Top Dog-Friendly Cities in the US

The United States has no rivals for the most pet dogs owned by households worldwide. According to a 2017 survey, there were about 89.7 million dogs in the country! You'll agree that is a staggering number.

As expected, all cities in the US have provisions for dog care and other facilities. Notwithstanding, some cities provide a more comfy and favorable atmosphere for a dog to thrive in the US than others. What are the cities? You'll discover them as you read on. 

1. St. Petersburg, Florida

If you're wondering what makes this city earn a place on our list, you're about to find out why. With about 20 dog shops and 134 dog-friendly restaurants, and at least eight off-leash dog parks, it's hard to ignore such devotion to our furry friends.

2. San Francisco, California

For perspective, the city is widely rumored to have more dogs than children! San Francisco boasts 53 off-leash dog parks and more than 200 dog-friendly restaurants. There are also scores of clinics to attend to your four-legged buddies. But that's not all.

The city is also home to dog-friendly bars, gyms, and hotels for canines to hang out. We can't forget to mention the annual festival for dogs and other furry pets. This city may also have the crown for the best dog-loving locations in America.

3. Portland, Oregon

If you're considering moving to the US with your family and Fido, Portland would be a perfect place for you. The City of Roses has over 400 restaurants ready to serve your canine friend, 43 official off-leash parks( fenced and free-roaming), and a runway.

You'd find without stress veterinaries with a specialty in dog treatment and only-God-knows number of dog sitters to help you care for your furry buddies in your absence. And, of course, there are bars for dogs that fancy brews too.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada

We know everyone's mind goes to gambling at the mention of Las Vegas, but dog owners would also find this city a paradise for their furry friends. Even if you're there for the casinos, we bet your dog would find a place to lodge in over 300 dog-friendly hotels. Besides, there are at least 220 dog-friendly restaurants and 21 off-leash dog parks to hang out with your canine friend.

Are you going shopping? Many shops in the “Gambling Capital of The World” allow well-behaved dogs inside. There is also a wide range of pet services for canines, such as training grounds, camping grounds, clinics, and sitters.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

When you see dogs riding the first subway built in America, that should tell you how important dogs are in this city. There isn't as much canine density here compared to other cities, meaning the 15 off-leash parks are more than sufficient.

You can eat out with your dogs in more than 130 restaurants and take your dog to salons for luxury treats. How about spas and training centers? You'll find them without sweating around the city. Most importantly, Vet clinics also run 24-hour services for your furry friend.

6. Denver, Colorado

The metropolis is known for its vibrant outdoor lifestyle, and dogs are very much in their plans. More than 260 hotels in the city are open to receiving canines and have adequate facilities for them.

There are 12 official off-leash parks for your puppies to express themselves. Meanwhile, there are also about 280 restaurants all ready for you and your dog to have a treat. Trust us, Denver has lots of baked foods your canine buddy can't afford to miss. You'll also find regular services like spas, salons, training centers, and clinics for dogs readily available within the city.

7. San Diego, California

With 14 parks and one dog beach, San Diego in California is one of the best places to stay with dogs. Do we begin with the about 900 dog-friendly hotels or the 586 restaurants ready to attend to you and your canine pal?

In addition, you would find several pet stores to get supplies for your dogs and several service centers to care for your canine friend. These include spas, overnight camping grounds, clinics, grooming, and training centers. For short, no dog could be sad in San Diego.

8. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona, is a choice destination for anyone looking to give their dog a good life. The city officially operates nine parks for dogs to roam off-leash with their owners. There are several grooming centers and luxury places for dogs to have the time of their life.

Besides, most hotels and eateries have no problem with customers frequenting them with their canine friends. The city even sets aside a day called Pitbulooza to celebrate Pitbulls. Moreover, the weather here is more than perfect for breeds that love dry weather.

The Close

By now, you must understand that the US does not joke about how dogs are conveyed and handled by owners. If you wish to migrate to the Land of Opportunities with your dogs, you may need some immigration advice, so you don't contravene animal laws.

Overall, when you get to any of these cities, acquaint yourself with their animal laws. None of them will spare you if you do not treat dogs in a friendly manner.

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