6 Easy Ways to Loosen Up Tense Muscles

Did you know that as many as 1 in 5 Americans suffer from chronic pain?

If your pain stems from tense muscles, you might be wondering what you can do to get some relief. Whether you have chronic pain or you want to speed up recovery from an intense workout, the good news is that there are plenty of solutions you can try.

Do you want to learn how to relax tight muscles? Keep reading for 6 methods that will help you feel better in no time.

  1. Try Stretching

Stretching is essential for easing muscle tension even though the last thing you feel like doing is using the muscles that hurt more. Although stretching will feel uncomfortable at first, you'll notice that you can push deeper into each position over time and feel more relaxed when you're finished. Yoga is a great activity that can stretch your whole body.

  1. Get a Massage or Massage Yourself

Another one of the best ways to get muscle tension relief is to have a professional massage you or use tools that help you massage yourself. If you can't afford a massage therapist, try lying on a tennis ball or foam roller to work any soreness out. This will also be uncomfortable at first, but the results are worth it.

  1. Take a Hot Shower or Bath

Soaking in hot water is the most soothing method to relax tense muscles. Heat improves mobility and reduces pain, so take some time to enjoy a steamy shower or bath. For the best results, try doing some gentle stretches after you're done drying off.

  1. Increase Your Magnesium Intake

Has anyone ever told you to eat a banana after you work out? The reason why is because bananas are an excellent source of magnesium. By upping your intake of magnesium, your muscles will have the fuel they need to recover and feel great.

  1. Use Natural Supplements

If you want to avoid taking pain medication, there are plenty of natural supplements that can give you relief. CBD is a powerful product that can provide almost immediate results. You can learn more about the benefits here if you want to try a muscle relaxer.

  1. Manage Your Daily Stress

Tight muscles can also be caused by stress. Have you ever caught yourself clenching your jaw or sitting with stiff shoulders? Pain management involves taking steps to reduce your daily stress so you can avoid creating more tension.

Meditation is a common way to reduce stress, but feel free to try other activities that bring you joy.

Now You Can Say Goodbye to Tense Muscles

If you suffer from tense muscles often, these solutions are guaranteed to bring you lots of relief right away. Be sure to experiment with your treatment plan so you can find the best routine for your unique body.

Are you ready to learn other ways you can look and feel your best? If so, don't forget to explore the rest of our blog to find more expert wellness and lifestyle tips.



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