9 Relationship Conversations You Shouldn’t Avoid

Avoiding certain relationships can be good, but avoiding the wrong ones may lead to problems later on. Here are 9 relationship conversations you should avoid and why they're important to have.

1. How often will we be together?

The answer to “How often will we be together?” is one of the most important things you can discuss when entering a relationship. Not only does it help you figure out whether or not this person is right for you, it helps determine whether or not they're worth spending time with in the first place.

It might seem like an obvious question, but one that's surprisingly easy to avoid asking, especially if you've just begun seeing someone new. You might want to avoid asking it because you don't want to scare them off—or because you're afraid of what the answer might be. But avoiding this conversation could lead to disaster down the road. Iif you don't know how often your partner wants to see each other, then you'll never know what kind of expectations they have for your relationship. And if those expectations are unrealistic—like wanting every day together when one of your jobs requires traveling two weeks out of every month—then there will be constant tension between the two of you over how much time should be spent together and how much time should be spent apart.

2. What does the future look like for us?

In a relationship, you're going to have to talk about the future. It's unavoidable—and it's important.

If you don't talk about your future together, then you're just not going anywhere. You can't plan for anything if you don't know what the other person is thinking. You could end up with a lot of hurt feelings, or even worse: one of you might just walk away without any warning at all.

That's why we think it's so important for couples to have “What does the future look like for us?” conversations. You need to see where your partner is coming from before you make any big decisions together—and that means talking about what kind of life you want together in the long run. If you don't do it now, then when?

You'll never know if your partner wants one kid or 10 until they tell you! Maybe they want two kids so they can raise them with their siblings, but they don't want any more after that because they want to travel everywhere and see everything this world has to offer. But if they don't tell you that until later on down the road when they're ready to start having kids. Well then where are we?

3. What attitude do you hate in me the most?

This is a question that can be helpful to ask, because it helps you get to the heart of what your partner's expectations are and how they see you. But it can also be tricky, because it might bring up some issues that you're not comfortable talking about with your partner.

If you're feeling like this conversation would be hard for you or your partner—if either one of you is uncomfortable with confrontation or conflict—then this is not a conversation that should be avoided.

It's important to talk about these things because they're part of any relationship, even if they're not always easy to talk about. And if a certain attitude really bothers your partner, then it's important for both of you to know what their expectations are so that neither one of you feels like something's being left out or ignored.

4. How do you feel about what happened between us yesterday?

When you're in a relationship, it's important to be able to talk about what happened between you and your partner the day before. This is because if something went wrong, then it's important to know how you can make it right again. And if something went right, then it's important to know how you can keep things going well.

It may seem like a conversation like this would be uncomfortable, but it actually helps strengthen the bond between two people in love. The more you talk about your feelings, the closer you become and the better your relationship becomes. Because of this, we recommend that you always take time out of your day to share your thoughts with one another!

5. What do you think about my work/career goals/dreams?

This question is important because it shows that your partner cares enough about what you want to make sure that their opinion aligns with yours. It also shows that your partner wants to be supportive of whatever it is that makes you happy.

It's important to remember that everyone has different opinions and feelings about things and that can change over time as well. That being said, if your partner doesn't agree with what you want or how you plan on achieving it, then they probably won't be very supportive of your goals or dreams unless they change their mind later on down the road. At least then they will know what they're getting themselves into when deciding whether or not they support these dreams of yours.

6. How do you feel about my friends/family?

This question can be a tricky one to answer. You want to be sure that your partner respects your family and friends and that they feel comfortable in your life. If not, then it's time for you to take a look at why things are the way they are.

If there's something wrong with your partner's response to this question, it could be a sign of trouble on the horizon. Take note of how he or she responds and try to think about why he or she might react that way. Does he or she get defensive? Does she seem uncomfortable when talking about these topics? These types of reactions might indicate that there is some tension between you both when it comes to these relationships—and this could lead to problems down the road!

7. How do you feel about my health/body image/lifestyle choices?

It's a question that can be uncomfortable to ask, but it's one you should ask.

Why? Because it's the only way to get the honest truth about your partner's feelings.

If you're wondering whether or not your partner respects your health/body image/lifestyle choices, then don't be afraid to ask them. Don't just assume that because they love you, they respect what you do for yourself. You need to know if they really believe in what you're doing, and if they don't, then it's time for a conversation about why not.

If your partner doesn't support your choices, then this could be a red flag that they don't respect who you are as a person—and that doesn't bode well for the future of your relationship.

8. What are your thoughts about marriage?

Marriage is something that many people have an opinion on and it's okay to ask someone what they think. You can ask them if they think marriage is important, or why they don't want to get married.

You may also want to know whether or not they already have plans for getting married in the future. If so, you'll want to find out what those plans are so you can understand their expectations for the relationship and how serious they are about getting married down the road.

If you're dating someone who doesn't plan on getting married anytime soon or ever, this could be a good opportunity for both of you to talk about how long you plan on being together before deciding whether or not marriage is something worth considering at all.

The point here is that this isn't just a question about marriage—it's also a chance for both of you to express your feelings about commitment and whether or not it's something worth pursuing together as well!

9. Do you want to talk about anything else right now?

This is a question that can be asked in a variety of situations. It's an extremely useful phrase to have in your back pocket, because it can help you avoid a lot of arguments and fights with your partner.

Whether you're talking about something that has been bothering one or both of you for a while, or if an argument just started up and you don't know where else to go with it, asking this question can help get the conversation back on track without having any sort of fight.

Asking this question also helps ensure that neither party feels like they're being attacked or criticized by their partner—which can be especially important if there's been some tension between the two of you lately.

Whether you realize it or not, you may be avoiding some important conversations in your relationship. Try to be more proactive about things you can control. It's always better to let your feelings out in the open before they become a frustration that splits you and your spouse or boyfriend apart.
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