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A Remote-Control Butterfly!

Have You Ever Seen A Remote-Control Butterfly? Every Child Would Smile With This Amazing Toy Under The Tree

Recently, I was able to give my granddaughters a toy from Zing that they absolutely loved.  As a company, Zing has many inventive toys but I didn't realize how much so until they sent me their Go Go Bird Butterfly (which is remote-controlled).  When I saw this my inner child leaped into the air!  Unfortunately, my old body reminded me that I can't actually do that.  This beautiful, vibrant butterfly actually flies in the air just like a bird.  The wings flap and you can do aerial tricks with a simple click of the button.  This toy won the Toy Insiders 2021 Top Holiday Toy Award.

More Than Just A Butterfly

This gorgeous toy is for girls, boys, and even child-like adults!  There isn't anyone that wouldn't enjoy playing with this.  While flying this you'll be able to control it from up to 200 feet away with intuitive directional buttons.  The recommended age for this is 8 and above, but I'll bet as long as you supervised you could let a little one feel important by helping.  In the package you'll receive the butterfly, a remote control (2 AAA batteries – not included), a lithium battery, a charger, and they even give you a small screwdriver!  After being charged you'll get approximately 10 minutes of flying time.  Obviously, be careful not to fly it in heavy wind or around power lines (or other problem areas).

Give Kids A Gift Of Imagination This Christmas

The holidays are coming whether we want them to or not.  Why not be prepared and have something wonderful for them?  This flying butterfly will literally give kids the gift of imagination.  Imagine the places they could fly and the exciting times they could have.  If their friends get their own they could set up a flying club in the backyard!  The possibilities are endless!

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