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THINGS THAT MAKE PEOPLE GO AWW  welcomes all PR requests!

Are you a company or a PR Rep. that has a product(s) you think my readers would love? I’d be happy to review your product(s). If you would like to incorporate a giveaway as well, I would be happy to host the product giveaway on my site as well. . Please note that submissions require either 1 or more Products based on the type of item . . Items received for review must be full size products, not samples or “travel-size”. I will not pay for Review Products/Samples or for shipping of the same, since these products are seen as compensation for a review and post. The review time period will not start until I actually receive the Review Product/Sample. All giveaways will run for 2 weeks, unless other arrangements are discussed prior. We try to get your product(s) as much publicity as we can during those 2 weeks. . Sponsor is responsible for shipping the prize to the selected winner within a reasonable time frame. The only exception is coupons. You can mail us the coupons for the giveaway and we would be happy to mail them to the winners. .

If I do a Giveaway without a product to review, there will be a charge to the sponsor. Company/Sponsor Review and Giveaway Policies -Reviews are FREE of charge. -We reserve the right to refuse the review if you send a product that was not agreed upon. -A product is required for all reviews and will not be returned. -Please allow 3 to 8 weeks for your review to be completed. -If you have a specific date in mind for the review to be posted, we will try to work with you to accommodate your request. -Sample sizes are not allowed. We need a full-sized product to adequately test out the product. If you send a sample you will not be reviewed. -We are not responsible for any shipping costs. Any packages shipped COD will be returned to sender. -You are encouraged to add a discount or coupon code to the review which will be added at no charge. Discounts that require a separate post will be subject to a fee. -DO NOT send us any items that are meant to be used for a giveaway. They will not be returned to you- we will keep them. We will not be inconvenienced by having to mail out your prizes, nor do we have the funds to pay for the shipping

. Other Services Offered: Travel, Restaurant, Entertainment Reviews Press Release Publication Company or Website Review Sponsored Content/Posts Advertising on Blog Brand Ambassadorship