Fresh Prep Becoming a Strong Competitor in the Meal Kit Delivery Service Industry

With the obvious growth in the meal kit delivery service industry, it is no surprise that we are seeing more and more brands emerge from the woodwork. Meal kit delivery brands offer a plethora of advantages to their users, so much so that even some restaurant chains and certain grocery stores are now offering their own versions of meal kits to tap into the growing audience of this popular market. One brand that is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with within the meal kit delivery service industry is Fresh Prep. For an in depth dive into this brand, check out this review about freshprep.ca.

Fresh Prep was created back in 2014 by childhood friends Becky Brauer, Husein Rahemtulla and Dhruv Sood. The group of friends were in search of a way to solve the recurring, common dilemma that many households run into, which is defining what is for dinner. The three of them saw the need for a service to help those with busy schedules and lifestyles, still be able to enjoy a wholesome meal without having to resort to last minute takeout, and so Fresh Prep was born.

The main thing that Fresh Prep promotes in their messaging, is that they are designed for busy consumers but strongly believe that having the right foods incorporated into one’s diet is essential for a healthy balanced lifestyle, and so they aim to bridge the gap for consumers who typically would order a less healthy option for dinner when they are in a bind for time. Ways that they provide clarity to their users when it comes to quality of food is they vow that their meats are free of unnecessary antibiotics and hormones, their eggs are free range and their seafood is all sustainably sourced. This is a unique selling point, as it has become more common and important to track where consumers are getting their foods, and this is why Fresh Prep is quickly growing in popularity.

Similar to most meal kit delivery brands, their ordering mechanism is completely online. A menu of 10 options is available each week and users can select the meals they would like to recreate at home, and have all the ingredients prepped, pre-portioned and delivered directly to their doorstep. All meal offerings take a maximum of 30 minutes to prep, making Fresh Prep a compelling option for consumers living a busy lifestyle.

Another big reason Fresh Prep has garnered the attention of many Canadians is their commitment to being environmentally friendly. On their website, Fresh Prep makes note of how sustainability is not only the role of the consumer, but also of them as an organization as well. Although their focus is mainly providing meal kits to busy consumers, they also aim to do it in a way that impacts the community and the planet positively. Users can look forward to The Fresh Prep Zero Waste Kit, which gives users all the benefits of regular meal kit delivery services but everything is packaged in sustainable products with no single use plastic or waste unless absolutely necessary for food safety.

 Fresh Prep currently services the markets of Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Greater Vancouver, Greater Victoria, Nanaimo and the Okanagen, and this brand is quickly moving towards the middle and Eastern regions of Canada. The focus that Fresh Prep puts on resonating with busy consumers is very popular, as many Canadians have had to pivot back into their pre-pandemic routines and incorporate commute times and going back into work, taking up more time than many were accustomed to throughout the pandemic closures. Fresh Prep also does an excellent job of sourcing healthy ingredients that allow their users to trust their recipes and what they are putting into their bodies when supporting this organization. Their easy to use online ordering mechanism and straight to consumer shipments are perfect for their target demographic, saving their users time in avoiding the busy grocery store visits and prep time that they would usually have to account for. Additionally, Fresh Prep continues to grow in popularity from a brand perspective due to their commitment to sustainability. Fresh Prep is a great option for those who are looking to try a meal kit delivery service for the first time, or those looking to explore new recipes in a guilt-free manner.

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