5 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Alone All Day

5 Tips for Leaving Your Dog Alone All Day

Every dog owner encounters the moment when they have to leave their furry friend home alone for a few hours. You may have to go to work, shop for groceries, or enjoy dinner with friends. None of us want our pup to feel anxious or miss us while we’re away. Reduce the risk of your pet becoming upset with our tips for leaving your dog alone all day.

Give It a Safe Place

Creating a designated safe space will give your pet a sense of security when you’re away. It could be a specific room or your dog’s crate. Generally, dogs with separation anxiety do best in a kennel since it keeps them in a contained area.

Also, leave durable toys out for your dog to play with and chew on while you’re gone. Often, dogs enjoy chewing because it’s a fun canine stress reliever. Keeping chew toys accessible helps dogs cope with being alone.

Pro Tip

Often, a kennel is like a den to a dog. Knowing how to get your dog to enjoy its crate keeps your furry friend safe and comfy when you have to leave it in its crate.

Leave the TV or Radio On

Leaving the TV or radio on while you’re gone can provide background noise that will keep your pet calm. This is because dogs are social creatures, and the sound of other voices can make them feel like they have company, even if it’s just coming from a screen or speaker.

Keep in mind that some dogs don’t like the background sound. If you come home and your pup appears distressed, avoid leaving the TV on when you go out.

Put Out Water

A crucial tip for leaving your dog alone all day is to ensure it has access to fresh water throughout the day. Dehydration can quickly occur, leading to a range of health complications. You can also consider investing in a water fountain specifically designed for dogs to encourage your pup to drink more.

Evaluate Alternative Care Options

If you worry about your pet getting lonely throughout the day, consider hiring a dog walker or a pet sitter or enrolling it in doggy daycare. These activities will keep your pup entertained, happy, and stimulated while you’re away.

A pet sitter or dog walker is ideal if your pup is more of a homebody. Doggy daycare is perfect for an excitable pooch who loves being around other dogs. Plus, after a day of daycare, your pup will be ready for a nap.

Understand Your Pooch

Know that some dog breeds are OK with staying home alone, while others aren’t. Breeds such as dachshunds, Yorkshire terriers, and bichon frises suffer more frequently from separation anxiety. With mixed breeds, determining typical behavior is a bit trickier, so consider your dog’s personality. Friendly dogs are more likely to get lonely than independent ones and may require daycare or a pet sitter.

Regardless of breed, each dog is unique. Through some experimentation, you can discover the best methods to ensure your furry companion’s happiness during your absence.

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