4 Unexpected Things You’ll Need When Recovering from Pregnancy

Pregnancy and delivery take a serious toll on a mother’s body and mind. After having a baby, you will likely find yourself dealing with excess weight, hormone imbalances, surprise leaks, and all sorts of other issues…all while caring for a tiny human being who is entirely dependent on you. Yikes. 

Being a mom is not an easy job and, unfortunately, many don’t have as much support as they truly need when recovering from pregnancy. Add to that the simple fact that the post-partum period is filled with surprises that many new mothers have never even considered, and it’s easy to see why so many moms struggle during the first few months of their child’s life. 

The good news? There are plenty of things out there that can make the recovery process a bit easier. Here are a few unexpected things you’ll need when recovering from pregnancy. 

Special Underwear

The mesh undies that hospitals give out following vaginal deliveries are far from glamorous, but they get the job done. After giving birth, you may bleed for several days, so be prepared to wear special undies that look and feel a lot like the diapers you’ll be strapping on your new little one. 

Not in love with the ones the hospital provides? We hear you. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Maternity underwear is a comfortable option, as long as you don’t mind wearing pads. Incontinence underwear works, too. There are also so-called “period panties” that are designed to be worn during your menstrual cycle. They work well for post-partum mommas, also. 

Lots of Extra Shirts

Being a new mom isn’t just messy down below. You’ll probably be dealing with plenty of leaks and baby-related messes up top, too. Even with the best nursing pads, you will likely end up with milk stains on your shirt every once in a while. And is a mom really a “real” mom if she doesn’t get spit up on, thrown up on, peed on or pooped on nearly every single day? You may even end up with coffee stains on your shirt from dozing off–coffee cup in hand–while you have a few blissful moments of silence as your little one naps. We don’t judge! 

Motherhood is messy, and keeping up with the mess means being prepared. Before you head to the hospital to deliver your new bundle of joy, it never hurts to invest in some extra cotton t-shirts. During those first few days, weeks and months after returning home from the hospital, you aren’t going to feel like doing load after a load of laundry. And while your wardrobe may seem quite large now, the options will quickly dwindle away when you are always getting dirty. By buying shirts in bulk, you can stock up in anticipation of the messes to come. And since wholesale shirts are inexpensive, you won’t feel bad about throwing one away when you are faced with a mess that is just too gross to deal with. 


Okay, we all know that getting plenty of rest is essential. As a new parent, though, you may underestimate just how vital a good night’s sleep is. When your day revolves around caring for a newborn who relies on you for absolutely everything, exhaustion becomes very real, very fast. We aren’t talking about the kind of exhaustion you’ve likely felt after an all-night study session or the way you feel after a particularly strenuous run. We are talking about crippling, soul-crushing exhaustion that makes you feel like you can barely hold your own head up. 

As a new mom, you need to rest when you can. In many homes, this means sleeping when your baby does–even if it’s in the middle of the day when the sun is shining. Investing in a good sleep mask can help. Weighted sleep masks are great options because they help you relax while blocking out light. 

A sleep mask may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but trust us, you’ll need one. You need plenty of rest as a new mom, and you need to get that rest whenever your little one allows you to do so. Ideally, you would be able to get a good night’s sleep at the end of a long day. Sometimes, though, that just isn’t possible. When you need to sleep during the day to make up for lost hours during the night, you’ll be super happy to have a high-quality sleep mask. 

Personal Wipes and Dry Shampoo

Being a new mom isn’t glamorous. Chances are, the days of actually showering daily are probably behind you for a while. To keep yourself somewhat fresh, you’ll want to stock up on personal wipes and dry shampoo. With these handy items, you can clean yourself up a bit even when you don’t have the time (or energy) for a full shower. There are several brands and fragrances to choose from. Figure out which ones you like best before you head to the hospital to deliver your bundle of joy. You won’t feel like shopping for them once your life becomes so hectic that showering turns into a chore. 

The Bottom Line

Being a new mom is hard, exhausting and often disgusting work. It’s also one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can ever have. Motherhood is filled with ups and downs, and the post-partum period is incredibly difficult. By planning ahead, though, you can be prepared for things that you may not have expected. 

Talk to the moms in your family or friend group to ask them about the unexpected items they needed after becoming parents. They’ll likely mention some of the things listed above and share their must-have items. Use our article as a guideline, listen to advice and take steps to prepare and you’ll have a much easier time surviving the challenging post-partum period. It won’t be easy, but you can do it, momma!

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