High quality sustainable clothes for your kids

We know that your kids are the most precious and important in your life. So in this article we are gonna give you some suggestions on how to keep them safe and comfortable while also protecting the environment. If you think about their future, it’s very important that you take into account the climate changes, and that you contribute to reducing pollution, so that our planet is also cared for. These clothes that we are suggesting are all natural or eco friendly, making sure that you play your part in saving the planet. If you want some other ideas on how to help the environment or more information on climate change, you can check out this article from the UN

Thrifted or upcycled clothes

The first way of acting on climate change is to recycle clothes that have already been made. Thrifting is a great way to reduce waste while also enjoying qualitative clothes. This goes for yourself and your kids as well. Buying some upcycled clothes, or checking your local thrift shop will keep you away from fast fashion stores that are environmentally and ethically questionable. Make sure that you wash the clothes you get from thrift shops very well before letting your kids wear them. And also check the materials, as some are better than others. You wanna look for cotton, wool or linen in order to keep your kids comfy. 

Wool sweaters

If you’re not a fan of thrift stores, don’t worry, you can still stay environmentally friendly. You want to make sure that the clothes you invest in are of good quality and will last you a long time, so that you don’t end up throwing them away every season. This will ensure less waste. You also want to look for materials that are natural and produced in an eco friendly manner. A great material like this is wool. It is soft and comfortable for your kids to wear, it will also keep them warm and it plays a huge role in helping the planet. You can find a great variety of wool sweaters online at stores as https://www.shamrockgift.com/kids-irish-clothing/kids-irish-sweaters , you just have to check for them to be 100% wool. Your kids will feel amazing in these sweaters and they will last you a very long time. Make sure you follow the care instructions with any wool item.

Eco-friendly shoes

The last thing you want to consider is investing in eco-friendly shoes. We know that kids grow up fast and shoes won’t last them that long, which is why going for options that are made with recycled materials is a smart way to go about it. This will make sure that when you’re ready to donate or throw them away, you don’t produce a lot of plastic waste. There are many big companies like Nike who started incorporating recycled materials into their shoe making process. And there are many companies that make shoes out of 100% recycled materials, but these ones are more expensive. Find the best option for you and your kids and get ready to run around freely while saving the planet.

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