Teeth Bridges: Quick Facts about Bridging the Gap



This article provides you an overview of what exactly dental bridges are and various questions associated with them. 

What are tooth bridges or dental bridges?

A dental bridge is a fixed dental restoration used by a dentist five dock to replace the missing gap between two or more teeth. In other words, a missing tooth may be replaced with several artificial teeth which continually engage with adjacent teeth. 


These false teeth or pontics(artificial teeth) are attached to the crown and they resemble natural teeth in size and shape.

What are the uses of a dental bridge?

The uses of dental bridges differ from person to person. Some might need it due to surgery or an accident or others might need it because the gaps in between their teeth are causing them problems in their day-to-day life. These hindrances can be slight biting of lips or tongue whenever they eat because of the gap between their teeth. 


Many people also get dental bridges when their tooth gets so decayed that it eventually falls out and the dentist removes it to embed the fake one.

What are the benefits of dental bridges?

  1. It improves your ability to chew, speak, and eat solid food again which directly helps in the digestion process making your gut fit and healthy.


    2. It can help improve your self-esteem and help reduce the risk of conditions such as cavities and stress surgeries. It also prevents plaque from forming on your teeth.


   3. It is highly durable and will last you for quite a long time. That means that you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars every year on your oral health.


   4. Dental bridges improve your confidence and restore your smile with a more natural look. In many cases, it might also improve your ability to speak properly without biting your tongue or lip.


What are the types of dental bridges?

Although there are several types of dental bridges in this article we’ll be going on through with three dental bridges that are most commonly used:


  1. Traditional dental bridge: In this type of bridge, the dentist will prepare the abutment tooth/teeth first and will remove some of the dentin and enamel to make space for the crowns. These crowns help place the false tooth/teeth in place. This one is the most popular one among all the other types and it is fixed as well as removable.


    2. Maryland bridge: This type of bridge is mostly used in cases where a person is missing their front tooth/teeth. It works exactly like traditional bridges but in this case, the device(Maryland bridge) adheres to the adjacent teeth in quite a different way. 


It does not fully cover the adjacent teeth but rather its wings bond to the adjacent teeth with the false tooth in the center. Maryland bridges are more conservative as compared to their counterparts and can be less secure as well.


    3. Implant-supported bridges: These bridges require surgery to place the dental implants. They are secure but can be expensive as compared to others.

The lifespan of dental bridges?

Usually, dental bridges last for 5 to 7 years but with good oral hygiene and regular professional dental checkups they can last up to 15 years as well. It’s important to make certain dietary changes like not eating sticky candies, sugary foods, hard snacks, etc. to make them last as well.


Dental bridges are an excellent solution and can be considered a good option if you are facing problems due to a missing tooth/teeth. 

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