Top 5 Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Fresh Food

Good nutrition isn't only for people; it's also for your four-legged family members. It's essential to feed your fur friend only clean and fresh dog food if you want them to live long and healthy lives.

Dog owners are more likely to serve their animals freshly prepared meals. It remains to be seen, though, why provide fresh food first?

1. Weight Loss and Control

To ensure the health and well-being of your dogs, you must maintain that they are within their recommended weight range.

There is a lot of starch in commercial pet food. They include maize, rice, and potatoes, contributing to obesity in dogs and other pets. The goodness and nutrition your dog needs are packed into freshly cooked food, on the other hand.

2. No Additives

A diet based only on fresh foods would be free of additives or preservatives. Food coloring, carrageenan, and xanthin gum are all used in kibble to make it seem more “attractive.” These are examples of additives often found in dog food that is added for production efficiency (a longer shelf life) or for marketing to dogs.

Many fresh, dog-friendly foods may easily be added to your pet's regular diet. To keep things in check, only 10% of their calorie intake should come from fresh food or snacks. It's possible to get fresh dog food delivered to your home with at least 10% new food, if not more, for your dog.

3. Better Digestion

Commercial pet food ingredient listings sometimes overstate protein amounts and don't indicate the correct amount of each component. Because of this, it is possible to employ even the healthiest-sounding substances in little quantities. Likewise, just because a bag of dog food promises to include 30% protein doesn't imply it will all be digestible.

For dogs, dry food has many difficult substances to digest and accumulates in stinky excrement piles. Stools become smaller and fewer when you eat human-grade food, which is highly digestible. Food is digested correctly, nutrients are absorbed immediately, and you're left with days' worth of poop bags.

4. Extends Life Expectancy

Dogs are reported to live longer if they are fed fresh food. According to research, dogs given a new diet lived an average of 2.5 years longer than their commercially provided counterparts. Commercial food contains preservatives, colors, and synthetic nutrients, all of which are harmful to the health of your furry babies.

5. Improved Skin and Coat

A common problem for many dogs is itching, rashes, and dry fur. Although it's common for pet owners to attribute these symptoms to allergies, many skin issues might be caused by the enormous quantities of fillers in processed, dry dog food.

Incorporating omega-3, 6, and 9-rich foods into your dog's diet improves their skin and coat hydration, making them so cuddly that you'll never want to get them out of bed.


Fresh food is not a fad diet, unlike many others. Animals enjoy it, and it's never been easier to do it in a way that's also good for them. Don't add more than 10% of their calorie intake from fresh food or treats to prevent their meals from becoming unbalanced.

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