7 common mistakes in home grooming

Let's list the main mistakes of home grooming that every novice owner faces. Remember them so as not to repeat them.


Not all dogs need a haircut. There are so-called “shearing” breeds: Shih Tzu, lapdogs, Yorkshire terriers, poodles … Haircuts are contraindicated for other dogs (for example, wire-haired): they will worsen the quality of the coat.

Lack of high-quality pet tools

Quality grooming is impossible without quality tools. You might have noticed it yourself. For example, if you cut a dog's claw with nail clippers, rather than a special nail clipper, it can begin to flake and crumble. So, please use the proper dog products.

Poor or inappropriate cosmetics

A basic set of dog care products is a lotion for cleaning ears and eyes, a shampoo and conditioner for washing, and a moisturizer for combing. But if the dog's coat is snow-white and stains remain on it, if it is electrified or frizzy, if the dog has tangles, dandruff, dull color or other features, it will need specialized professional cosmetics.

Improper eye and ear care

There are many important nuances that a newbie in the world of dog breeding may not be aware of. For example, a dog needs to wipe his eyes with different napkins: each eye needs its own clean napkin. This may seem like an insignificant rule, but if you use the same tissue on two eyes and one eye is inflamed, you can spread the infection to the other eye with a flick of your hand.

Shampoo or conditioner in the eye

When you wash your dog yourself at home, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. It happens that while bathing, shampoo or conditioner gets into the dog's eyes. How will the pet react to this? Carelessness, insufficient fixation

Ignoring cuts and sores

Professional craftsmen have a trained eye. They can tell a lot about a dog's health from the look of its coat and skin. If a slight irritation on your dog's belly may seem like “just a rash that will go away,” the groomer will quickly recognize an allergic reaction to a new shampoo and replace the product before the pet's condition worsens.


Sometimes, in an attempt to achieve obedience, the owners are too intrusive. For example, they are trying to trim all the claws right now, although the dog is trying with all his might to escape. This is a bad strategy. If the dog is stressed, if she is scared and is trying to finish the procedure, go to meet her, finish the procedure a little later ..

With love to your dogs!

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