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Keep Your Kids Bizzy!

Keep Your Kids Bizzy With The Bizzy Bag – Great On The Go

The best playthings for kids are the ones you can take on the go if you ask me. Especially when taking little ones on a road trip! It's summer time and a lot of people will be going on vacations or at least a road trip. Bizzy Bag is the perfect solution to keep them busy in the car. Imagine giving them time away from their screens without an argument. Bizzy Bag offers so many fun activities and even includes some type of snack. My granddaughters loved theirs!

Each Bizzy Bag comes with 4 STEM/teacher-approved toys for ages 3-10+, a small snack for those “hangry” times, an anti-bacterial wipe, and last but not least, a joke or trivia for the family to enjoy. When ordering your bags you can choose from 1 all the way up to a 60-pack! These wonderful bags would be excellent for birthday parties too. Think of the possibilities, they're endless.

My Granddaughters Were So Excited!

When my granddaughters saw their own Bizzy Bags they immediately grabbed them and began rifling through them. They loved the finger puppets, LED writing pads, puzzles, and of course, the snacks. It was so nice to see both of them enjoy something other than a tablet or the television. They sat down together and compared their toys while laughing and playing. They're going on vacation sometime in August so I just might have to get them more Bizzy Bags!

If you're looking for a great surprise gift or even a stocking stuffer (it will come fast!), please look no further. The Bizzy Bag is a creative, inventive idea that kids of all ages would absolutely love. I know because I watched my grandkids go crazy over them. You could even stock up on them and keep them for a special time. Let's say your child did great on a test or is just having a hard time. What a great surprise to give them! No matter how you decide to use them they'll be a hit.

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