How to Enjoy an Aerial Tour in Your Favorite Tropical Destination? Dress up Properly!

The scenic beauty of Hawaii can be relished in various ways, with road trips and boat rides being the standard. However, the magical scenery looks more enchanting when explored from the sky. The sandy beaches, rugged mountains, volcanoes, gushing waterfalls, and sprawling ocean create the perfect colorful kaleidoscope for your aerial journey. People love this experience because this route lets them get closer to hard-to-reach places. One of the famous locations for air travel is O‘ahu. A helicopter or small plane can take you through the Honolulu or Waikīkī skyline, Waianae and Koʻolau volcanoes, North Shore’s big surfing waves, the heritage of Pearl Harbor, and more. But before learning more about such a trip, let’s first sort out the wardrobe choices. After all, you want to look perfect.

  • Clothing choices for aerial tour in Hawaii 

On this adventure, all you need is a comfortable outfit, depending on the weather and type of air tour, such as doors off or doors on. A helicopter ride typically gives you two options: enjoying the views from a closed door or with an open door. The main benefit of the doors-on ride is the soothing temperature aboard. You can enjoy your time in simple shorts and T-shirts. However, the door-off trip will be thrilling because of the windy conditions. In that setting, sweatshirts and long pants can be preferable. For tops and shorts, you can visit Local stores offer theme-based prints to resonate with the mood. You can pick from a vintage collection of Bell Helicopter logos or a Western Airlines Santa t-shirt. These are only a few examples. Each comes with a unique tone to help you choose your type. 

  • Types of Aerial Tour Themes

Many travel options are available for you to select. One of the common ones can be circle island trips that cover an entire island, dedicating enough time to individual areas to let you soak in their specialty. The famous points often include Diamond Head, the North Shore, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, and portions of eastern or western shorelines. Every tour company will have this kind of provision, but their routes will differ slightly. Hence, reading the specifics of the tour will be a good idea. If you are on a romantic holiday, a sunset or romantic landing theme will suit you. Many couples vouch for this even after seeing Hawaii's splendorous sky from the beach and boat.

Do you wonder about the budget? Helicopters can be expensive. Small plane rides can be a good trade-off in that context. You cannot check the nooks and crannies like you do from the helicopters. But the trip will feel safer and more comfortable. There will be many things to see also.

Hawaii waits for travelers to experience its charming paradise in diverse ways. For a fulfilling experience, you can add an aerial tour to your itinerary. As for clothes, you know the choices are simple. Locally designed shirts and shorts make an exciting option. Ensure you buy them from a reliable place because even shopping will add an extra dimension to your overall journey in this tropical heaven. 

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