Expecting Relief: How Chiropractic Care Can Ease Pregnancy Pains?

Chiropractic care is one of the most widely performed, scientifically proven natural healthcare treatments. It is a type of pseudoscientific medical treatment process that believes in the self-healing ability of the human body with the help of a professional chiropractor. This kind of treatment is usually done to reduce back pain, neck pain, headache, and chances of osteoarthritis. It prevents the consumption of opioid pain relievers that can cause long-lasting side effects on one's body, prevents later age scoliosis, and lastly, it plays an important role in the field of prenatal care. Apart from all these, there are a lot of other issues where chiropractic care plays a huge role.

This treatment focuses on the adjustment of different parts of the body especially the spine to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. 

The most traditional way of doing this treatment is using a touch-and-feel method to diagnose the main cause of the pain, but now there are more advanced methods where X-rays and stereoscopes are being used. Chiropractic care sometimes involves lifestyle counselling as well as prescribing different sets of exercises to different patients according to their needs.

There are various kinds of chiropractors such as chiropractors who are for general physical pain, Pregnancy chiropractors, TMJ chiropractors, Sports chiropractors, etc. 

Pain during pregnancy 

During pregnancy carrying the weight of the child inside the womb causes the expectant mother to gain weight and to make the mother’s body a suitable place for the baby to grow, the body adapts several changes. Several hormonal and physiological changes happen and with all of these changes comes pain in different parts of the body like the lower back, legs, spine, ligaments, and joints. Weight gain often puts pressure on the sciatic nerve which causes lower back and leg pain- this condition is known as Sciatica. More than 50% of women suffer from this.

The baby gradually growing in the womb can cause neck pain, stretch in ligaments and joints causing them to get sore, increase in the back curve, stress on the spine., spinal nerve interference, and back pain.

Cure and Prenatal Chiropractic Treatment

Advanced medical science has shown various ways to ease pain in different parts of the body during pregnancy. The most common treatments are Tylenol, massage, exercise, and chiropractic care. Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a great alternative to medicine therapies as the medications can cause side effects and can affect the health of the baby. While the use of chiropractic care to ease pregnancy pain is a therapy every soon-to-be mother deserves, it is also important to look for a professional, well-reviewed prenatal chiropractor as any kind of inconvenience can be dangerous.

There are differences between a regular chiropractor and a prenatal chiropractor. A prenatal chiropractor just like a regular chiropractor focuses on spinal and pelvic adjustments. They also acquire special knowledge on pregnancy and are professionally trained on the pregnant body and medical issues related to it. Prenatal chiropractors also focus on the pelvis to help with pelvic alignment which helps with labour and vaginal delivery. They also ensure that there is enough space for the baby to grow and invert.

Prenatal chiropractic care is one the most scientifically proven and trusted ways to get relief from pain. 

One of the most common questions related to prenatal chiropractic care is whether it can cause a miscarriage or preterm birth, and in short, the answer is NO. 

There is no medical risk in getting prenatal chiropractic treatment. It has been shown that chiropractic care can make pregnancy and giving birth more comfortable as it promotes a healthy painless pregnancy by realigning vertebrae in the spinal column and correcting obstructions in the nervous system. Due to pain relief, good sleep and nausea stay in control. Prenatal chiropractors use gentler pressure and special cushions or a special table. People see significant pain relief after prenatal chiropractic treatment. It is also proven that it is good for the mother and child’s overall health as per several researches. 

According to the International Chiropractic Association, more than 1 million treatments are happening daily. The pain that women suffer during pregnancy is often neglected as a part of getting pregnant but now it's proven that it needs proper systematic diagnosis. Pregnancy is a blissful period and no momma deserves to undergo unnecessary discomforts that they can avoid with chiropractic therapy.

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