If you are getting married, you've likely chosen a genre of music to play during your special day. It can provide a lively and fun dynamic for your wedding as guests leave their seats and dance their hearts away. If you've decided to hire a live band for your big day, an excellent live band should be able to cover several genres and work out the time constraints. Popular genres for weddings include rock and pop, but jazz is also an excellent option for setting the right tone for the occasion. So don't worry if you and your would-be were thinking about this. Many people include jazz bands in their wedding ceremonies for several reasons. Let's find out why.

  • Versatile tune

Hiring a live band can be both fun and exciting, but one must be aware of the elements of each genre. Jazz tunes can suit both parts of the event. For example, classy, traditional jazz numbers that focus on soft performances and song arrangements can play during the ceremony, while the lively lyrics may work well during the reception. While pop songs never fail to add energy to a wedding reception, these may not be the perfect choice for the ceremony.

Also, many guests will want to dance (and they're likely to want contemporary songs). But some older or younger guests might not enjoy them as much, so how do you appeal to everyone? Well, most people like jazz music, and because the tempo is slower, it won't make other guests uncomfortable when they sit down during dinner – plus, nearly everyone can find at least one song they like in this genre. So, if you want a band to entertain all your guests effortlessly, you can seek someone located in NYC. They might very well exceed your expectations.

  • Classy choice

Soft background music is perfect for getting everyone in the mood at a wedding while waiting to see the bride as she floats down the aisle. In addition, soft music can also set the mood in other memorable moments, like when friends and family gather around to watch bridesmaids and groomsmen doing some funny things. And the good thing is that lightly orchestrated jazz doesn't have to maintain the same tempo – it can vary based on different situations. So, when the time comes to play something more up-tempo, the band can play such jazzy tunes to create the desired atmosphere.  

  • Absolute party-friendly

As per CTN News, the perfect way to end the night after your wedding ceremony is by dancing the night away with all of your loved ones, and a jazz band is sure to be that ultimate touch. Rather than taking a classic track and turning it into a slow and sultry ballad, the right musicians will spice things up for you and keep everyone on their feet with an upbeat and lively number. The night will end, and the party will be over, but the memories of your big day will forever get etched in your guests' minds and hearts.

When choosing a wedding band, you can communicate your preferences and go through their list of songs to ensure they have what you need. 

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