Moving to Ontario: What to Expect



Many people relish the thought of moving to another province. Eventually, now, after a long period of consideration and reviewing various choices, you have decided to move to Ontario.

So, what essential elements do you need to know before moving there? We are completely certain that this thought might have adhered to your mind from the very start. Stick around, and you will find everything you need to know about moving to Ontario.

What To Do Before You Arrive

No matter how much planning you do and how much time you spend figuring out what should be your strategy, it still isn’t enough. Even if it is uncertain, there are still things that can make moving a pleasant experience. This guide has something to offer you  If you are curious about what those things are.Let’s get to it

Find A Settlement Agency Right Away

Do you want to mitigate the whole process of moving tenfold? The best thing would be contacting a settlement agency. They are not only ready to answer all your inquiries regarding moving to Ontario, but they will assist you in a way that you will find interesting.

They can help you in finding a home, getting your papers done, applying for a driver’s license, getting a new job, finding education for children, and getting access to all the additional amenities that might be essential for quality living.

In short: they can help you with almost everything you need while moving to Ontario from another province!

What To Do Next?

Now that you have contacted a settlement agency and they have guided you through everything, some things are still left undone.

Some things need to be done by you personally. Of course, you won’t be handed everything sitting idle. Move around and make sure you have check-listed these pivotal things:

Find A Residence

Isn’t this the most obvious thing? Absolutely it is. Finding a residence is the first thing you should do. And I’m sure you must be aware of the reasons.

But the thing in consideration is, where to live in Ontario? There is a range of options and different things to discover that will suit your taste in living.

You can either contact a real estate agent or ask your friends to look around. Either way, it is recommended that you only settle in a place that satisfies your heart.

Renting A Place

If you are opting to rent a place, either a house or a condo, you can look up different areas, compare their prices, and in the end, choose a place to rent.

Buying A Place

Buying a place can be a lengthy process. Because it includes all the complex things of mortgage, down payment, installations, full payment, and other related items.

If you are confused about what to opt for, you must know that either you can take a loan from the bank and provide full payment. Or you can just choose an installation plan and pay per month to clear the dues. The choice is yours!


What’s the fundamental element that decides our future? It’s education. Don’t risk your children’s education in the whole process of moving; try looking for an institution as soon as possible so that they may not feel the slightest of hindrance in education.

Apply For Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

Living in an uncertain world, the most uncertain things can happen at the most uncertain time. So what is the most intelligent thing to do? It’s choosing a health insurance plan.

Talking about health insurance, you’ll have to apply to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan once you move into Ontario. You’ll get a lifetime of health recovery, a coverage plan for you and your family, and you can relieve yourself from the stress of a big accident.

Apply For A Driver’s Licence

You can’t live in a place without driving your own car. The good news is that if you already have a driver’s license, but it is from another province in Canada, you can use it for up to 60 days.

In contrast, if you are new to this, you can either apply for a G-license for cars, or you could apply for the M-license for bikes and scooters.

Car Insurance Is A Necessity

Suppose you have a luxurious dream car, you have the license of Ontario, but you still can’t drive it with your open heart. It hurts your enthusiasm, doesn’t it?

Having car insurance is necessary because it protects you from financial liability, medical expenses, and also from legal consequences. Car insurance cost can vary depending on the various factors, check Surex to find out the average car insurance cost in Ontario.

What Does Living In Ontario Cost?

Apart from all the other expenditures, you are well-aware that you will have to pay taxes wherever you go. Luckily for you, Ontario has the lowest rate of Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) which is only 13%. On the other hand, the other provinces go up to 15%.

I guess now you must be proud of your choice!

Why Should You Move To Ontario?

Still, have doubts? Let me introduce you to the top reasons why Ontario might be just the right place for you:

Get A View Of Niagara Falls

Just imagine yourself standing near Niagara Falls enjoying the magnificent view of the rainbow crossing the length of Niagara falls created by the sparkling sunshine on water.

High-Quality Housing

The quality of houses here is unmatchable. You find yourself loving the whole place before you even know it!

Best Universities

Apparently, the University of Toronto is listed to be one of the top countries in the world. Wouldn’t your children be lucky to have studied in such a prestigious place?

Great Outdoor Adventures

Having said, Ontario has the best place for outdoor adventures with different worth-seeing sites, parks, and snow skating areas. Life with adventure is always a little better.

The Delicious Ontario Cuisine

A man’s way to his heart is through his stomach—Apart from the jokes, Ontario is well known for its aromatic foods with the perfect blends of spices that will leave you drooling for more. I guess now you have everything you need to know. Well, then it’s settled; Welcome to Ontario!


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