Buzz Kill: Ways You’re Killing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Buzz Kill: Ways You’re Killing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is part of a guest’s first impression of a home. It’s a mind-boggling concept that influences real estate engagements, attracts potential buyers, or leaves homeowners satisfied with their property’s aesthetic. Sadly, there are damaging aspects that devalue your residence’s exterior presence and highlight it negatively.

Here are several ways you’re killing your home’s curb appeal that might prompt a renovating kick in the foreseeable future.

Lackluster Landscape

Overgrown lawns are the enemy of your landscape, and unkempt weeds instantaneously impact appearance. On the other hand, a lawn containing excessive flower arrangements can lack visual interest, especially if they only bloom once a year.

Faded Outdoor Décor

Lawn décor incorporates a personal touch to even the plainest of yards! Once they get deteriorated from rain, wind, and other inclement weather conditions, it’s time to spruce up their appearances. Luckily, there’s nothing a fresh coat of paint can’t fix.

Unappealing Garage Doors

Garage doors suffer occasional wear and tear. Thankfully, painting or re-staining wooden garage doors is a DIY project that shouldn't take longer than the weekend to complete. Evaluate which process best fits your curb appeal needs since they produce different results.

Dying Vegetation

Shrubs and trees play a significant role in curb appeal as part of the landscape. Trim greenery and inspect the health of your trees for fertilization opportunities. Remember to remove dying branches right away; this is a safety hazard during high-wind periods and storm seasons.

Damaged Door Frames

Your front door is the focal point to draw the attention of guests and buyers. Make a fantastic first impression by replacing excessively worn doors, repairing cracks and peeling paint, and updating old hardware.

You can also incorporate decorative elements like plants and wreaths to adorn the door and the area around it.

Potential buyers, real estate agents, and even passersby will form their first impression from your home’s outward appearance in just a few moments. Therefore, to make those moments count, it’s crucial to evaluate the area for home curb appeal killers that can undermine your efforts.

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