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It’s Ninja Time!

Being a Ninja Can Be So Much Fun! Kids Will Love This Set – It Comes With Tons Of Stuff

I remember when I was a kid and the games we would play. It was quite a different world back then plus the toys didn't come with many bells and whistles. That didn't stop us from having fun. We always played “cops and robbers” and in the end, we got the bad guys. Ninja Kidz just sent me one of the most fun toys my granddaughters have played with. It's a huge Ninja Kidz TV Giant Mystery Ninja Ball with tons of stuff!

Playing with this set gave my granddaughters the fun of getting the bad guys while the confidence of “girl power”. When I say that this ball comes with tons of stuff, I truly mean it. This one includes 25 toys and cards plus many other surprises. The girls' favorites were the Ninja figures. The youngest one had a blast wearing the Ninja mask and playing with the plastic “weapon”. This ball has so many surprises everyone will love it!

There's Even More Inside!

This Giant Mystery Ball is a storage case and a cool Ninja shield. Any kid would get swept up in their imagination using this set. Not only will they look great, but they're all ready to fight off the bad guys and win. You can purchase your own at Amazon!

So why is it called Ninja Kidz TV? Well, it's because you can watch episodes on YouTube and join the fun Club too. This amazing cartoon teaches children confidence and to learn new skills. Developing a healthy lifestyle is a big part of what they teach too. What a great thing to introduce to your kids! It even touches on how to influence society to be better by being a great human being and treating others well. These are skills that every parent wants for their kids!

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