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The Bracelet We All Need

When it comes to me wearing any kind of bracelets, I like the way some bracelets look on my arm then I do others. I was able to find this most beautiful bracelet, the chakra bracelet, it's pleasing to the eye.


Made with 7 unique semi-precious gemstones and lava rock. Each stone has its own unique meaning and properties. The colors are so bright and beautiful. I just love it. Each stone holds its own meaning, made from semi-precious gemstones. I love that it can go with anything I wear, it looks better in person.

Chakras are often brought up in relation to meditation practices and emotional healing. Every single one of these potential energy centers has its own vibration frequency – and when we understand how they work, it can be used to heal particular wounds or just achieve better physical and emotional well being.

Why this bracelet and not any other, I love it and feel the energy coming from it. For me I need to slow down and focus on things, i believe that a balance of vibrations does indeed, improve your mental acuity and wisdom, being able to look through the negative, and find the positive.

The feel of it on your arm is lightless, it looks great and feels good. I dont like things that are tight and make me feel like I am wearing a ton on my arm, this is so great and people love it. I feel remarkably calm when wearing it, like this calmness rushes over you. Its pretty and comfortable to wear.

Third Eye Chakra” which will make jewelry products focused on helping people live more mindful lives. They have just made and produced their first chukra bracelet and I love it. The colors all jump at you and are eye catching. For more information and to get one for yourself head over to their website.



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