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Cocktails Make For Fun, Easy, and Unique Gift Ideas!

Do you need a gift idea for the upcoming holidays? How about a hip, fun, festive, affordable, and unique gift idea? Well, check out The Cocktail Box Co.! They have a cool line of Cocktail Kits that are sure to be hit as a gift among the adults!

A Cocktail Kit Makes It Simple

I received their Margarita Cocktail Kit and it is the most adorable and fun thing I've ever seen! In one box that fits in the palm of your hand, they provide the following:

  • margarita syrup,
  • lime juice,
  • Scrappy's orange bitters,
  • 3 cocktail picks,
  • a muddler spoon,
  • a linen coaster, and
  • instructions.

All you need to provide is the tequila and the glasses and you can whip up 3 margaritas in a couple of minutes! I love it! I've never been much of a bartender because it seems a bit intimidating to make some of the fancier cocktails. But, this Margarita Cocktail Kit makes it fun and easy and no longer intimidating to make a fun drink that many are sure to enjoy!

How Did It Turn Out?

I made a Margarita for my husband and me. The directions were easy to follow. How did they taste? Delicious, smooth, and refreshing. We both truly enjoyed them. I don't think I've had a Margarita in years, so it was nice to have one after all this time.

And, if margaritas aren't your cocktail of choice, they also sell other kits that can make the following cocktails: Mai Tai, Gin & Tonic, the Moscow Mule, an Old Fashioned Cocktail, and a Champagne Cocktail. You can even buy them in sets and have a supreme cocktail party!

One Of The Easiest Gifts You'll Ever Give

These Cocktail Kits would make wonderful holiday gifts and stocking stuffers!  You could even bring them as a gift for the host of a holiday party!  And, they're already packaged in an adorable box. So, all you really need to do is pop on a pretty bow and you're all ready to go!  You can stock up on them for the holidays to have on hand to give out as gifts, and whatever you don't give out, you can keep and enjoy! Happy holidays!

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The Cocktail Box Co. makes gift giving easy! 

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