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Let’s Have A Picnic

Kids Will Love Planning Their Very Own Picnic

Well, it's now summer and the kids are either swimming, playing, or just hanging outside. I remember when I was young we stayed out until the street lights came on! Unfortunately, with all of the technology kids have nowadays, it's hard to get them to stay outside and enjoy some vitamin D. That's why I love this Deluxe Picnic Set 25 Pieces in Carry Case – Primary from Bright Stripes. Not only does it have all of the necessary plates, cups, etc. to put on a great picnic, but they even include felt cookies. How cute is that?

When you give kids the responsibility, let's say, to plan their own picnic, it gives them a sense of confidence. How can a toy do something like that? Well, it's not just a toy, it's the act of planning with that plaything. They can make invitations and hand them out to the family. Then write down what foods they will have and set up the picnic. How much fun would that be? There's nothing better than giving your child a sense of accomplishment!

Bright Stripes Has More To Offer

If you and your little one aren't impressed by picnics, trust me, Bright Stripes has so many other things to offer. Do you like crafts? They have craft sets with candles, DIY soaps, tea sets for younger kids, and even lots of fun, exciting kits for tweens! They have something for everyone. Heck, I would love to do some of their crafts.

If you are interested in the picnic set, here's what it includes; 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 forks, 4 spoons, 4 napkins, 4 felt cookies, 1 mini picnic blanket (to set everything on), and the suitcase to keep it all in. They have seriously thought of everything when creating this basket! My granddaughters loved this set and they immediately set it up and poured milk into the cups and, of course, put out cookies to go along with the milk. Now that's my kind of picnic!

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