The Requirements You Need for a Small Business Loan

When all you have standing in your way of starting a new business are the finances, it’s time to figure out a way to get that money. It’s no surprise that you need capital to keep a business running, and even more so to help it grow. Small business loans are a great option for any crisis you face with your business in the beginning, so it's wise to read up on your options, seek out resources like an ondeck review for a few lenders and, once you have someone in mind you would like to borrow from, start putting together your application.

Credit Score

One of the main requirements that hold a lot of weight in your small business loan application is your personal credit score. A credit score is a number that represents a person’s credit history. The better your credit history is, the higher your credit score will be and the more likely banks and lenders are to approve loans for you and other financial needs. It is mainly measured by the number of open accounts you have, your repayment history, your level of debts, and a few other factors. To be able to have your loan approved, it is best that you try to maintain a good credit score. In some cases, lenders only give money to existing businesses, not new ones, and they have to have been existing for 2 years. In this case, the business’ credit score should also have a high number.

Collateral Assets

When a bank or lender decides to give someone a loan, they need collateral that will ensure they can receive their money if that person is not capable of repaying their debts. You can understand and see how it works on websites or by asking your finance manager. This collateral is mainly supposed to be an asset or a bunch of assets that can be easily sold. Those assets should have an equal value to what you owe to the bank. In some cases, if business assets don’t suffice for the amount you’re lending, then the lender may place personal assets as collateral, but that is not a good option as it is too risky.

Business Plan

One main requirement that the lender will want to look over is a business plan. This is one of the main documents that the lender will decide from if your business is eligible for a loan or not. A lender will look for a few specific things in your plan. They will want to look at the way that revenue is generated in the business, and if your business is operating for 2 or more years, they will want to look over the business history. Lenders might want to look over your place in the market as well, your management and the purposes of your project, or the reasons you’re asking for a loan.

Your financial situation may not necessarily require you to take a loan, so make sure to consult your financial manager before applying for one. When you do receive your small business loan, make sure that you minimize your expenses to have enough room for paying back the loan and paying back the loan interest.

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