Choosing the right casket for the one you love, yourself included, is the way to respect the deceased. It doesn’t mean that you’re happy or not grieving about it. It’s about appreciating and cherishing the moments of you with the deceased ones. 

It might be sad events for most people. It’s valid. But thinking about what casket that should be got also isn’t bad. People have their own ways to do funerals based on their beliefs. So, it’s okay to get a casket like the pink caskets as the example. Our belief in funerals doesn’t need opinion from people that don’t really know about it.

  • Various ways to do funeral
  • How to get casket
  • Conclusion
  1. Various ways to do funeral

Funerals can be said as sacred events. It’s a ceremony where you let the person you love and respect leave this world forever. Most people want a great funeral for themselves as it’s an ‘appreciation’ for life that they have been given. That’s why it’s not a sad or weird thing if we prepare something about death, because it just bound to happen. 

People have various ways to do funerals. Just like what it stated before, it’s a sacred event. Believers have their own views about death. This means ways or methods of doing funerals depend on what is the beliefs of people themselves.There are some examples of funerals across the world with their various beliefs like cremation, hanging coffins, burials without coffins, mummification, using caskets, and so on. 

  1. How to get casket

There are some methods that you can do to get a casket for a funeral. Those methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some ways or how to get casket :

  • Produce it by yourself

This method might be the most flexible way to get a casket. You can customize it by yourself and design it as you want. For example, like pink caskets. If you have technical knowledge about it then go for it. But some countries have a policy to regulate caskets that are self-produced.

  • Go to coffin retailer

If there are some coffin retailers in your area, then you use this way. They will provide you coffins or caskets and other burial needs with affordable prices. If you’re lucky, some stores will give you a chance to request a casket even though it will be pricey. 

  • Renting a coffin

Some funeral homes offer this method. Caskets will be rented with the duration depending on the religious ceremonies or other pre-burial gatherings. So, it has duration and you need to pay it based on the agreement with the funeral house.

  1. Conclusion

You can have your own way of planning the funeral of yourself or people that you love (with the deceased or their close people’s agreement of course). Just see it as sacred events for letting go of the people you loved and giving the best last service from this world.

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