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Smoked Seasonings For Christmas

These Smoked Seasonings Will Make Any Christmas Happier Than Ever!

Seasonings make food the best it can be because, where would we be without it?  How boring would life be if we didn't have them?  It certainly makes our tastebuds and tummies happy, to say the least.  I've found the highest quality flavors with Whiskey Oak Seasonings.  Not only do they have flavoring for steaks, but their products will surprise you!  I never knew most of these even existed until they sent me a load of them.  Flavors such as Smoked Sugar, Smoked Salt, Smoked Steak Seasoning, Smoked Pork & Poultry, and believe it or not, they even sent their Whiskey Oak Gift Box – 4 Jar Set.

Oh, did you think that was all?  Nope, they also sent the Small Jar Gift Box, plus they gave me a bunch of recipe cards with vibrant pictures of the gorgeous food.  The best way to celebrate with family is with a meal and with these spices you can start a new tradition.

Everything Tastes Better Smoked

Have you ever had steak that was simply grilled on charcoal?  It's kinda boring isn't it?  However, use that same steak and add a smoked flavor or seasoning and you have a winner.  The delicious flavors you get from smoking meat is like no other.  I understand that there are tons of different seasonings to choose from, but when you purchase Whiskey Oak Seasonings, you know you're getting the best.

As their website says “premium smoked flavor from premium ingredients”.  When you begin with the best, quality contents, you end up with flavorful seasonings that can't be surpassed.  They use only natural hardwood for smoking and it shows.

My Favorites

One of my favorites from this huge batch of goodies I received is the Smoked Sugar.  It's perfect at this time of the year because it can be used to salt the rim of your favorite beverage.  Imagine how much more delicious a strawberry daiquiri would be with a bit of sweet and smoke flavor.  Another one I love is the Smoked Salt.  Of course, you can use it the same but possibly on the rim of a margarita.  Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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