5 Ways To Make Your Pup Feel Extra Special

5 Ways To Make Your Pup Feel Extra Special

Have you returned home from vacation to find your dog giving you the stink eye? Or it’s their birthday, and you want to provide them with the best day ever?

Dogs are a family’s best friend, and they should be treated with love and respect every day, but there are some days when they deserve extra love. Follow these five ways to make your pup feel extra special!

All the Cuddles

Your pup wants nothing else than to cuddle with you and receive pets for being a good girl or boy—unless, of course, it’s food, and then you might be fighting for their attention.

Make sure to let them know you love them by scratching in their favorite spots. This could be their belly, under the chin, in between the ears, or their butt!

Cuddle with them on the couch or a comfy chair and give them extra pets to show your affection and care for them.

Create a Treasure Hunt

Turn any typical day into your dog’s favorite day by creating a treasure hunt for them. While they can’t read, you can encourage them to smell certain spots and dig for their new toys or delicious treats!

Simply take them outside, stand by the spot where you hid their gift, and call out to them. Let them sniff around to find their toy and have a blast!

Take Them on a Trip

You can take them to the dog park or even to the beach. Dogs love swimming! Let them doggy paddle their way into a fun day. Be sure to place a life jacket on them if they’re not used to going into the water.

Including your pet on your trips outside of the home can make them feel more secure and loved, rather than waiting for you to come home.

Schedule Extra Playtime

Schedule some extra playtime with your pup to show them how much you love them. This can include playing tug of war with them or even playing a classic game of catch!

Playtime encourages exercise and mental stimulation, providing them with a healthy and fun lifestyle.

Feed Them Quality Food

Oftentimes, we assume that our dog’s kibble is healthy for them, but while some types are indeed beneficial, some experts may say that human-grade food is better. There are many reasons why human-grade food is better for your dog.

Spoil your animal companion by giving them the best, most nutritious food they could have, and they’ll thank you with all the kisses and cuddles!

These five ways to make your pup feel extra special will make the best birthday experience for your dog, or show them how much they mean to you!

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