Gifts for the Adventurous Soul: Inspiring Ideas for Travelers and Explorers

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Want to give a gift to that adventurous person in your life but are struggling with what to get them? Then this article will be a huge help. It will cover several gift ideas that any explorer in your life will use and appreciate receiving.

1. Scratch Map

Something that can help the traveler in your life look back on the travels they’ve experienced is going to be a tremendous travel-centric gift. There are many ways to memorialize these locations. One of them is with a scratch map. So what exactly is a scratch map?

Essentially, it’s a world map with a special coating that you can scratch off with a coin or fingernail to reveal the country or area’s color. As your explorer travels to new destinations, they can scratch off the corresponding area on the map.

Not only is this an aesthetically pleasing way to display your travels, but it also serves as a helpful reminder of all the fantastic experiences you’ve had worldwide. Whether your friend or loved one is an experienced globetrotter or just starting on their adventures, they’re sure to love this unique and personalized gift.

It would be fun for them to look back on the map to see just how far they’ve come.

2. Travel Journal or Photo Book

You can commemorate and celebrate all the places you’ve been to in many ways. To inspire that adventurer in your life to do that, you can give them personalized books for their travels.

If you know the person you’re gifting this to is particularly fond of the written word, giving them a travel journal is a great choice. It’s a personal diary where travelers can record their thoughts, experiences, and observations. It can include anything from daily activities to reflections on cultural differences and personal growth.

On the other hand, if you know they are fond of the visual medium of photography, get them a photo book instead. A photo book is a collection of photographs from various trips that tell the story of the traveler’s adventures.

Travel journals and photo books are great gifts and serve as treasured keepsakes that travelers can cherish for years to come.

3. Travel Hammock

A travel hammock is another gift worth giving that the traveler in your life can appreciate and use during their travels.

What’s great about a travel hammock is that it’s easy to carry, not bulky, and they can use it for all sorts of places. They can hang it up while camping, hiking in the mountains, or under a tree by the beach. Its versatility and the comfort it brings them during their travels is something they will appreciate.

Aside from that, this kind of equipment might not be the kind of thing they’d buy for themselves since they might be saving up their travel funds on more essential pieces of travel equipment. That’s why a travel hammock can be an excellent gift for them in this sense.

4. Travel Photography Equipment

If you’ve got the budget for it and want to support your traveler buddy’s hobby, consider getting them travel photography equipment. You can get them all sorts of things as there are many things that they might want to have or add to their current arsenal. Here are just a few examples of camera equipment that you can get them:

  • Camera
  • Disposable Camera
  • Film
  • Memory Cards
  • Lens
  • Camera Case
  • Camera Strap

You can help them complete their setup by adding these choices. Just ensure you aren’t giving them something they already own since it’s a costly gift.

5. Outdoor Survival Kit

Another practical travel gift you can give them is an outdoor survival kit. If you have a severe traveler you want to provide a gift for, then giving them an outdoor survival kit is the way to go.

It should have everything they need to go on an adventure. Depending on the kind of kit you get, the items could be minor, like a flashlight and some first aid to heavy-duty, like shelter and a fire starter.

Check what would be in the kit to ensure that you aren’t getting them an outdoor survival kit they won’t need.

6. Language Learning Resources

If you know someone who plans on traveling someplace and staying there for a reasonably long time, consider giving them some language-learning resources as a gift. You can get them an app subscription, enroll them in a class, or provide them with learning materials.

If you give them these tools, they may be more compelled to learn said language, which will be valuable in their travels.

7. Gift Cards

Instead of buying them a travel item that they don’t end up using, giving them a gift card to their preferred outdoor store will be much better for them. Just make sure it’s a considerable amount so they can buy something. It can be for their favorite outdoor store or their accommodation.

It’s a great gift because travel can be expensive. A gift card can give your traveling loved one less expense to worry about on their trip.

8. Travel Toiletry Kit

A travel toiletry kit is a great gift that lessens the time it takes for your traveling buddy or loved one to pack their things. They can be on the go in a second because you already have given them a go-to travel toiletry kit that they can use and bring with them.

Just ensure you include everything they need, including feminine care for those who need it.

9. Travel Pillow and Blanket Set

A travel pillow and blanket set is another excellent travel gift idea. The thing about this set is that they aren’t bulky, so they can bring it wherever they go. They can use it to make their commute to their destination more comfortable.

10. Portable Water Purifier

If you have a friend who goes to remote destinations, consider giving them a portable water purifier. It’s great for your friend who goes deep into nature.

They can use the portable water purifier to help give themselves drinking water that’s safe for them no matter where they are. Just make sure that these can operate even without the use of energy.


These gift ideas are all practical, and you’re bound to find one that suits your traveler or a loved one just right. Whether for their survival or leisure, these items can fit all sorts of travelers, so if you ever need to buy them a gift, choose from one of these options, and you should be good.

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