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A Scent As Unique As You

This Is The Perfect Valentine's Gift Because The Scent Is As Unique As Your Loved One

Are you tired of giving your love the same boring gifts for Valentine's Day?  Do you want to show them how unique they really are to you?  Well, this is a way to give them a perfume with a scent as unique as the person themselves.  Wit & West Perfumes creates unique, natural scents just for you!  Another thing I like about this company is they don't add a bunch of harmful chemicals to your perfume.  It's what they call a “natural” perfume because they actually use ingredients from the Earth.  As a matter of fact, they only use 100% all natural & botanical perfumes.  They're not only handcrafted just for you, but they're also cruelty-free and vegan!

The Scent Of Rosé

Wit & West was nice enough to send me their beautiful perfume called Rosé L.A.  It's 15ml.'s of pink grapefruit, red mandarin, rhododendron, davana, rose otto, ambriene, and sandalwood.  I'm sure some of us don't know what the heck a couple of those ingredients are, but just know that they're all natural.  Also, let me tell you that the smell is a citrus-type scent that has little notes of a woody flavor too.  I happen to really like it and I love that not many other people are going to smell like me!  Another thing I like about this perfume is it's in a small, tall spray bottle that I can take anywhere.  It fits perfectly in my purse or even inside of my little bag.

Don't Like The One I Described?

If you don't like the scent I described they have so many others to pick from.  If you absolutely just can't make up your mind you can order their sample set and you'll get lots to try out.  This is a great idea if you're buying for someone you love, but aren't sure of what they'd like.

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