How To Make Your Pet More Comfortable During a Big Move

Moving your entire life somewhere new can feel taxing. Whether you travel alone or with your family, everyone feels the effects of change. However, so do your pets.

How To Make Your Pet More Comfortable During a Big Move

Your furry buddy will notice furniture moved around, boxes appearing out of nowhere, and its favorite blankets getting packed away. So here’s how to make your pet more comfortable during a big move.

Keep Up Its Regular Routine

Whether you raised a puppy or adopted a senior cat, it takes time for it to adjust to its home. After years of perfecting its routines, it feels at peace and gives you cues to show what it needs. When it’s time to move into a new home, your pet may feel frazzled and unsure of how to communicate.

A way to make your pet more comfortable during a big move is to maintain its daily routines. If you have an active dog, continue its regular walks. If you have a cat who loves sleeping on the washing machine, always allow it access to the new laundry room.

Stay Patient and Understanding

When a pet moves into a new environment, it will most likely become confused and overwhelmed by its new surroundings. This can result in indoor accidents, minor injuries, and damages around the home.

You must take the time to help it create new habits while enforcing positive reinforcement. Don’t punish it because it won’t understand. Instead, guide it and make sure it knows the new layout.

Limit Outside Human Interaction

Your pet may not want to see too many faces during your big move. It can add to its existing stress and might cause it to lash out. Next thing you know, you’ll find a torn-up pillow or deep scratch marks on your bedroom door.

So for the safety of your pet, make sure you limit its contact with people for a short time until it has acclimated properly. Keep it strictly to you and your family; your pup’s tail will start wagging before you know it.

Set Up Comfortable Spaces for Your Pet

Moving into a new home can become stressful for the entire household. So everyone wants to assemble their beds and make their new homes livable as quickly as possible. This is also important for your pet. When an animal enters a new home, its nerves are high, and it’ll feel lost.

It’s essential to make sure your pet has designated areas in your home to feel comfortable and safe in. This is also true when you live in a short-term rental. Place its favorite blankets, beds, and toys in both active and quiet areas of the house so it can balance out its energy levels.

Seeing your furry friend thrive in your new home brings warmth to the heart. Once it finds a new perch to lay on or sticks in the backyard, you’ll feel a sense of peace seeing its newfound happiness.

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