love them.  Books have a way to bring you a comfortable feeling on a cold day.  You know, when you curl up on your favorite chair, coffee, or other warm beverage in hand while giving your brain some amazing new information.  What could possibly be better?  Nothing as far as I’m concerned!  Quarto Knows and/or Hachette Book Group offers many books that I’m sure your loved one would absolutely love.

“The Chirp Wheel is the perfect holiday gift for your loved one with back pain. It works by putting pressure on the muscles around the spine, causing them to stretch and straighten, relieving tension in the muscle. It's similar to the traditional foam roller but different in that it puts specific pressure along the spine for a more focused relaxation. Chirp Wheel appeared on Season 12 of Shark Tank and received an investment from Lori Greiner.

Kids Learning Lessons Through Books

When I look at books for my granddaughters, I always want something that teaches good lessons by telling a great story.  I mean, don’t we all want that?  Whether we read to them or they read alone, they should get some great information, not just a bunch of fluff.  The lessons I like are the ones that really get them thinking.  You know, morals, values, kindness, and so many more.  I was so happy to receive some beautiful books from OC Publishing.  Christmas is coming and now I have great gifts for my granddaughters that I know they’ll love!  I can’t wait to tell you about the books.  Please keep reading to learn about them.

With so many things out today, U want something that will be educational as well as a toy. That is where ROYBI comes in. this is a robot that helps your child developed their learning skills. It gets them singing and dancing, Unlike tablets or laptops, ROYBI encourages to play, walk, and have physical activities while learning. ROYBI provides a bridge to real-world skills — with all the limitless possibilities.

We have dogs and there is always hair, as much as we sweep it's still there Thats why I wanted to try the Clean Robot this is the perfect vacuum for us, we have hardwood floors and it gets all the hair up in one round. Intelligent Automatic Sweeping Robot Vacuum. It works like a charm and we are so happy with this. Its so easy to set up and use, we had no issues with it, and it does the job. 


When you hear the word toiletries, you normally think of things for women. Like beauty products and what not. But men’s needs in skincare should not fall to the wayside. They need just as much tender loving care as a woman devotes to her skin. Now that the winter season is upon us, those wind chills can bring nasty dehydrated skin to our faces and hands. Having a skin care regimen is the first step into battling such harsh conditions. That’s where Defenage comes in.

Who are they? Defenage is a company that came up with a skin care regimen to treat the visible signs of skin weariness and damage. What does that mean? It means that they have fifteen proven studies to correct huge pores, acne, wrinkles, and melanin overproduction. They have even been featured in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. Some of the things they work on are: alpha and beta defensive containing anti aging skin care regimen with clinical, histopahtologic, immunohistochemical, photographic, and ultrasound evaluation. Their study and research is an exact science. In fact, for more than five years now, they are the first skincare company that does not use animal or human derived ingredients.

Essential Oils For Men And Women

When the holidays creep up on us, we tend to think of others before we think about ourselves.  This is a good thing, most of the time.  However, sometimes we can actually forget about our needs and put everyone else’s before our own.  That’s why this year I want you to buy yourself a gift!  The gift of amazing oils for your body.  Recently, NobleBodyCare and Wolfin Woods sent me something special for the man and woman.  Obviously, you can try these yourself, or give them as gifts.  Just don’t lose yourself this Christmas!  Why not treat yourself as a gift and use this oil while letting the scent take you far away.  Give your body the gift of luxury while the oils relax your senses.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all live a stress-free life? Wouldn’t it also be nice if we could be more focused, enabling us to get through the day’s work with less wasted time (and more time to enjoy other things)? To achieve the above is not always easy, especially with all that has happened this year. But, we can try to strive to achieve less stress and more focus so that we can hopefully be able to love and enjoy life more. And, Ohm is an innovative company that has created products that may be able to help you achieve the above!

Right Relief

The Right Relief is a THC-free tincture containing premium hemp CBN, which is cannabinol. It is not the same as THC, which is what gives people the “high” feeling. According to the Right Wellness Co., CBN “is a powerful hemp-derived cannabinoid that works naturally to help manage pain, sleep and stress by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system.” And, The Right Relief is vegan friendly and does not contain GMOs. I read the following on the company’s website, which helps one to sort of understand how this CBN works, “Interestingly, CBN has a higher affinity for the CB2 receptor relative to the CB1 receptor which may partly explain the building anecdotal evidence suggesting that CBN offers many positive attributes of cannabinoid use without the psychoactive high.”

Goodies With A Surprise!

Well, here we are ladies and gentlemen, in November already!  I can’t believe that the election is over (well, almost) and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Are you looking for some good stocking stuffer ideas or even a nice little gift for the minis in your household?  Well, look no further!  Yowie World has some delicious chocolates and gummies that the kids will love.  But wait!  That’s not all they’ll get though, because each one comes with a surprise inside.  My granddaughters had so much fun opening their chocolates and, of course, eating them.  But they loved collecting their very own animals!  I was actually surprised that they didn’t even argue over who got what.  I’m pretty sure they were just happy to get goodies.

Well, we’ve been dealing with this pandemic for quite a while now.  So much that some of us are becoming experts on face masks.  The face shields I’m talking about in this post can be used like bandanas to protect yourselves (they’re NOT considered personal protective equipment!), but they’re really made to protect you from the outdoors.  I only use them as my mask when I’m not in close contact with people, as I would use a bandana.

However, if you’re looking for something to protect you against the elements, that’s where SA Co. comes in.  This company sent me a ton of different kinds of face shields that are so soft and comfortable.  That’s exactly what you want in a face shield, am I right?  I’ve been using mine when I go out to get coffee in the cold mornings.  The winter ones are lined inside with fleece so they’re very comfy.  In the summer, you need something that will keep you cool, especially if you work outside all day.  Those are made nice and thin along with moisture-wicking material.

If you’re thinking “how can a cookie taste that good?”.  I mean, they’re all kind of made the same, am I right?  Well, I have no idea what this company does to them, but what I do know is that they’re humongous and mouthwatering!  So what is this inventive company?  Their name is Chip City Cookies and they’re located in New York, hence the word “city”.  They send the cookie dough all shaped and ready for the oven.  That’s all you have to do!  My son baked all of the wonderful cookies they sent me and he did amazing.  Although, these cookies are hard to screw up.  They’re perfect just the way they are!  Imagine what an amazing gift this would make for any loved one.

When it comes to me keeping all my gadgets charged , there’s always one that has to wait its turn, when I was looking for something different to use I found the perfect thing at Accell, they have so many things you can use and charge your gadgets with.

Body butters. They are something I love to have on hand at all times. With winter weather upon us, in my household, our skin gets dry and itchy very easily. So, I try to apply body butter or thick lotion to my skin after every shower. And, even if you don’t have cold weather outside right now, body butter is still a wonderful thing to use to care for and pamper your skin. And, have I got a recommendation for you!  It’s called This Stuff Goes Bad. And, no, I’m not kidding. That’s the name of the product.  And, it comes in Day or Night. And, yes, you heard correctly: Day & Night!

Whether you have teenagers or just want to hang out with adult friends, playing games can be great.  Bonding while playing these games can be awesome and fun too.  Of course, since we’re in a pandemic, you need to hang out in small groups and in a safe way.  Please wear those masks, especially if you’re having a get-together.  Now that we’ve talked about safety, let’s talk about the games!  Breaking Games sent me these hilariously fun games called Game of Phones and Infinite Jonathans.

Both games are geared toward ages 13 and up, so that’s why I said it would be good for a teenager or older, adult friends.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love playing games.  The Infinite Jonathans is that and more.  However, as I’m sure you noticed by the name, the Game of Phones is a card game that uses your smartphone.  Both will have you laughing hysterically, which is why they’d make great holiday gifts.  Who doesn’t love to laugh?

When I’m on the floor with my granddaughter and we’re playing pretend we are bonding.  This is something that she will certainly never forget.  These memories are so priceless and they’ll last a lifetime.  It’s the one thing that I absolutely live for.  I have 2 granddaughters, but their ages are almost 5 years apart.  This makes it hard to play with both at the same time.  The 8-year-old is bored with the little “kid” games and the 3-year-old is annoyed with the older games.  However, when you play pretend, everyone wins!  No matter what your age is you can join in and enjoy the fun.  I know when it comes to playing with these 2, they’ll play pretend no matter what.

STEAM/STEM products have become more popular over the last few years. If you’re not familiar with STEAM, it stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEM is the same but minus the art). The STEAM toys I have seen provide children with a creative, hands-on experience to help them learn about one or more of those areas of education listed above. I like STEAM/STEM toys because they encourage children to have fun and learn at the same time. One such company that provides some very creative STEAM/STEM toys is GoldieBlox.

I received two products from GoldieBlox: a Rainbow Mini Purse kit and the Friendship Bracelets kit. Both kits provide you with non-toxic materials and all you’ll need to build some really cool projects.

All right, where are all of my Star Trek fans and collectors?  I’ve watched this show for as far back as I can remember, even though I didn’t care for Captain James T. Kirk.  I’m going to lose some fans over that one!  My husband and I always fought over which captain was better and I always chose Captain Jean-Luc Picard, which is why I really like this book.  Collectors of this memorabilia will want to get The Wisdom of Picard.  It’s published by Simon & Schuster and edited by Chip Carter.

Nugget’s Haircut by Cathy Meo Bonnstetter is a wonderful little book that will explain that exact lesson to your children.  It talks about a cute dog named Nugget that has long, golden brown fur.  He’s so used to his owner calling him handsome, but he thinks it’s only because of his hair.  Thankfully, he learns that isn’t so.

Self-Love Is So Important

As I said earlier, it’s easy to get little ones to believe they’re awesome at a very small age.  When they begin comparing themselves, you start to have some problems.  In the book, Nugget’s Haircut, he has a best friend named Dot.  His owner is Hope and she takes very good care of them.  Dot helps him with everything, especially those things that he’s a little self-conscious about.  She helps him find his ball and pats him on the back when he needs it.  Unfortunately, Nugget truly believes the only reason he is loved is because of his beautiful hair.

If you or your friend is that crazy plant lady, then I have a cute gift for you.  Instead of being embarrassed about it, flaunt it for all to see!  Let everyone know you’re not ashamed of loving your little green, growing babies.  As a matter of fact, you’re downright proud of them and your relationship with them.  Since the holidays are coming, this is the perfect time to purchase these as gifts.  Recently, these 2 little gems were sent to me; the Crazy Plant Lady book and the Crazy Plant Lady 2021 Mini Wall Calendar.  Workman Publishing publishes both and the author is Isabel Serna.  They kind of poke fun at the crazy plant-loving life, but in a very innocent, sweet way.  I can’t think of 2 better gifts for plant lovers.

Who doesn't like a snack here and there, snacking in this house consists of chips and more? We love all kinds of chips and recently I was online looking for something new and exciting to have as snacking food. Have you ever had Herr's omg, they have some of the best tasting chips, and what's awesome is they come in single bags, so your not having to open a huge bag and have them go bad because you forget about them.

I have severe anxiety, which means I have panic attacks.  I’ve been dealing with this for quite a while now and nothing seems to help.  I’ve even tried different kinds of weighted blankets to no avail.  I had never heard of Bearaby, until now!  They sent me their Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket that’s hand knitted and oh, so soft.  The one feature I noticed that others didn’t have is the comfort you feel when it’s laying on you.  No kidding, it’s helped me so much!  I can’t say that all of my anxiety is gone, but it has certainly helped me feel more relaxed and safe.  Honestly, it feels like a great big hug from someone you love.  What could be better than that?

When looking for a new filtered water pitcher, it can be quite overwhelming.  Go ahead and search online…I’ll wait.  It’s crazy, am I right?  Which one is best for you?  I know, you probably have all kinds of questions.  The one thing I do know is that Waterdrop makes some of the most effective filtered water pitchers I’ve found.  Not only do they have many to choose from, but they also have quick and easily filled ones too.  They sent me their Pink Pitcher Filter For Home and I couldn’t be happier!  The first thing I noticed about it is that you don’t have to remove the lid to fill it, which I love.  The second important feature is it only takes one minute to fill after trickling from the filter.  That’s amazing, especially compared to other pitchers.

Handheld self-massage roller helps relieve aches, pain and stiffness in muscles and joints so you feel better and recover faster. Use for health, sport and fitness activities. Simply stow and go! MYO rykr roll helps improve Range of Motion (ROM) and increases blood flow and oxygen to the muscles so you can stay active and fit. MYO rykr roll can alleviate myofascial tenderness and triggerpoint knots, as well as help improve conditions from arthritis and fibromyalgia. Drug-free pain relief at your fingertips. Comfortable to hold and easy to grip. Simply clean with mild soap and warm water because rykr roll is made from quality materials including FDA Approved stainless steel roller balls. Patent protected.

We have issues with our necks and backs, this was the perfect way to relieve the stress we have. I love that its small enough to take any where and fits in my bag, this is perfect to get to the right spots. 

Protect your skin against rubbing that causes chafing, irritation and raw skin. The balm is sweat and water resistant – it keeps pores clog free by allowing sweat to escape and lets skin breathe. The effective and long lasting formula gives you all-day protection. Use daily in humid and dry conditions for a pain free active lifestyle.

This was a perfect way for me to stop my body chapping, I live down South, where its so hot you sweat and that leads to your body chapping, this was a lifesaver. There are all kinds of body glide products, Perfect for hikers, runners and cyclists of all levels, Body Glide balms help prevent rubbing that causes irritation, rash, chafing, blisters and raw skin. While they’re non-oily, invisible and blend into your skin, they stand up to sweat, humidity and water.

With everything going around today, kids are being told they also need to wear a mask. Why not make it fun , crayola has some cute and fun reusable masks, that are just perfect for any kid. 

Crayola Tip Faces, non-medical mask packs come with a 5-mask system featuring unique face mask designs for each day of the school week to avoid cross-contamination. Look no further than our Crayola-branded masks for quality school supplies for kids.

Whats the first thing my husband does in the morning , is before anyone wakes up has a cup of coffee. Recently we were able to try Tru Cup, a single serve coffee. We loved it and the tastes are perfect, I love a medium where he drinks anything. 

Moderate and mellow, Stuck In The Middle is a medium blend low-acid coffee that has plenty of taste, but isn’t too strong. Smooth and perfectly balanced, it’s the rhythm guitar of our roasts

Biodegradable, single-serve cups are compatible with most single-serve machines.

People with curly hair, wish to have straight hair and straight hair wish they had curly. I know I want straight hair if only for a little while. Being able to have something to help me is the key. that’s where the Vibrastrait PRO 1-inch Vibrating Flat Iron comes in handy. This is the perfect way for me to have straight hair and I can go back to curly when I want to. 

The perfect charger to charge your phone, made of  100% solid genuine marble or stone with artisanal quality and meticulous attention to detail.

Precisely cut into the stone, Einova’s patented wireless charging technology ensures optimum charging performance and is Qi certified for safe, efficient, and reliable power delivery

.Minimalist and intuitive to use with no extraneous buttons, lights, or plastic fixtures. Simply set your phone or Qi-enabled device on the sleek marble or stone surface to activate the fast, 10W charging capability

The CLEAR2O Personal Water Filter – PWF850 reduces 99.9% of biological contaminants from water, allowing users to safely drink water directly from streams, lakes or any freshwater source – or fill up a container and have clean water on the go. It's perfect for people engaged in any outdoor activity – hiking, camping, scouting, biking, and more. Users can also prepare for most natural disasters by ensuring they have access to clean, safe drinking water. A significant feature of the Personal Water Filter is its dual stage filtration process, which effectively sanitizes open water sources by removing parasites, preventing waterborne disease. MSRP $36.99. 

Well, our tiny headed animals are different. They have tiny heads. And they are for people who feel different too. Our mission (if that’s what you want to call it) is this:

Come to the Tiny Headed Kingdom. In the Kingdom, we get to be different together. Not only is it more fun, but it’s also a lot easier. You don’t have to change, hide or pretend — you just have to show up.

When it comes to my feet, I want to keep them looking good. I have bad calluses on the heals of my feet, that everything i have tried Doesnt really work, until now, I have found  OwnHarmony, they have a rechargeable, callus remover and its awesome. I have used it on the low speed and my heals, have never been smoother and softer. 

With 360 Degree Flexibility and its Light, Compact and Easy to Hold Design, the all new 2020 Own Harmony Callus Removers Delivers Exceptionally Smooth Skin and Pretty Comfy Feet. Now with FAST 2 Hour Charging And Long Lasting Power!

Have you wanted to clean and do something different to the bathroom? Spring is in the air, and that means, everyone cleaning and doing things around the house. For us my sister started to change the home, starting with her downstairs and now we are going to be working upstairs. 

If you’re like my family everything needs to match, so, of course, new towels are in order. And the best place to get them is at Macys they have the  Hotel Collection, bring home a touch of spa- like luxury every single day. Bath Towels. Crafted of high-quality, ring spun cotton, this durable and ultra-absorbent bath towels feature an extra-soft, plush feel. Available exclusively at Macy’s.

What's the first thing you do in the morning after you take care of yourself. Here the hubby drinks a cup of coffee. Recently we had the chance to try Santas Coffee, can I say it tasted so good. there are 4 different flavors and I choose North Pole Roast and prancers peppermint mocha. There are so many different flavors in each bag, I love a well roasted coffee, where Rays more of a flavored one. Both of these are perfect and tastes great. 

Deck the halls with a Christmas flower delivery and make the holiday merry and bright.  Our go-to for floral arrangements is always Teleflora.  No matter what the occasion is, we purchase the flowers from them.  They are the only ones we trust and know to deliver flowers so fresh and the arrangements are always so beautiful.  The colors of the flowers always compliment themselves and they pop with such vibrancy.

This year I wanted something different, I went with roses and carnations and other flowers, I love roses and this was perfect for me. The picture doesn’t do it justice, it is so much prettier in person. Such beautiful, festive bouquets from the world’s leading floral gifting service. You can bring joy to your loved ones that live both near and far.  These thoughtful, unique gifts come in a wide array of arrangements.

Receiving flowers for no reason is always the best surprise. When we lived in New Jersey, Ray always came home with beautiful flowers for no reason. He would always get me flowers, for my birthday and our anniversary and Valentine’s day, then there was no reason and he would come home with the most beautiful roses, always made me feel so loved.

The Winter Kiss Bouquet is the one I choose

There’s one thing that I’ve always wanted to fix on my aging face and that’s my eyelashes. As I’ve aged my eyelashes have slowly disappeared.  I’d love to decorate them since I can’t seem to get them to grow.  Being that it’s close to Christmas, I figured instead of calling it “using fake eyelashes”, I’d just simply say “let’s decorate your eyelashes”.  It seems a little more festive!  There are many companies that sell fake lashes, but you should go with a reputable one to make sure they’re quality made.  KmXtendHair recently sent me some gorgeous eyelashes.  Let me first tell you that the packaging is absolutely beautiful.  If you decide to give these as a gift there will be no need for wrapping!

Every child that I’ve ever known loves it when the mail comes.  They get especially excited when that mail includes them.  When my granddaughters receive something from me or the other grandparents, they feel so important.  It also makes them feel like they’re growing up.  Recently, I was sent a special Sunny The Snail Mail service box.  This Snail Mail for Kids is a subscription service that you can order and they’ll receive a letter every single week.  This letter will include stickers, trading cards, pictures, souvenirs, and even their very own secret code.  Once they figure it out, they’ll receive a special prize.  This mail isn’t just for fun though.  They’ll learn about animals and our world.

What is the best thing about a beverage, especially in the summer?  I believe it’s the temperature of your drink!  Imagine drinking a freezing, cold glass of tea.  If that’s not your “cup of tea”, then how about soda, or wine, beer, maybe a little Koolaid?  Whatever you want, Drink Perfection has it.  They sent me my very own Drink Perfector.  When you make hot coffee, would you like it cooled to your liking?  Would you rather have iced coffee, but don’t want to wait for it to cool down?  This invention is amazing.  This is the gift you’re looking for!

Founded in 1949, Tchibo has been delighting coffee connoisseurs for over 70 years, becoming the #1 coffeehouse in Europe. Now available in the U.S. and carried throughout Europe, Tchibo is the roasted coffee market leader in several European countries. In addition to coffee products, Tchibo operates a wide range of non-food businesses in Europe with a large retail arm operating in more than 900 shops

The Tchibo difference is grounded in the concept of RÖST FRISCH, redefining what it means to be fresh. From growing and harvesting to roasting and packaging, every step in the Tchibo process is ‘fresher by design’ and dedicated to creating exquisitely fresh coffee for consumers to enjoy at home. Tchibo recognizes that it is imperative to have a healthy planet to achieve the freshest and most sustainable coffee.


Now that the fall weather is here, nothing is better than a cup of coffee, I had the pleasure of getting Junior Mints from tootsie roll, and can I say this is like a cup of my favorite candy.  A very rich and creamy flavor that has that hint of the candy,

This was a cup in heaven, and it wasn’t too overpowering with sweetness, this had the right amount. Imagine the taste of that junior mints in a cup of cocoa.

When the seasons become colder I personally want some hot cocoa and knowing that there is the one I can have and not gain weight is perfect with just 70 calories per cup. This is great for sitting in front of the fire and relaxing. Reminds me if the candy we all know and loved as children, I still love them as an adult.

I would definitely consider myself a budding, or beginning artist.  I absolutely love to color, paint, sculpt, or whatever I can use to make something out of nothing.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the talent to go along with the excitement.  Thankfully, Chirpwood is a wonderful company that offers the most fantastic art kits and they’re specifically for beginners!  So, where do I sign up?  Well, this is something you can do in your own home.  They have various kits to make any artist happy.  They sent me their Chirpwood Shadows Multi-Canvas Art Kit: Flowers and I couldn’t be happier.  It comes with so many pieces and I can’t wait to get started.  If I’m being honest, I’m a little scared to actually touch the paintbrush to the canvas.  I don’t want to mess up my own masterpiece!