Best Allergy-Friendly Pets for All Ages

Best Allergy-Friendly Pets for All Ages

The French poet Anatole France once wrote that “until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” Having a pet can bring deep love and companionship into a home—unless one is allergic to them. Having a pet allergy is more common than people may think, as a slew of kids and adults alike are allergic to dander.

However, it doesn’t automatically mean that you to go through life alone without an animal companion by your side. A variety of animals hypoallergenic animals are a safer choice for a pet, whether it’s for yourself, your kids, or your whole family. You are bound to find one, or two, or more that will work out for you. Here is a comprehensive list of the best allergy-friendly pets for all ages.

Felines and Fidos: A Consideration of Fur

Many varieties of dogs and cats are labeled or marketed as “hypoallergenic pets,” the moniker describing their supposed safety for those with allergies. However, there is a common misunderstanding correlated to this term. There are no warm-blooded mammals that are completely safe for those with allergies. If you truly desire a four-legged friend for your home, you need to select one that has a lower allergy threshold.

Common household pets such as dogs and cats can be doable if the right breeds are chosen. For cats, some popular breeds include Balinese and Sphynx. With wide eyes, a small face, and big ears, the Devon or Cornish Rex may also be the closest thing to “Baby Yoda” a person can find on this side of the galaxy. For a trusty canine companion, glance through the following list of dog breedsthat may work for you.

Smaller Mammals: A Mix of Comradeship

Smaller mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, chinchillas, or ferrets are widely open options. Since they are mammals, they can cause allergies like puppies or kittens, but they are inside a cage most of the time. This means fewer allergens are able to spread throughout the house. You can also keep such pets in a specific place in the house, which is a smart move to reduce one’s exposure to allergens. Washing hands after touching or wearing gloves and a mask while cleaning out a cage are completely feasible precautions.

Unique Options: Fish, Tortoises, or Other Reptiles

Out of the best allergy-friendly pets for all ages, fish are the ideal pet for a sneeze-free zone. While you can’t take them out on a walk or cuddle up with them on your lap, they are still fascinating, underrated, creatures. If you do some further research on the varieties of freshwater and saltwater fish available, you might just find one that catches your fancy. Betta fish have grown increasingly popular these days due to their aesthetic beauty. Contrasting from other fish species, they are also highly interactive beings that you can bond with.

Reptiles are another safe choice as a suitably allergen-free pet. However, you can be allergic to what food they eat. Herbivorous tortoises are a nice fit for anyone who likes the idea of a reptile pet but does not desire to feed their pet insects, bugs, or small mammals. No matter your choice of animal, be sure to do the proper research. A pet is a long-term commitment of companionship.

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