Good Pups: Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

Good Pups: Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

Every dog owner dreams of having a well-behaved pet because it makes pet parenting more enjoyable. A dog that listens to your commands and behaves well in public is a delight. However, achieving this requires consistency and a proper quality of life for your pup. Below, we’ve explained several ways to improve your dog’s behavior to ensure they remain a good canine citizen. 

Keep Their Life Enriching

A lack of mental and physical stimulation often results in unruly behavior from dogs to vent their pent-up energy. Walks are a wonderful source of physical and mental exercise; the movement works your pup’s body while all that sniffing activates their mind. 

Aside from walks, you can enrich your furry friend’s life through stimulating activities like puzzle toys, agility training, or regular play sessions in the park. These keep your dog physically fit and mentally sharp, reducing the chances of behavioral issues.

Spend Time Together

As pack animals, dogs thrive on companionship and are more likely to respect and obey commands from owners they feel a bond with. Ignoring your dog or failing to give them the attention they need can lead to disobedience. 

Giving your pooch their daily dose of attention is a brilliant way to improve your dog’s behavior while also making memories together. Doing this could involve simple activities such as grooming, playing fetch, or just cuddling together on the couch. These moments together are crucial for building trust and strengthening your bond with your dog.

Go to Obedience School

When you take your dog to obedience school, a professional trainer will guide you on how to effectively address unwanted behaviors. Plus, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about canine behavior so you can correct any mistakes you may make when working with your dog.

For example, if your dog often displays negative reactions, such as constantly barking or growling at strangers, correcting it is essential for everyone’s safety. In fact, one of the top benefits of training for reactive dogs is enhancing safety for both your dog and people. Your dog may growl at strangers out of fear or because your pooch thinks they have to protect you. Regardless of the reason, the behavior typically isn’t appropriate and can get correction in obedience school.

Use Treats as a Training Tool

Avoid giving your dog treats on a whim, and never do so to stop negative behavior, as this could inadvertently encourage the very behavior you are trying to eliminate. Treats are an excellent award for positive behaviors you want to see more of in your pup.

Strive to give your dog a treat only when it obeys a command on your first attempt or exhibits good behavior. This helps your dog associate the behavior with a positive outcome, making them more likely to repeat it.

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