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Renting a self-storage facility is an important yet unspoken part of American culture. Data shows that 20% of Americans currently rent a storage unit, while 15% are planning to do that in the future. In recent times, space has become a commodity, so it’s completely rational why many homeowners eventually get tired of hoarding too much stuff at home and decide to rent an external facility for their extra stuff.

In this blog, we will explore different ways a climate-controlled, constantly-monitored self-storage unit gives you convenience, organization, and peace of mind. People rent these units due to many reasons ranging from relocation to decluttering. Here are some of these reasons explained in detail:

  1. Moving out of your existing homes

If you’re moving to another city within the same state or switching states altogether, renting self-storage units can make your move more manageable. For instance, if you live in Lake Charles, you may be trying to get out of the city because of its extreme vulnerability to the Atlantic hurricane season. It became one of the fastest-shrinking cities in the nation in 2020. Dump most of your possessions in the storage unit you’re renting in Lake Charles so you may then migrate out of Louisiana stress-free.

  1.  Making more space in the house

If you’re running out of space and wish to declutter, consider renting a storage unit. Many folks in Lake Charles, Louisiana, declutter their living space to make it more breathable and comfortable. A standard Lake Charles apartment has 926 square footage on average, which is too small to accommodate most of your belongings, particularly if you are living with your family. 

So, look into a Lake Charles self storage option today to decongest your living space and embrace minimalism in your lifestyle.

  1. Renovating your home

Home renovation can get messy if you have a lot of stuff in the workforce’s way. Debris can fall on your belongings, and debris may even damage your furniture. That’s why you should move these items into a self-storage unit for safekeeping. Give your furniture, appliances, and other valuables proper shelter in a temporary location. After the remodeling project is finished, you may move all your stuff back into the house. It allows you to redecorate or leave a few items in the storage unit.

For instance, you may realize that some pieces of furniture take up too much space in your apartment.

  1. Cleaning out seasonal items

If you plan to get rid of seasonal clothes temporarily, dump them in a storage unit instead. Whether it’s your Christmas decorations or outdoor dining set, there’s no reason to hoard this stuff in your attic/basement. These items are better off stored in an external facility.

Don’t let your valuable fall prey to dust, mold, or bugs. Store them safely in a climate-controlled place to increase their longevity. And then, you may reuse these items in the future.

  1. Keeping your vehicles elsewhere

Can you find storage units big enough to accommodate your vehicles? Absolutely, storage facilities will provide you with various options ranging from 5x5x10 to 10x20x10, where you can park your cars, keep your ships, and store pieces of heavy equipment. Whether it’s your camping gear or ski equipment, a self-storage unit accommodates all. It just gets pricier since you’re renting a bigger unit now.

Many Americans dump their motorbikes, trucks, and trailers in these units. It’s a great way to shelter your vehicles from weather damage too. A storage unit also prevents your vehicles from getting stolen or harmed by accidental fire.

  1. Preventing theft or damage

If your city is prone to burglaries, storing your valuables in a storage facility is smarter. But lots of storage facilities don’t recommend keeping expensive jewelry or original documents in these units. For instance, if something happens to your family heirlooms, there’s no replacing them. However, you can confidently store your artwork, collectibles, and record collection in a storage unit. But if you’re okay with keeping your memorabilia here, go ahead.

  1. Store business items safely

Imagine you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur working out from your garage. You may need to rent a self-storage unit to keep your business-related equipment. Many individuals use these storage units to operate a small business successfully. The only thing you can’t do is conduct business meetings here or try to live out of your rented self-storage facility. Other than that, it’s a great place to keep all your archives and business inventory. If you need warehousing space, then rent a storage unit instead.

Investing in a quality self-storage unit is much cheaper than renting an actual warehouse.

  1. Constantly traveling around

Many people have to travel around a lot due to the nature of their job. They can find these self-storage units quite helpful as they don’t have to travel with a lot of luggage on different business trips.

Instead of traveling around with dozens of boxes or dumping them in an apartment where they won’t live, they can just rent a storage facility at reasonable rates to keep their belongings safe. Even if they have to travel longer than originally planned, giving the management a simple call would be sufficient. The management books them for another month, and they can focus on their job.

  1. Welcoming a new baby

Statistics show that 20% of Americans have to change homes because they live in smaller homes. For instance, after welcoming a new child, you feel like the house isn’t big enough to accommodate a new family member. Instead of switching homes, you can just declutter. Make more room for a baby by removing all the excess items in the house. Try emptying the guest bedroom to make room for your little bundle of joy. A self-storage unit is a cost-effective solution to your parenting problems!


Whether you’re moving to another city or just trying to make your humble abode more spacious, rent a storage unit in the neighborhood. Similarly, if you always travel around, are parting ways with a loved one, or will have a baby soon, then book a posthaste storage facility. Make your life more easily manageable by having an extra space close to your home.

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