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Having Fun In The Kitchen

Who doesn't like having a fun time cooking, we all do to some point. My sister is the best cook she is always, trying out new recipes on us. That's why we decided to try Cookingpal Multo is a whole new way of cooking, This device does it all, and we love using it.

Whats great about it is that it comes with a tablet, that has all kinds of great recipes on it, and they are always adding new ones every week. This is the best thing we have gotten in so long, you can steam and cook and kneed and so much more in it.

Custom lid and measuring cup designed for slow-drip ability (useful for emulsifying). Lid has two safety locks to ensure the safe use of the machine (must be securely attached for the machine to function).

Beginner chefs can enjoy learning how to cook recipes of simple and elaborate meals by following Multo’s smart recipes. Experienced chefs can use Multo for a variety of functions to be a trusty companion in their kitchen, cooking a part of their fanciest meals. You will definitely find a use for Multo, wherever you are in your cooking journey!

ulto can chop, sauté, steam, slow cook, whisk, weigh/scale, knead, grind, grate, sous-vide, keep warm, mix, boil, emulsify & more. It also comes with 2 cleaning modes and is dishwasher-safe, making it fast & easy to clean. The more familiar you are with Multo, the more you’ll come to realize you can use Multo at every step of your cooking process!

I have used my Multo several times, making the best Marry Me Chicken Lobster Bisque Soup and several other guided recipes. I am technically challenged, but this Cooking Pal makes it so easy; it guides you through the setup process, then on to making delicious meals, step by step. For us the fact that its so easy is a plus for us. We love how simple it was to get all set up and used.

Very clear instructions on set up while opening up each box inside. Set up requires simply plugging it in and the “control pad” was charged and ready to go. Decided to cook mashed potatoes as my first dish, followed the recipe supplied, and was walked through each step using the pad where all I had to do was push the prompt and the Cooking Pal machine did all the work.

The Multo, is a new smart cooking gadget that will be a must-have this holiday season, and will help you express your inner culinary genius while impressing all of your guests at your next holiday party. CookingPal's Multo has been featured in The New York TimesNBC12Men’s JournalInsider, and several other national publications.

The Multo is an easy-to-use, all-in-one kitchen appliance that will be sure to be the perfect holiday gift for anyone in your family. Be your own master chef, as you cook easy gourmet meals with the help of Multo’s hundreds of smart-guided recipesThis innovative machine has over 15 different prepping and cooking functions, with the ability to knead, weigh, sauté, steam, grind, and even clean itself afterwards. 

This Black Friday, starting on Monday, November 21 thru Wednesday, November 30, CookingPal is offering a FREE mixing bowl and a FREE Cooking Class, both valued at $300 with a purchase of The Multo. CookingPal is also giving customers the option to buy the Multo today at 0% interest starting as low as $85 / month, along with free shipping, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and a two-year warranty.

How about you, do you want to try this for yourself you will be happy if you did.

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