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As we know not only do kids make a mess, on their clothes so can adults. When it comes to detergents I have been looking for something that. would work well with all stains. Thats where Biz comes in, I love the way it lifts the toughest of stains out.


  • Stain & Odor Eliminator
  • Strongest, Most Efficient Pre Treat Stain Remover
  • Color safe formula

Perfect for laundry stripping. I soaked old insulated drapes in Biz and cold water and years of dirt were removed. This has worked wonders and I love how well it works and helps get the stains off. This stuff works like magic when it comes to erasing spaghetti stains! Since we’ve started using it found BIZ is also a great stain fighter when it comes to all sorts of messes kids make.

It is powerful and effective for removing all kinds of stains from coffee, food, sweat, and much more. It does not contain harsh chemicals such as chlorine bleach and phosphate. It is color-safe. Now I have something that can do all I need without, having to use more than one detergent, all I need is this one. Contains more stain-fighting ingredients including enzymes, peroxide, detergents, and whitening agents, for an overall better wash.

This was perfect for soaking our curtains and they came out so clean. all the stains from sitting on the window came out and they look brand new. Our clothes have looked brighter since I have been washing them with Biz, there's nothing better than knowing your clothes are clean and bright. Use as a pre-treat, pre-soak, or add Biz to every load to boost the power of your detergent by up to 80%! There is no need for me to use anything else, and I am so happy with this and plan to use it from now on

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