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Visiting your local orthodontist can help you get a healthy, beautiful smile. Orthodontists correct dental misalignments, improve oral health, and boost your confidence. But the trick to optimal dental wellness is choosing the right orthodontist, especially if you have a teenage child suffering from dental problems.

If you live in Norwich, CT, a town with 20% of the population below the age of 18, you’ll notice that teens are more prone to cavities due to poor dental hygiene. So, if they have crooked or misaligned teeth, find a capable orthodontist to fix this problem. Here’s how to locate the best orthodontist in Connecticut.

  1. Experience And Education

Check your orthodontist’s academic accolades and industry experience. How many years have they spent dealing with dental health patients? Working with an experienced orthodontist means you’re in the right hands.

While there’s nothing wrong with checking out new practices, older establishments can properly handle more serious cases of dental damage. So, find out how long different Norwich practices have been operating.

  1. Availability and Reputation

Examine an orthodontist’s capability by looking at the availability of patients. Most people living in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut, have health coverage. It’s estimated that primary care physicians in New London County see 1,551 patients per year on average. So, you won’t have any problems booking an appointment with one of the best orthodontists near Norwich, CT.

After contacting different Norwich-based orthodontists and getting free quotes, compare them to find the best practice in the city. You can determine which one’s more suitable for your dental health by reading online reviews. Read testimonials from previous patients to make a judgment.

Ask the clinician for pictures of their previous work as evidence of their dental health expertise.

  1. Ample Industry Recognition 

Make sure your orthodontist has ample industry recognition. Only industry-recognized dental health experts can help your teenager regain their confident smile. You can make sure of that by visiting the orthodontist’s website and looking for industry logos. Find out which organizations they are a part of. 

For instance, the Orthodontic Associates of Southeastern Connecticut or OASECT can share ample info on Norwich and Waterford-based orthodontists.

This research will give you peace of mind that you’re dealing with industry professionals.

  1. Different Treatments Available

Adults and teenagers suffer from a variety of dental health problems resulting from various genetic, social, and environmental factors. Different dental disorders require different, individualized dental health treatments. So, make sure your local orthodontist offers various treatment options.

Invisalign, braces, retainers, and many other treatment options must be available in a capable dental expert’s clinic. Ensure the availability of your desired treatment before booking an appointment.

Pro tip: Find out if your orthodontist specializes in certain dental health treatments; for instance, if you are looking for metal braces, then see someone who specializes in this particular procedure.

  1. Accessibility of Treatment 

Even though you are supposed to visit dentists and orthodontists twice a year, it’s better to ensure the accessibility of your appointment. You want to make your teen’s entire treatment procedure a breeze. So, make these dental visits flexible and convenient by looking at these factors:

  • They must have a website with their contact information
  • Your orthodontist needs to have clinics in multiple locations
  • The clinician should offer free-of-charge consultation to patients
  • Make sure your orthodontist operates at flexible hours the whole week
  1. A Qualified Support Team

A capable orthodontist doesn’t work in isolation but is supported by a team of accomplished, well-experienced individuals. These individuals include orthodontic therapists, dental nurses, treatment coordinators, hygienists, assistant orthodontists, and other members of the support staff.

You can just visit an orthodontist’s website to get introduced to their qualified support team. Bear in mind that this team will serve as a bridge of communication between you and your orthodontist. So, don’t hesitate to ask questions about the support team’s experience and qualifications.

  1. The Cost of the Procedure

Orthodontic appliances and procedures can cost you a pretty penny if you aren’t careful. A study will show that metal braces cost between $3,000 and $7,000, while ceramic ones put you back by $8,000. So, make sure your orthodontist informs me about the actual price of a dental treatment.

Many clinics offer flexible payment plans, letting patients pay for the treatment in reasonable monthly installments. Make sure your orthodontist accepts your insurance and which dental procedures are covered by that insurance plan. 

Verify if Medicaid is accepted at the clinic or not so they can make sense of your finances properly. Get accurate estimations from moving on with dental treatment.

  1. The Duration of Treatment

Orthodontic treatments can be pretty lengthy and often take months to do the job. Understand the overall cost, payment options, and if it's covered by insurance. Ask your orthodontist about the expected duration of the dental health treatment, and you can consider how disruptive it’s going to be for you. 

For instance, some teeth-straightening procedures take up to 12 months, but others may demand as long as three years. So, understanding the total duration will be a plus.

  1. Post-treatment Caregiving

A capable orthodontist will provide constant caregiving and guidance throughout the whole dental treatment procedure. You should expect post-treatment care from your orthodontist as well. Post-treatment support is the hallmark of a trusted, reliable dental health professional.

That’s because you enter the retention phase after your braces have been removed; retention will make sure your teeth stay in place after being corrected by orthodontic treatment.

So, that orthodontist must include retention in your overall treatment plan.


Find a reliable orthodontist to get started on your path to a radiant smile. However, before you step into the orthodontist's office, you’ll have to consider a few essential factors. Check the orthodontist’s reviews and reputation. Make sure they’re experienced and have a dedicated team of professionals on standby.

Find out the cost of the proposed dental procedure. Most importantly, choose an orthodontist located in your area; that’s how you can overcome your dental health issues conveniently.

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