Launched in 2023, conCHAIRto Will Be Elevating the Fan Experience at Over 20 Festivals in 2024, Including Rock the Country, Monterey Jazz, and many moreOn-Site Chair Rental Platform Aims to Increase Safety, Security, Sustainability, and Efficiency for the Festival Industry

Cleveland, OH – If necessity is the mother of invention, then conCHAIRto president and founder Brett Smiley’s love of festivals can rightly be considered the catalyst for his current venture- an on-site rental and management service for events. Flying annually to Texas for Austin City Limits presented Smiley with the challenge of being unable to travel with specific amenities, namely a festival-ready chair- coupled with increased security concerns and demands on festival organizers for an enhanced fan experience and conCHAIRto was born.

“conCHAIRto is a direct response to the challenges I noticed as fans attempted to enter festivals,” says Brett Smiley, CEO of conCHAIRto. “Our innovative albeit logical offering reduces entry time and increases fan safety by providing a service that is already part of the existing festival landscape and allowing security to focus on top-level needs. Further, with conCHAIRto, you reduce the waste of left-behind chairs and other discarded fan materials—with conCHAIRto, you elevate the fan experience.”

The reservation-based service, originally intended to launch in 2020 but was faced with pandemic-related realities, ensures that a chair will be waiting for the fans when they arrive at the event, eliminating excessive security delays and enabling fans to enjoy the festival sooner. Once the event ends, the chair can be dropped off at one of the many onsite drop zones, and fans will be on their way. Most paramount, conCHAIRto lends itself to a safer environment for fans, organizers, and security, reducing the chances of illegal drugs, weapons, and other contraband finding their way into a festive environment. Put simply, conCHAIRto stands alone on the festival industry stage as a streamlined, efficient, and affordable approach to chair rentals for destination outdoor music, film, food festivals, and more.

For more information on conCHAIRto, including our revenue-sharing program for festivals, visit www.conCHAIRto.com. Follow conCHAIRto to festivals and outdoor events around the country and behind the scenes on Instagram @myconCHAIRto, Facebook at www.facebook.com/MyconCHAIRto, and LinkedIn at www.LinkedIn.com/company/concharito. For an up-to-date list of festivals and events, visit shop.conchairto.com– powered by Preo.

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