A Must-Read Guide on Journal Writing If You are a Beginner


Sometimes we find it difficult to dedicate time and energy to tasks related to creativity and self-care: we feel that we are selfish, that it is not worthwhile, or that we have nothing important to say. It is also possible that you have to juggle and manage daily tasks. In such cases, you need to be patient. You are the one who knows best, or will know, what areas need to be balanced. You will notice when you are leaving too much room for unpleasant experiences or, on the contrary, when you are floating in a sea of ​​clouds without touching the ground, you need to look for the exercises and proposals that help you connect with the other side to seek balance. If you want to receive a mini guide with practical guidance and writing exercises to start your diary today, you have come to the right place. Also, you can visit https://somethingforkeeps.com.au/beginners-guide-to-starting-a-journal/ to know more about journaling. 

Journaling as a Self-Care Resource

Every day write down one self-care action you've completed and how you feel about it. You can write about any habit you want to introduce or change. To delve deeper into writing as a self-care resource, you must check out the writing and self-care program.

Autobiographical Diary

Write at least one memory every day. As you progress through writing, you may find it difficult to stop; one memory brings another, and when you are exercising emotional memory, memories are likely to come back to you during the day. If you want to delve into autobiographical writing, you may be interested in Telling Your Own Story.

Diary of Emotions

You can follow the method proposed by Leslie Greenberg, an internal guide or another that is familiar and accessible to you to create a map of your emotions by recording daily experiences.

Journal of the teacher

In The Teacher's Journal, Kathleen Adams and Marisé Barreiro propose a method of self-knowledge and self-care for teachers through writing. So teachers can also journal.

Diary of the Aid Workers

People who work in cooperation or humanitarian action have many experiences to tell, many questions, and lessons to share. You can also document in this field if you are interested in this genre. 

Travel diary

You can write about the places you visited, people you met, and other things related to your traveling experiences.

Dream Diary

You can keep track of what you dream about each night. It will help you remember them and take advantage of the potential of their symbols, and by doing so, you will strengthen your intuition.


Diary is considered to be your own space. But it is possible that in it, you will find texts that you want to share with other people privately, posting on a blog or social networks. It is one thing to review and rewrite your life story and quite another to write a diary. If you want to order your life story and personal narrative, you will need other resources and external support. If you feel that, for any reason, you need support or a deeper structure, look for a person who specializes in change processes. You are the one who knows best how far you want and can go. The benefits of writing will be multiplied, and the pleasure it will give you to have managed to reflect yourself in words and understand yourself will also be well worth it.

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