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A Flexible Toy With Textures

These Flexible Textures Give Kids A Satisfaction Beyond Comparison!

Do you have a little one that craves textures while playing with their toys? Well, these are flexible, happy-inducing toys that have great textures. When my granddaughter (who might be on the autism spectrum) felt these squishy, bendable playthings, she said, “Oh, it's so satisfying!”. They squish and pulse through your fingers in a way that gives you a happy feeling. Not only does it help those on the spectrum, but it helps with anxious feelings too.


So, what toys am I raving about? I'm talking about Doodle.Jamz and GooToobz. They sent me the coolest Doodle.Jamz Marvel (Spiderman) JellyPics which consists of a sensory drawing pad filled with non-toxic beads/gel. It includes a stylus and a removable 2-sided picture. The beads and gel feel so fulfilling in between your fingers as you push them around to create your masterpiece. My granddaughter loved using it.


One of my favorite items that Sky Castle sent to me would have to be the GooToobz Squishy Sensory Tubes. These are handheld fidget toys that are so enjoyable to play with! You can squish them between your fingers and watch the colors of glitter and gel squirt without making a mess! They are the perfect size to take in the car for those long or short road trips. My granddaughters had an absolute blast with these.

There is one other favorite of the bunch, at least with my oldest granddaughter. She loved the GooGames Handheld Water Game. This looks like a small game console and fits in little hands easily. The whole point of this game is to squirt the floating treasures into their pockets to gain points (or just have fun!). The pretty pearlescent glitter makes you mesmerized! Everything is for purchase on Amazon.

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