5 Essential Accessories for Grooming Your Dog at Home

5 Essential Accessories for Grooming Your Dog at Home

Even if you don’t plan on dressing up your dog like a pageant queen, there are still some convincing reasons that you should, at the very least, regularly groom your dog. Taking care of your dog’s coat, nails, and teeth helps you bond, save money instead of going to a professional groomer, and prevent any high veterinary costs down the road. Here are five essential accessories for grooming your dog at home.

Nail Trimmer or Grinder

When a dog’s nails get too long, it can negatively impact its posture and joints. In addition, it’s excruciating for dogs to deal with excessively long nails. Nail trimmers are a must for any dog owner. Most dogs will tolerate them with some positive exposure training. Nail grinders are a step up from traditional trimmers but are another effective way to tend to your dog’s nails and smooth out the edges.

Teeth Cleaning Supplies

No matter how many dental treats you give your dog, it still needs to get its teeth cleaned. If tartar builds up too much over the years, it can cost hundreds of dollars to care for it. Plus, it’ll likely need anesthesia. Instead, pick up some dog-friendly toothpaste from a pet store and gently brush your dog’s teeth. You could also wrap a gauze wrap around your finger and dip it in coconut oil as an alternative way to “brush” your dog’s teeth.

Clippers or Shears

Long-haired dogs will need haircuts, just like you. If not, their hair can become matted and dirty, leading to more complications near their sensitive areas. Most of the time, having a pair of hair clippers will do. Some people choose to get some dog-friendly shears to add a little bit of style to certain places (like your dog’s ears or chin) or get the hair between its paw pads.

Brush or Comb

There are dozens of types of brushes and combs out there designed for different fur lengths and types. Some dogs need a brush to help with shedding, whereas this is overkill for others. Brushing your dog’s coat will help you see if it has any wounds that need attention and help keep its skin healthy.

Dog-Safe Shampoo

Dogs are extremely sensitive to smells and chemicals. Therefore, using a human-grade shampoo is not a good idea for your pooch. Instead, reach out to your local pet store to see what options they have available based on your dog’s fur type. Or try dog shampoo conditioner cologne, this works as well.

It might seem like a lot, but these essential accessories for grooming your dog at home will go a long way in keeping your pet as healthy as possible.

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