Styling with Vintage Decor

Whether you're an old soul or just a person who loves to explore different art styles, going vintage is a sure way to add pizzazz to your house decoration. Despite being associated with “old,” vintage has always been on-trend and captures the eye and heart of any person of any age.

Getting the basics


Albeit on-trend, decorating anything in vintage can be overwhelming, let alone a building’s interior. It can also appear tacky when you overdo it.


But getting it right entails a process that applies to basically everything in life – start small. If you are just beginning to explore decorating with vintage style, start with small pieces. You can pin your curtains with a vintage curtain clip or use a vintage vase for the flowers you put in your living room. 


Vintage furniture is also the best way to amp up the vintageness in your decor but it can be a gamble. In lieu of this, you can definitely use wallpapers and place them in areas in your house where you want the vintage vibe to radiate most.

Shopping for vintage wallpapers 


When looking for vintage wallpapers, you need to determine several factors first such as the motif of your interior, how much of the vintage vibe you want to give off in that specific area in your house, and the style of the wallpaper. 


This is important since using wallpapers as decorations is a huge risk – you do not want to end up wasting money by throwing away one!


The great thing about wallpapers is that they can stand out alone or, when placed strategically, blend in with the rest of the decor. If you wish to choose the latter, you can always use vintage wallpapers that will best complement your furniture. You can begin hanging up one in transitional spaces in your house like the hallways or foyer. This gives the decor a chance to be part of the rest of the house’s interior but not necessarily be in the spotlight, which is a great option if you wish to use other pieces as the highlight in your house.


You can also adopt a motif. Nothing screams “vintage” like a black-and-white motif. It gives a classic yet classy vibe, a sort of “homage” to either goth themes or Old Hollywood. 


By contrast, you can opt for colorful prints to give your interior a subtle pop of color. You can choose neutral shades to complement the atmosphere your space is giving off or you can use the wallpaper as the room’s star of the show by choosing wallpapers that capture a scene from a vintage movie or a quote. Either way, you can never go wrong with both. 


Vintage wallpapers can also come in different layouts. This type is suited for those with an eye for modern architecture, emphasizing the shapes and structure of a piece rather than the piece itself. You can go for an unframed or framed print, canvas print, etc. Either option expresses a unique approach to style. 


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