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Sea World Fun For All Whole Family

Sea World Penguins

There is no other place like Sea World. It’s more than marine animals, more than amusements rides, so much more. On our most recent trip to Sea World we took in as many exhibits possible along with a few rides. One of my favorite areas of Sea World was Antartica. It was a glimpse into a world full of beautiful animals unlike any of seen.

Sea World PenguinsThe one part of Antartica that stood out the most to me was the penguins. Yes, I have seen penguins before. But they have always been behind a glass wall. Sea World has created an area where you feel like you are really in Antartica observing the penguins up close. There is no glass wall between you and the adorable little fellas. Instead, there’s a half wall! And on the other side of that wall is a winter wonderland filled with penguins swimming in the icy water and frolicking on the icy shores. It is truly a spectacular view.

Sea World Dolpin ShowAnother favorite of my family was the dolphin show, Blue Horizons. It’s a great place to sit back and take a rest from the hot Florida sun. The trainers and dolphins put on a marvelous show full of dolphins, tropical birds and acrobats.


There is so much to see and do at Sea World, we easily spent the whole day there. I highly suggest arriving at opening and staying till close. And even doing that, you may not be able to take it all in. We went on a few rides but spent the majority of our time taking in the animals. You won’t find all these guys in one place other than Sea World.


Out of the few rides we went on I would say Journey to Atlantis was a hit with our family. It’s a hard ride to describe, it’s a roller coaster but also a water ride. Once minute you are riding the rails like a traditional roller coaster the next minute you are splashing through the water. All the while you are exploring dark hidden passage ways throughout Atlantis! I will warn you, there is no avoiding getting soaked on this ride. I highly suggest bringing along a change of clothes and shoes for everyone. But it’s the best ride if you need a break from the heat. You are sure to feel refreshed and cooled down when  you’re finished.


If you are looking for a break from the traditional amusement parks Sea World is where you want to be. Your children will be learning about marine life while having a blast.


Sea World is located in Orlando, Florida, San Antonio, Texas and San Diego, California.

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