Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020


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Loving my SohoSpark Journal

I love to journal. It is one of my favorite leisure activities. I’ve journaled since I was a little girl. It could be about anything. It could be how my day went, phone numbers and addresses I needed to remember, birthdays, drawings, etc. What I had a hard time with was having journals that were too thin and run out of pages. Or rather journals that were so poorly designed and cheaply made that they would fall apart. My parents didn’t have a lot of money so I really never had a high quality journal until I became an adult. A top choice I would recommend now a days are journals created by SohoSpark.

High Quality

SohoSpark journals are what I would identify as high quality craftsmanship. The sturdiness, thickness, and elegance of the journals are very proper for gift giving and as keepsake items. For me, using my gel pens on them, was impressive as they absorb the fluid well and do not smear the ink.  The pages are acid free and hold a nice white color. The pages weren’t grainy or dull. The ink does not go through the paper either. I enjoy that the pages have numbers on them so I can always go back and mark a page if I need to. Pages can be either lined, dotted, or blank. I like mine with lined pages so I can have better control of my writing.

air fryer one

Tastefully Crispy

My favorite avenue for cooking crispy chips or meat is normally with vegetable oil in a pan. I love crispy food. Oil gets wasted and thrown away, if I use too much of it while cooking. Furthermore, the oil gets so hot that it splatters everywhere. It leaves a big mess and I get a first degree burn. After thinking about it, I really feel consuming too much oily food is unhealthy and distasteful. That being said, since Air fryers have been invented, they have become a blessing. One of the number one air fryers in the United States is the Power XL Vortex Air Fryer.

Less Hassle

I love my Power Xl Vortex Air Fryer, because I am able to make some of my favorite foods. Frying has become without the hassle and messiness of a pan of hot splattering oil. My air fryer allows me to cook a fishy salmon dinner evenly and within twenty minutes tops. I don’t get a greasy after taste and I can even put asparagus in the fry tray after I’m done air frying the fish if I want a complete meal.

The beauty of the air fryer is the minimal use of oil. Just a quarter of a spoon is needed for crispy chicken wings. My chicken wings and French fries come out crispy as if they were fully submerged and fried in hot greasy oil. I can’t believe how easy it is to air fry meat and have it come out tasty and less greasy. This means that there is up to seventy percent less calories in my food.

So many times I’ve received flowers for Mother’s Day, but unfortunately, the flowers never last long.  I’ve had the same problem when I buy for my loved ones.  Who wants flowers that start wilting on day 2?  I guess I could give fake ones and of course, they’d last a lifetime!  However, that isn’t even a choice for me.  I need to smell the wonderful scent of a rose or carnation, not a fake scent.  Recently, BloomsyBox sent me a gorgeous Mother’s Day Rose Bouquet and my Mom absolutely loved them!  As a matter of fact, the picture I took of her holding the vase (not included with the bouquet) was 5 days after we received them!  I’m telling you that they last a long time and they’re absolutely beautiful.  Just like my Mom.

Flowers That Last For Mother's Day

Show Your Mom/Wife Love With Flowers That Last

I know I talked a little about how long these lovely flowers last, but I’m being completely honest when I say, they keep going and going.  All you need to do is add water and they’ll do the rest.  BloomsyBox is all about selling a quality bloom.  They offer so many types of plants, flowers, and pretty much anything that grows.  I’m assuming that if their bouquets are this long-lasting and beautiful, that their other products would be the same.  Nobody wants to give or get a gift that dies within days, which is why you need to use BloomsyBox.

The perfect gift basket from Lovery

When it comes to getting the ladies in my life I love to get them something, they will use and not have sit there for a while and never be used. Lovery has some of the best spa baskets and at affordable prices.

Now choosing the perfect one is the test, if you know them and what they like and don’t them the choice is simple enough. They have so many to choose from. And they all look and smell good.

Ocean Bliss Fragrance Spa

Melt into serenity with a luxurious at-home spa treatment! Beautifully packaged in a stylish silver basket, this bath gift set makes for an extraordinary gift, and adds a lovely touch to the bathroom

Do you travel and need to take your laptop with you, I do and I have been looking for some kind of bag that can safely hold my laptop and keep it safe, especially when traveling.

Well, do I have the perfect bag for you, The Lindsay Laptop Shoulder Work Bag, a bag made by a woman for woman. I love that it’s roomy enough to hold my laptop wire and mouse. BE AMAZED how much this Designer Business Bag can carry – 3 x inside, side pockets for Cell Phone, Sunglasses, Business Cards etc – Detachable Adjustable Shoulder Strap for those times you need to be hands free – PLUS handy clip for Key Rings or Chains – never lose your keys again.


The Lindsay is 18 inches wide x 12.5 inches high and weighs around 3.4 pounds – Designed to carry a large laptop in her 17-inch zippered laptop sleeve she is both Fashionable and Functional.  A stunning combination of Vegan Snakeskin and Patent Leather will make a statement where ever you go!

Custom made to make it look and perform better than genuine leather (which marks, scratches and looses it shape!) – our new Vegan Napa Leather is both beautiful and strong – just like a Best Friend should be! Now available in Ebony and Charcoal!

I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and class of the bag. Some commented on the heaviness, but unless you go with a flimsy fabric bag, nothing of this size and construction is going to be super light. I love this bag and have no issues with it, its going to be great to use when I head to Jersey this summer to see family. Straps now have extra webbing and stitching to make them stronger and more durable.

The Lindsay Women’s Business Bag is handmade from the highest quality Vegan Leather with Brushed Nickel hardware – this makes her strong, durable, waterproof and easy to clean

For your laptop needs head over and see for yourself


Jewelry has always been a gift to show how much you love one another.  Unfortunately, not only can it be expensive, but there’s also an abundance of it!  So where do you purchase it?  Well, I guess it depends on why you want it and what for.  Obviously, if you’re looking for an engagement ring, you’ll need to go to a reputable jewelry store.  However, if you’re looking to get yourself (or another) a small gift, you should look into handmade items.  Recently, I was given some beautiful, unique jewelry from KM Art & Design.  She sent me some Hand-painted Pendant with Earrings (slightly different patterns/colors) and some completely unique Hand-painted Wood Earrings (not exactly the ones shown).  They’re so beautiful!

Is your room where you spend some quiet time besides sleeping, this is where I go when I need to be alone, I have tried a number of things to help me to relax.

iHome Zenergy Aroma Dream is just that, its a clock as well as an Aroma Diffuser but wait thats not all it does its also sound therapy. All these things in one product. 

Aroma and Sound Timers: Dedicated Aroma Timer and Sound Therapy Timer that each operate up to 8 hours, work independently. Auto Shut-Off, Diffuser Automatically Deactivates when There is No Water

Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser: Delivers a Fine Mist Blending Water and Your Favorite Essential Oils up to 54 Hours. Perfect for Bedrooms, Apartments, Living Spaces. 250mL Reservoir Capacity with Hi, Low and interval Settings

Sound Therapy: 12 Soothing, Naturally Recorded Environmental and White Noise Sounds Designed to Make you feel Relaxed, Calm, and Helps with Falling Asleep

Dual Alarm Clock: Wake to your favorite Sounds, and Smells. Set the Aroma DREAM Machine to Wake You Up to Your Desired Essential Oil and Sound. High Contrast LED Display with Dimmer and Programmable Snooze

Distracting noises or a racing mind can make it hard to sleep at night or focus during the day. Sound Therapy uses specially recorded and engineered sounds to cancel out these distractions and allow you to rest.

It comes with a remote control. that attaches to the machine so you won’t lose it. I love this tiny machine, We listen to the sounds at night so that we can sleep. I personally need some kind of sound and this does the job. You are also able to plug your phone into the back of the clock. making it perfect and easy to set up and use.

Using this has made my nights better, we also use the mist as an alarm clock it wakes us up, and fills the room with the perfect amount of scent, this is the best gift to give someone.


Whether you’re a wine lover or just a social wine drinker, you may want to read this post!  You can purchase cheap bottles or the most expensive, but no matter what type you like, it’s important to buy from someone that cares about the actual product.  Croatian Premium Wine is made from, well, obviously, Croatia.  Quality is very important to them and I’m glad they sent me some.  I received Volarevic Plavac Mali Rose La ChicKomarna 7 Plavac Mali, and Terra Madre Posip Premium, all vintage 2018.  Now, let me first say that I’m certainly no expert when it comes to describing the taste of wine, but it is my opinion.  They were very dry with small notes of various fruits.  I mean, isn’t that with most wines, but I’ll explain in more detail below.

Croatian Wine For Mother's Day

Croatian Wine: Volarevic Plavac Mali Rose La Chic

The grapes used in this wine are grown in hard, sloped terrains and they say the fruit will take on the flavor of the area.  The scent is so nice and reminds me of a warm hug.  I know, that’s probably weird, but it does!  The wine is described as mildly robust tannins, rich aroma, and high alcohol content,  That is straight from the company website.  If you enjoy a very dry flavor of wine, you’ll love this.


When it comes to music, everyone in this house listens to their own style, and most of the time you will hear it through the house. I want to hear mine and not everyone else. Thats where Treblab Bluetooth headphones come in. Now I can jam to my own music and not hear everyone else’s.

We love these and for me I want something thats going to feel good and not bother me as some headphones do. These feel great on and they aren’t bulky they fit just right. These wireless workout headphones come with aptX high-performance neodymium-backed 40mm speakers.

They’re super-comfortable, made of high-end, ultra-soft materials that mold to the natural shape of your ear for a custom fit. T-Quiet active noise-canceling technology blocks out the irritating external sounds so that you can focus. Perfect for just hearing the music, not what’s going on around me. With an incredible 35 HOURS of playtime, from PlayXTend battery, you’ll keep hearing your favorite music, workout after work-out

3 Reasons Why You Should Treat Irritated Skin With A Pre-Bath Oil

If you have sensitive skin, then you know how hard it can be to find the right products for your skin. When you have eczema, rosacea, dry, itchy skin, finding a product that can lock in moisture, protect your skin, and soothe your skin are important, especially during the winter months. One way to combat these skin issues is to your a pre-bath oil. Dermatologist’s Choice Pre-Bath Oil is a versatile oil that can be used as a targeted treatment for eczema prone skin.

Lock in Moisture

To lock in moisture, you apply the Dermatologist’s Choice Pre-Bath Oil generously, all over your body from head to toe. You want to target your dry skin areas. The Pre-Bath Oil should be applied for up to five minutes before you bathe. After your shower or bath, you will notice how moisturized your skin is. I have found that I do not really have to apply any lotion afterwards. My skin is silky smooth and does not feel dry.

Sun Polish

Mother’s Day is soon approaching. And, most moms I know love to be pampered! Well, how about pampering mom with some Sun Polish nail polish? Why buy Sun Polish? Because it’s a special nail product line, different from so many other polishes on the market and different in a great way! How? Read on to find out.Sun PolishFirst off, Sun Polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and DBP. Those chemicals are a big reason I’m really careful about what nail polish I use. Secondly, their nail polish is not tested on animals (another big one for me because I LOVE animals). And, third, according to their product website, “10% of all profits go to organizations that empower women in Los Angeles.” But, those aren’t the only reasons to pick Sun Polish. Visit the company’s website and see some of the beautiful, unique colors they provide for their nail polish line! There is bound to be a favorite color for any mom—from bold to more subtle and all of them gorgeous.

Beautiful Colors For Beautiful Nails

I received two colors to try: #29 Bold Red and #3 Magenta. Both went on smoothly and the color was perfect even with one coat (although I’d probably add a second coat for longer lasting nail color). I love both colors—bold, fun, and beautiful! (In the picture below, the top one is Bold Red and the other is Magenta.)

3 Natural Products That Make Great Gifts for Moms and Dads

Body + Soul is a vegan, chemical-free company that offers skincare products formulated with the highest quality of botanical extracts. They use the therapeutic grade essential oils with a touch of love to make your skin look and feel great.  The Pure Glow Nourishing Skin Conditioner is a must try. This Skin Conditioner makes your skin look younger, smooths fine lines, and reduce puffiness, while adding a glow to your skin. Another product to indulge in is the Miracle Eyes – Firming CBD Eye Balm. Miracle Eyes is rich with antioxidants that provides gentle relief to stressed out eyes.

Candles that Take you Back

Evoke Candle Co is definitely what it says in its name. It is to evoke you back to the time when you listened to your favorite songs, worshipped your favorite bands, danced, and all the the fun memories you had. If you look at the labels on the beautiful glass of the candles, they are some sort of place in time that hold a significance.  The charming aspect of each Evoke Candle is that they are limited editions. Each edition is a different scent, and there are also a few super exclusive special editions.


Let me tell you about one of my favorites, which is the Brighton Rock candle. It represents that fun season town in England which is a hot tourist spot. It is a rich sweet candy scent that brings a fun aroma into my space. It’s so cute too, because Evoke Candle Co will even send you a little extra piece of candy, which they call the Rock as it is famous in seaside towns of the U.K. Just a fun fact, did you know that Brighton is popular for that fun street fight scene in the album, “Quadrophenia?”

One Girl Inspired is a subscription box that is geared toward teen girls. Their boxes contain “fun tools to inspire, empower and motivate teen girls to believe in themselves, aspire to dream big and make their own mark on the world” (taken from the product’s website). The One Girl Inspired box I received contains an array of items that I think many teen girls would love to receive. The box I have includes the following: an inspirational plaque, a package of adorable, colorful page markers, a fun magnetic set with words of inspiration, a bracelet with a motivational saying, and a book, Dare To Be You: Inspirational Advice for Girls On Finding Your Voice, Leading Fearlessly, and Making A Difference. Read on to learn more about the contents.

Oh my eyelids sometimes get so itchy. The itchier they get, I subconsciously start rubbing them for relief. But as you know, once you develop blepharitis it is a vicious cycle that only brings momentary relief and your eyelids come back raspier, itchier, and more raw than before. Nothing would really help alleviate the aggravation except when I would wash my face at night. All that makeup gone, and a great face wash, my eyes would start to heal while I slept. Using Eye Love’s Heyedrate Tea Tree face wash was a very soothing experience for me.

Cares For Eyes

Who is Eye Love? Eye Love is a company that takes care of eyes. They help treat people with eye disease. They understand that excess inflammation can be very uncomfortable and that with the right eye care regiment, there will be relief. They also provide eye exams and glasses to those in need with every purchase.

AJ's Collection

Memorable pieces make me so found as a lady, because they invoke thoughtfulness as well as beauty. For me those things can be as simple as a dandelion flower, a purr from a kitty, or a beautiful piece of jewelry from AJ’s Collection. I am not the type who likes gaudy jewelry that can become a nuisance to wear. Yet, I love simple, timeless, and carefully crafted, just like jewelry from AJ’s Collection. 

Meaningful Jewelry

Wearing jewelry to me has to have a significance. Like my wedding ring, my first pair of earrings from my mother, or a necklace that holds the name of my most dearest beloved children. I am proud of my babies so wearing them as a pendant around my neck suits my personality.

What I love from AJ’s Collection is that they have very memorable gifts. They carry necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and earrings. All these can be a gift for a wife, husband, parents, newlyweds, best friends, daughters, and you name it

Who doesn’t love a good snack? No matter what the occasion or the time of day, I feel that a good crumb cake is something that can satisfy any craving. My favorite crumb cakes are the ones baked by Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company. I’ve never tasted anything so moist and not so overwhelmingly sweet. The crumb toppings are so delicious and are my favorite in the world. If you have not ever tried a bite of their super delicious crumb cakes then for sure you are missing out on life.

Online Bakery

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake Company does not have a physical location, because they are purely an online business. However, they can ship anything nation wide. It only takes a few days to process an order, then shipping takes up to three days. The crumb cake does arrive very fresh and it properly bubble wrapped and boxed so it does not get broken or ruined. The crumb cakes should be refrigerated if they won’t be consumed immediately and they can even be frozen. To thaw out a frozen crumb cake, just leave it on the counter for three hours.

fitsnacks one

We are aiming to move our family into a healthy conscious environment. So we try to be more aware of the types of brands and quality of foods we buy. With each granola bar or cereal we look for taste, quality, ingredients, and also affects on the environment. I have a four person family and we consume a lot with just our amount of people. Apparently we snack every two hours! I’ve looked around and I’ve come across snacks sponsored by Fitsnack. I couldn’t be more please with the variety of snacks and flavors that I’ve tried so far!

Fitsnack is a monthly subscription service that sends boxes of healthy snacks to your house. Each month they feature different brands of snacks. So what you get in your monthly box is a little different and has plenty of variety! Typical snacks inside a box would include chips, jerky, drinks, snack bars, spread, amongst a fun smorgasbord of others!

When it comes to keeping your house clean, what is one of the most important things you use, we love our vacuum, not only is it a canister one its also a bagless one, we love those types of vacuums they tend to do the job better. Say goodbye to allergies! Its HEPA filtration system removes 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 micrometers in diameter. That’s 300x smaller than a hair! The Ovente Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect vacuum for you.

Comes with premium attachments for cleaning various surfaces: sofa/pet brush, floor brush, combination crevice nozzle/bristle brush, telescopic metal wand, dust compartment, and power cord.  Step button to turn on/off, automatic cable rewinder, 360° hose swivel, and telescopic wand helps you get high and hard-to-reach areas without injuring your back.

Bagless design with a translucent dust compartment also includes an LED light alert for when the dust container & filters are full. All you need to do is empty and wash it with water before use. Definitely a big game-changer in this house.

Built for everyday use in eliminating dust, allergens, pet dander, mold spores, and pollen.  Get rid of the dirt easily straight to the garbage bin. Easy to get rid of all the dirt, just by pulling the part off and emptying it.

reusable bamboo cutlery

Are you anything like I was?  When I would go into work (when I worked in an office) I’d bring my lunch along with my plastic utensils.  With no thought at all, I’d chuck them into the trash and go on with my day.  Not only was that ridiculous, but it was also very irresponsible.  It still bothers me that I did that with no conscience.  Well, now I am treating my world a bit differently.  I use reusable, sustainable bamboo cutlery!  As a matter of fact, recently theotherstraw sent me this beautiful Bamboo Cutlery Set that’s wrapped in a very nice fabric sleeve.  It comes in handy so often that I carry it with me in my bag whenever I leave the house.  Unfortunately, right now we’re dealing with the CoronaVirus crisis, so the only going out I’m doing is maybe to go out in nature, but I can still use my cutlery set.

Protect Yourself With A Birdie Alarm

Did you know that one in five women are raped in their lifetimes?  I had no idea!  Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay safe, especially when we’re alone.  I walk my dog alone and I’m always keeping an eye out for anyone coming up behind me.  That doesn’t guarantee safety, though.  Something that will help is using the Birdie Personal Safety Alarm.  This sucker is loud!  It’ll sound when you pull the prong (or pin) up and off and it also flashes very quickly.  It will certainly get the attention of others, which is NOT what an attacker wants.  I love my Birdie.  They sent me the Birdie Personal Safety Alarm in Aqua and it’s so pretty!  I guess you could say I’ve got a pretty Birdie.

father's day and mother's day gift ideas from veteran grown llc

Now that Easter has passed, it is time to start looking for mother's day or father's day gifts. With so many stores closed or with limited availability, it helps to shop online for gifts for upcoming holidays. Veteran Grown LLC makes it easy to shop for both Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts online. They offer gift bundles for the moms and dads that includes a variety of products to help them relax and feel good!

I’ve been on the lookout for a new perfume for a while. One of my preferences when looking for a new scent is that it be more natural in terms of its ingredients. However, to find such a thing is kind of difficult. I’ve discovered the market for such products is kind of slim. However, I think I have finally found one. What is it? It’s Sexy Daze Eau de Parfum from Melissa Makeup.

Sexy Daze Eau de Parfum

Melissa Makeup’s Sexy Daze Eau de Parfum is truly lovely in so many different ways! For one. the scent is beautiful—it’s a combination of jasmine, citrus, and vanilla. I would say the jasmine and vanilla stand out the most and the citrus is the undertone (but, keep in mind, I’m not a perfume connoisseur). Another thing I love about this perfume is that the scents come from essential oils (and not unrecognizable chemicals). This is one eau de parfum I’m not hesitant to put directly on my skin.

the water bottle that can hold a whole bottle of wine

Yes, you read that correctly! The Bougie Bottle can hold an entire bottle of wine. How amazing is that and what a great Mother’s Day gift idea? With so much going on in the world, any women would love this. The Bougie Bottle is a convenient, durable and beautiful range of double-walled vacuum insulated stainless steel sports water bottles. No other type of water bottle exists out there that can compare to the Bougie Bottle!

Why You Will Love This Water Bottle

Besides the obvious, there are so many great features to the Bougie Bottle. Those features include:

  • 2 straws and a pipe cleaner included
  • Easy one-hand Flip ’N’ Sip Lid
  • Wide mouth makes it easy to fill and clean
  • Free from condensation build-up on bottle exterior
  • Eco-friendly & BPA free and no aftertaste
  • Food grade and rust-proof 18/8 stainless steel
  • Fits in most car cup holders
  • Scratch-resistant
  • FDA approved

Planters That Water Your Plants


These big, beautiful planters connect to your hose to create their own water system.  You will never have to water them again!  How crazy is that?  Not only will this benefit those that love planting flowers, but imagine how easy growing vegetables will be.  I can’t wait to show my sister these because she loves growing her own veggies.  Both kits that they sell come with the hose, sprayers, and everything else you’ll need to connect your pots.  That’s one of the reasons I was so excited about this company.  Most of the kits you buy don’t come with the small things you need, but these do.  Oh, did I mention that each pot is 7 gallons?  Yes, I did say 7.  As a matter of fact, here are what you get with the kit I received:

  • Three 7-Gallon Daisy Rain Sprinkler Pots
  • Micro-Drip Conversion Kit with 25 PSI regulator & 25 feet of hose
  • Three adjustable sprinkler heads
  • Three risers
  • Six figure-8 hose ends
  • Two tee fittings
  • Three coupler fittings
  • Four elbow fittings
  • Punch tool


As we get older, you may notice that products that you have used in the past may no longer be as effective. Your skin may need more products that help with elasticity and hydration. This is where the new revolutionary skincare line, Alvvé, can become your best friend. Alvvé skincare products (Hydrate and Lift Cream and Rapid Renewal Day Mask) work to reverse the effects of time and gravity.

Hydrate and Lift Cream

Alvvé Hydrate and Lift Cream was designed with novel stem cell technology. The Hydrate and Lift Cream helps to prolong the life of the human skin cells. This powerful cream benefits your skin by:

Silk 1

Celestial Silk has come out with a line of silk hair ties made out of 100% mulberry silk. What’s really nice about these hair ties is that, according to the company, they help keep your hair from getting frizzy and they prevent breakage, thereby reducing hair loss. We tried the ties in our hair and every time we removed them they came out with ease. These ties also can prevent hair creases (those annoying indentations left in your hair when you remove a hair tie)!

simplify your skincare routine with sun prep

Have you been neglecting your skincare routine since it seems most of the world was shutdown for a little while? If you have, then I have an amazing product, Hynt Beauty SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF25, that can simplify your skincare routine. You get to save time while still looking your best.

Hynt Beauty SUN PREP

Now that some places like the beach and state parks are opening back up and we want to look a little more presentable to the world. Hynt Beauty SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF25 is just what you need. SUN PREP is the only sunscreen that triple multitasks. A3-in-1 Prime + Moisturize + Protect award winning product that is beloved. It is lightweight, quick-absorbing, not sticky and does not leave a white veil on your skin. All skin tones can use this product

Laptop bag

I received Moonster’s Genuine Leather Portfolio Folder and Laptop Bag. And, I have to say it truly is a gorgeous bag! It’s handmade and hand-stitched and made with real, soft, beautiful, buffalo leather. And, according to their product description on Amazon, since each laptop bag is handmade, no two bags are the same—so they are truly unique!

The Moonster Laptop Bag provides an elegant and fashionable way to carry your laptop (or other belongings). The leather provides a look that’s quite versatile—it looks good with a business suit and casual weekend wear. And, the bag measures big enough to hold a 17” laptop. I was able to fit my laptop and there was still room to fit more items.