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Katarina Nail Polish

I love feeling pretty. To me, it is how much time you take to invest in yourself. Taking time to make yourself feel good about how you look is very important. It shows others you care about yourself. That includes painting your nails and keeping your hands looking absolutely fresh. There should be no excuse to abandoning your health and beauty, for mere laziness. I really love the nail polishes provided by Saki.

Saki offers a very fun variety of cosmetics. They have a beautiful collection of lip glosses which are handmade and vegan. They also have another version, bundles of manufactured lip glosses. There is even a very pretty eyeshadow palette literally called Pretty Woman. In addition to lip glosses, there are a fun collection of nail polishes. You can even continue caring for your nails with their cuticle oil pen as well as their emulsified sugar scrub.

Saki’s selection of colors in their nail polishes is definitely a very fun experience to peruse. With so many pretty choices, it is hard to pick just one color. However, even with so many amazing choices, I do enjoy one in particular. That nail polish color is called Katarina. It is a beautiful cherry red color. What I enjoy about it, is it gives off a pretty shimmer under the sunlight. Each Saki polish is a fifteen milliliter bottle. These bottles retail for 11.26 U.S. dollars.

The cool thing about Saki nail polishes are they are made by hand in small batches. So you may even experience a slight difference from one batch to the next. To properly use a Saki nail polish, you would first use a good base and top coat. This would make chipping when washing hands or typing less susceptible. If I follow these guidelines, my manicure really does last longer.

I recommend the Saki nail polish. I enjoy how it runs smoothly over my nails and takes less than two minutes to dry. Be careful not to apply too much paint on at a time as each layer needs time to dry.

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