Exploring the Effects of Indica and Sativa Strains

If you are a novice, it will be interesting to know that you get many cannabis strains in the market. They have different names, health benefits, and physical and mental manifestations. Some of them can be useful in ailments also. If you are starting, you can most likely get overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. It can be challenging for you to decide which one to choose. Your concern can reduce to a great extent if you realize that most strains are either Sativa or Indica variety. Once you understand these two, your choices will become smoother. So, here is a brief background on them.

Indica Strains

These tend to be low on THC and rich in CBD levels. That's why they affect you more physically than mentally. You cannot expect much high from this. However, these cannabis strains can have a calming effect on your body and mind. That's why it can be a good choice for nighttime. Since it also boosts dopamine levels, your brain can experience pleasure and rewards easily. Besides, if you suffer from motion sickness or ate bad seafood, you can depend on it for some relief from nausea. Some people also trust it to increase their appetite they lost due to stress or ailments. Even chemotherapy patients take Indica strains to handle sickness.

Whether you have toothaches, menstrual cramps, or pinched nerves, you can again experience the mild to moderate effect of this form of cannabis on your pain. Insomnia patients can improve their sleep quality with this as it offers relaxation, higher dopamine levels, and relief from painful conditions. It can be surprising, but Indica strains can be less harmful than sleeping pills.

Sativa Strains

These can be a good pick for daytime as you don’t instantly feel sleepy after taking them. But its ability to increase serotonin levels in your body makes it advantageous for appetite, anxiety, movement, mood, learning, and sleep. It contains less CBD and more THC. Hence, you can expect it to produce more potent mental effects than physical effects. However, you don't need to worry about this as it can be pleasurable. Whether you want to try Sativa or Indica, you can check https://getkush.io/ once.

Anyway, like Indica, this cannabis strain also offers excellent health benefits. Depression can affect your mood and mental makeup. Since Sativa helps with serotonin production, you can get control over your mental outlook. If you feel under pressure due to busy schedules, you can rely on it to ease your physical and psychological discomfort. Your stress levels can improve. Besides, you can use this to reduce the symptoms of chronic illnesses, such as spinal injuries, sciatica, glaucoma, and others.

In essence, you can read about them more before experimenting with their effects. Experts believe that starting with smaller quantities is better and safe. It is specifically recommendable for a novice. Since everyone tends to have an individualized response to a strain, you cannot increase or decrease your dose without analyzing your tolerance, metabolic rate, weight, and other factors. It may not prove much enjoyable if you don't figure out the proper amounts for your need.

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