9 Tips On How To Get Your Dog To Pee When Travelling


When traveling, there is a very good chance that you're going to have to take your dog with you. This could mean driving for miles and stopping often, or it might be a quick stop-off before getting on to your next flight. Either way, you'll likely be unable to let your dog run around the area you're in. This can lead them to associate peeing with being in their kennels, which isn't ideal at all. So how can you help them pee when they need to? Here are some handy tips.


Travelling with your dog can be both rewarding and challenging, but one of the most difficult things about it is knowing how to get your dog to pee. It's not always easy for a dog to get comfortable going in new places, so we've put together 10 tips on how to get your dog to pee when you're travelling.


  1. Be patient


Being patient is the most important quality you can have when travelling with a pet. While it might be easier to take your dog out and show them where they can go, it will probably just make them more scared of a new place and less willing to pee in front of you. Dogs are very shy creatures. They don't like to be put on the spot, especially if they're in an unfamiliar environment. When they feel pressured or uncomfortable, they will find a way to get away from you and go somewhere else. If that somewhere else ends up being the inside of your car, you're going to be in for a lot of trouble. Instead, if you want to get your dog to pee when travelling, it's best if you let them get used to their new surroundings first. It would be best if you could keep them in the car for about half an hour before taking them out for a bathroom break. During this time, let them explore the area and sniff around for anything that might smell familiar or interesting.


  1. Bring treats


Many dogs find it hard to pee in a new environment. If you are about to take your dog on a long trip you need to make sure that he is relaxed enough and has enough confidence for him to be able to pee when you arrive at your destination and every time you need him to pee during the trip. 


Bringing treats along with you on your trip is a great way to make sure that your pet doesn't relieve himself in inappropriate places or at inappropriate times. You can give him treats whenever he pees, and this will encourage him to go more often because he will associate the act of peeing with receiving treats. There are many different kinds of treats that you can buy for your pet, and any kind will do, as long as they are healthy. The most important thing is that your dog likes them and will want to eat them.


  1. Use a leash


It is pretty frustrating to travel with your dog when it comes to pottying. You have to find a safe place where you can let your pet out of the car and then wait for it to do its business. This can take forever, especially if your dog is a puppy. If you are traveling in an area that has lots of traffic on the road, this could be even more of a headache for you.


Using a leash will help you to get your dog to pee when travelling. You will be able to control where your dog goes and what it does. That way, you won't have any accidents because your dog will be following commands.


You can also use a leash  when travelling, so that your dog won't go into other people's yards or go anywhere else where there might be danger from cars or other animals.”


  1. Reward peeing


One of the most difficult things about dog travel is getting your dog to pee when you're on the road. You don't want to be in a situation where your dog needs to go and you can't find a spot for him to do his business. That's why training your dog to pee on command when you're travelling is so important. It can be helpful for things like traveling with your dog in a car, taking your pup on vacation with you, or even going to visit friends or family who don't have pets of their own. There are several different ways that you can train your dog to pee on command, but the most effective method is using positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is a technique that uses rewards to encourage desirable behavior in dogs. It's one of the best ways to get your dog trained because it doesn't rely on punishment or negative consequences, which can actually make behavior worse instead of better! Rewards are an excellent way to teach your pet how they should behave while travelling with you because they give them something good when they succeed at doing what's asked of them – like making sure not accidently piddling all over someone's doorstep!


  1. Set up a pee station


If you're traveling with your dog, you know how much of a pain it can be to find a place to let them relieve themselves. The lack of a designated spot (and the fact that they'll be stuck in the car for long periods of time) means that it's not always easy to get your dog to pee when you need them to. So, if you're about to start a long journey and are worried about this problem, here's why setting up a pee station might be an option worth considering.


A pee station is essentially just an area where your dog can urinate easily. It doesn't have to be anything complicated—in fact, all it really needs is some kind of container with grass inside so that your pup can get comfortable and do their business without having to squat down on concrete or soil. You could even go as far as using an indoor bathroom with a doggy door! Of course, there are plenty more elaborate setups out there for those who want something fancier than just a plastic bin full of sod.


  1. Use familiar smells


It can be stressful when your dog is new to the area, and you have no idea where the bathroom is – especially if an emergency arises. However, there is a way to prepare your pet for this situation so that they will go in a pinch.


Using familiar scents when traveling is a great way to help your dog relieve themselves. This can be anything from bringing along their blanket or favorite toy. The important thing is that it has their scent on it. When this familiar smell is brought out when traveling, your dog will be more likely to feel at home and use the bathroom because of it. This method can also be used if you are trying to get them to go somewhere that’s new. All it takes is putting something of theirs in a spot where you want them to go so that they associate that place with home!


  1. Take him for walks outside


When your dog has to go, they can tell you in one way or another. Some dogs will paw at the door, others will look at you with sad eyes and some will even bark. But no matter what the case, you have to take your dog outside when they have to go so that they can relieve themselves. If you are traveling and can't find a park big enough to let your dog run around and play, taking them for a walk is still a better option than letting them do it in the car.


Letting your dog pee on a tree or on the grass not only makes you feel like a good pet owner but also helps your dog get accustomed to peeing on different surfaces. This is especially important when you travel because there may be times when there isn't any grass available for them to go on. If this happens, having them pee on concrete or pavement is much better than having them pee in the car!


A long walk on the beach or in the park is an excellent way to get your dog to pee on command. The fresh air and exercise will help him relax and release his bladder. He may also mark his territory, which is fine as long as it's not in the middle of a crowded street!


8.Keep a regular schedule

If you're traveling with your dog, you need to keep a regular schedule so that they know when to go pee. This is especially important if you're going on a long journey that involves many stops and delays along the way. If your dog doesn't know when they can expect their next meal or walk, they may end up feeling very anxious and frustrated during the trip.


However, if you plan on going out of town with your pet, keeping a regular schedule will make it easier for them to adjust to their new surroundings. You'll also be able to relax knowing that they won't have any trouble getting used to the new environment because they'll already be familiar with it from previous trips. Plus, dogs are creatures of habit so once they've settled into their routine at home, it will be much more difficult for them to adjust once again when away from home for an extended period of time.


  1. Do not allow your dog to drink a lot of water during travel


When your dog is getting ready to travel, avoid allowing him or her to drink too much water. This will help you to get them to pee when travelling. If your pet drinks too much water before a trip, they may not need to urinate as often as they would normally do. This can be especially difficult when you're travelling by car or plane and don't have access to stops for potty breaks along the way. Peeing in the car is not only messy but also illegal in many areas and could result for fines if caught on camera by law enforcement officers patrolling roadways looking for drivers breaking traffic laws. It's important that you make sure your dog doesn't have too much fluid intake before leaving home so they won't have an accident while on the road with you later that day.


If you plan on taking your pooch on a road trip, keep these tips in mind. The extra exercise could save you from an unpleasant accident when you get to your destination, and it can help your pup adjust to the change in routine more readily. After all, happy parents make for happy pampered pooches.


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