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Soup For Those Lazy Days

On cold rainy days, I love a great bowl of soup. Recently I had the chance to try some new soup, something I found while looking online True Primal, this was some of the most delicious soups I have had in a long time.

What's great about these soups is they are full of meaty vegetable goodness, without the artificial junk found in most soups. Something we all can relate to, don't get me wrong I love all soups. The Southwest-Style Chicken tastes similar to the other chicken soups with a distinct Southwest-Style seasoning. The bone broth provides a huge boost of protein and I find that it makes me feel great.

It's near impossible to find a good prepared soup that isn't loaded with undesirable ingredients like yeast extract, canola or soybean oil, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or “natural” flavorings But these have what you want and so much more, they are so full of delicious flavors and make your tummy go aww.

And while we are used to getting short-changed with meat, know that there is a generous amount of chicken in each bag of this soup. It is pressed chicken though and not shredded chicken parts, but once you get used to the texture it is fine. As far as vegetables go, there are not too many chunky ones, it is more pureed. There are a few potatoes but not that many.

All these products are more than Gluten-free they are also grain free and they do all the prep work. All the chickens and beef are open-ranged and grass-fed and have no antibiotics added to them, they all live the way they should be out in the open without being injected with stuff.

Another thing it's easy to prepare all you have to do is open it and add it to the pot to heat how simple is that, no water is needed and in seconds you're eating a nice steaming bowl of soup. Finally, there's a hearty ready-to-eat soup you can keep on hand for any time, that's great through and through!


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